Cost Of Mini Implants


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The high cost of dental implants is the common reason why many do not consider dental implants as the right solution for them. However, one viable and feasible alternative is mini implants, Learn more about mini implants and their cost in this video. Understand how mini implants can be an option for you if dental implants are too costly and inaccessible for you.

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Cost Of Mini Implants

  1. 1. Cost of Mini Implants
  2. 2. Cost of Mini ImplantsDental implant is definitely aneffective solution that can solve allyour tooth problems amiably.However, due to the high costdental implant treatment becomes COSTLYinaccessible to many people whoare restrained by tight budget.Most commonly it is observed that dental implants costrange from $1550 – $3000 approximately which is liable tochange and increase in accordance to complications anddifficulties in the treatment process.
  3. 3. Cost of Mini Implants Hence it can be well understood that to shell out such a huge amount is not possible for all and everyone who are not even financially covered by some dental insurance policy.To cater to the needs of the common mass who are not in aposition to afford dental implants cost, there’s a cheaperalternative which can be opted for easily and effectively, dental implant process.
  4. 4. Cost of Mini ImplantsIf you are not acquainted withthis new dental treatment helpwhich can be a successfulsolution to your toothproblems, that too in costeffective price, read below toget a vivid idea about miniimplant process and dentalimplants cost to help youbetter.
  5. 5. Cost of Mini ImplantsAn overview of dental implant and mini dental implantsThough the name may suggest ? ?something similar to dental MINIimplant process in a smaller DENTALtexture, in reality mini dental IMPLANTSimplant is quite different.If you thought that mini dental implant is all aboutimplanting artificial teeth that are of smaller structure,you are in a wrong notion as that will make your teethsetting look quite funny and confusing.
  6. 6. Cost of Mini ImplantsAn overview of dental implant and mini dental implantsIn reality, mini implant is a smaller teeth substitute thatis placed within the gaps without any need for incisions.Being smaller in size, these teethget installed with the gaps oftooth extraction amiably andperfectly with help of screws andwires.
  7. 7. Cost of Mini ImplantsAn overview of dental implant and mini dental implantsUnlike dental implant process,it does not demand for cuttingin the gum of the patient toscrew in the titanium wirethrough the tooth canals.There is no doubt that mini dental implant is easy to installwithout much pain as this process involves simple hookingof the teeth to the proposed area.
  8. 8. Cost of Mini ImplantsThe difference in mini implant and dental implants costDental implant is surely an expensiveprocess that is not within the reach ofmany people.Only rich and affluent individualscan afford to enjoy the benefits of this new age technologythat demands for high cost rates. If the dental implantscost is not within your budget, then think of mini dentalimplant, the most effective alternative to the former.
  9. 9. Cost of Mini ImplantsThe difference in mini implant and dental implants costNot only different in treatmentprocess, there is wide costdifference too that should beconsidered beforehand.While on one hand you will have to shell out a hoppingamount of $50,000 approximately as dental implantscost, on the other hand mini implant treatment isavailable at around $12000.
  10. 10. Cost of Mini ImplantsThe difference in mini implant and dental implants costIt’s true that $12000 is alsono small amount but incomparison to the dentalimplants cost, thistreatment is within theaccess of people.With help of a good insurance plan, you can enjoydental treatment without financial tension and stress.
  11. 11. Cost of Mini ImplantsRisk and danger of mini implantBeing an absolutely new technique ofdental implant, the process of mini RISK ?!implant is not known to many dentists yet.This is the most prominent problem or risk of mini dentalimplant as this surgery is a critical one that demands forefficiency and proficiency. Hence before availing the help of adentist, make sure that he is skilled and equipped rightly toperform the operation.Arranging for dental implants cost will become a completewaste if the dentist is not confident about the treatmentprocess.
  12. 12. Thank you Cost of Mini Implants