The evolution of accounting


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There are many functions of both the idea of accounting and accountants in general. The need for bookkeeping and records, as well as keeping numbers is both an organizational tool that is used by many, as well as a framework for an entire business model. In order for a business to thrive and progress, it needs to have a strong sense of bookkeeping properties, which incorporates accounting greatly. Even in households, there is a large need for a type of accounting practice. The numbers of every bill and purchased item needs to be accounted for in one way or another to prevent a debt or loss of money. This idea of organization and checks and balances is what keeps bookkeeping and accounting so relevant today. Check out the above link for accounting homework help.

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The evolution of accounting

  1. 1. The Evolution of Accounting By
  2. 2. The evolution of accountingBackground on accountingThe idea of accounting is an age oldpractice that has been around sincethe Mesopotamia era.The word accountant is from theFrench word, compter and fromthe Latin word, computare.Accounting occurred in the ancienttimes of Babylon, Assyria, andSumerian, as well as Mesopotamia. Accounting homework
  3. 3. The evolution of accounting Today, in addition to in historic times, we use many forms of accounting. We use accounting practices in our day-to-day lives in many different aspects. It is vital that we keep “tabs” on numbers and an eye on our finances as to prevent any mistakes in the long run that could lead to financial ruin. Accounting homework
  4. 4. The evolution of accountingThe idea behind accountingThere are many functions of boththe idea of accounting andaccountants in general.The need for bookkeeping andrecords, as well as keepingnumbers is both an organizationaltool that is used by many, as wellas a framework for an entirebusiness model. Accounting homework
  5. 5. The evolution of accountingIn order for a business to thrive and progress, it needs to have astrong sense of bookkeeping properties, which incorporatesaccounting greatly.Even in households, there is a largeneed for a type of accounting practice.The numbers of every bill and purchaseditem needs to be accounted for in oneway or another to prevent a debt or loss of money.This idea of organization and checks and balances is what keepsbookkeeping and accounting so relevant today. Accounting homework
  6. 6. The evolution of accountingSpecializationThe idea of specialized accountants is also necessary if the amountof numbers and receipts and payments is just too much for one oreven a few people to keep track of.An accountant by trade is trained in the idea of accounting for andorganizing everything that deals with bookkeeping and keeping allthe numbers organized.A proper accountant knows how toorganize the receipts and payments andkeep everything at arm’s length if thereis ever a problem that needs to beaddressed down the road. Accounting homework
  7. 7. The evolution of accounting Accounting today These days, accounts are more important now than ever. With the advent of computers, there is a quicker way of doing the actual accounting, but there are so many more things to take into account. There are more things that are checked and more things that need to be addressed and accounted for. Accounting homework
  8. 8. The evolution of accountingJust the government alone requires theincome tax be filed and an accountantusually needs to be involved in this tedioustransaction.There are many different forms and specificpaperwork that needs to be filled out inorder not to miss anything.A proper accountant has the knowledge tofill out the proper paperwork and send allappropriate documents to the individual orindividuals in question. Accounting homework
  9. 9. The evolution of accounting Its always required There are times when many people choose not to use the assistance of an accountant and they might become confused as to their financial model or not know where some of their revenue went. This is the time when a productive accountant comes into play. Accounting homework
  10. 10. The evolution of accountingThe reality is that even if an individualor several individuals does not want touse a specialized account to assistthem, they still need to do some type ofaccounting on their own time and someform of bookkeeping.Anything that is bought or sold or usedshould be accounted for, even if theaccounting is done by the individualthemselves and not a professionalaccountant. Accounting homework
  11. 11. The evolution of accountingStudy accountingIn order to become a professional accountant, one needs tocomplete a high level of education and study.The education that is necessary includes all aspects of accountingand bookkeeping and other facets of the entire accountingprofession. This completion will assist the prospective accountant for when they start doing the accounting work for customers and many different people with different jobs, businesses and financial outlooks. Accounting homework
  12. 12. The evolution of accountingA proper accountant has an education that encompasses the manyfacets of the accounting process and has the knowledge andexperience to impart their education on the lives of the people thatthey work for.An accountant is also able to help the public with their taxes.The taxes for many people can become atedious and very confusing process.Since the taxes depend on the how muchmoney the individual makes, the taxes canchange drastically from one person toanother person. Accounting homework
  13. 13. The evolution of accounting This change and variation can be very confusing to most people if they are not well versed in the accounting specifics. The taxes that an individual pays also incorporate the property they own, if they have any dependants, and many other factors. Accounting homework
  14. 14. The evolution of accountingThe difficulty with taxes is no one personis able to compare their situation withanyone else, because even small changesare taken into account and affect thetaxes that an individual or family mustpay.Then there are other instances where aprofessional accountant is able to helpindividuals get money from thegovernment through different assistedprograms and other perks that certainindividuals are able to obtain. Accounting homework
  15. 15. The evolution of accountingSummaryIn recent times, the accounting profession has changed forprofessional accountants drastically and the entire bookkeepingand private accounting practices for individuals who do notpractice professional accounting has changed as well. The reason for this change is the internet and great leaps in technology. The internet and computers in general allow much more information to easily be inputted into a form than it had ever been before. Accounting homework
  16. 16. The evolution of accountingThis makes things quicker and more easilyto be done by anyone, makingprofessional accountants actually moreobsolete, or in essence, easing the jobrequirements of professional accountants.The internet and computers has helped inmany ways, but there is always adownside to a strong upside.And, there are more privacy issues withthe technological advancementsnow, more than before. Accounting homework
  17. 17. Thank YouThe Evolution of Accounting For more information please visit