Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from China


Published on is your one stop wholesale marketplace online shop. AliExpress is a sister company of the reputable which is one of the most trusted and largest online in the B2B industry. Read more about the review

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  1. 1. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from China By
  2. 2. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from is your one stopwholesale marketplace online shop.They are offering over ten million ofdifferent products in different categorieswith over seventy thousands of suppliersand manufacturers to the different tradersaround the world.AliExpress is a sister company of the reputable Alibaba.comwhich is one of the most trusted and largest online in the B2Bindustry.With this review, we will learn closely how AliExpress works andthe feedback they got from their previous buyers. Review
  3. 3. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from China Company Principal Features AliExpress has wide range of products, almost everything you can think of from electronic, beauty products, and house hold and hobby gadgets. They are open to all the buyers from all over the world with the countless wholesalers that are registered in their community.With AliExpress you can bring the buyers and the wholesalerand make business together.This paves the way for the buyers to choose the supplierswithout going through the different sites where the possibility oftransacting business with frauds is big. Review
  4. 4. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from ChinaAliExpress have some great reviews fromtheir buyers which will help you in dealingwith them.Another thing that I like with thiswholesaler is they have weekly alerts oftheir new products and the especialdiscount prices for some of their products.With this system, you will also be updated with the latest trendof products which is necessary in a business like this.Anything new in this kind of business is a way of encouragingmore customers. Review
  5. 5. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from China AliExpress Fulfillment Shipment There are various options in shipping your ordered goods that you can choose from for your convenience. Take note, AliExpress does not ship the goods for free, so it’s up to you to select the shipping agent that will answer your need.These are the international shipping companies whose servicesare offered to AliExpress.UPS, the most preferred shipping agency by AliExpress, EMS,DHL, Fed Express, TNT and the China Post which offers thelowest price compared with the other carriers. Once you placean order a shipping option at your convenience is seen. Review
  6. 6. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from ChinaAliExpress has a new way of shippingyour orders to your country which I think isvery convenient on the part of the buyer.This method ensures that the overallappearance of your ordered goods matchwith the specifications of the product thatyour ordered.This is only limited to the outer appearance such as color, sizeand other possible damages that can be seen, it does notinclude the genuineness and the quality of the product.By signing with the fulfillment shipment, you can save money ifyou have different orders from different suppliers because all ofyour orders will be brought to the warehouse of Fulfillment byAliExpress and then shipped at the same time. Review
  7. 7. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from ChinaAliexpress Buyer’s SecurityWith AliExpress you can be assured that your privacy isprotected by Verisign, all your information like email add andthe credit card details will not be disclosed to anybody.With their Escrow Buyers Protection, your payment will only bereleased when you sign that the goods you received are ingood condition.So, it’s necessary that the delivered goods are in goodcondition before you sign their receipt. Review
  8. 8. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from ChinaIf the delivered goods did not satisfy thespecifications of the goods you ordered,with AliExpress you can always ask for arefund and if by chance you are having ahard time with the refund of your money,you can always file a dispute withAliExpress.AliExpres will go in between to settle any disputes with thewholesaler.I advised you save all the files like emails, conversations thruchat with the supplier because that will save as your evidencewhen filing for a dispute with AliExpress.Any decision made will depend upon the evidences you willpresent. Review
  9. 9. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from China Payment Methods Paying with AliExpress offers lot of options such as Credit Cards, Paypal, Moneybookers, and bank transfers. They also accept some selected debit cards as a form of payment.You can be assured that your info will not be disclosed becausethey are protected by Verisign and your payment won’t bereleased unless the delivered goods were confirmedsatisfactory. Review
  10. 10. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from Buyer’s ReviewSo far I have read good reviews creditedto they are appreciative of theminimum number of orders offered tothem, actually you can make transactionwith AliExpress even for a single order,and they are willing to make businesswith you.The choice of the shipping company is at own risk, if you wanthigh price shipping but fast delivery or the cheaper shippingcompany but a little slower in delivery. Review
  11. 11. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from China They all agree that AliExpress has a trusted payment method making it easier for them. With the weekly updates of the products AliExpress have, they found that they achieve their desired income in such a short time. Since the time they started business with AliExpress, one of them has been doing business for almost eight months, the buyers have save themselves from encountering frauds. Review
  12. 12. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from ChinaAliexpress Overall RecommendationI certainly recommend using AliExpressespecially if you are new in thebusiness.Start with small amount first with littlemoney at stake and see it for yourself.If in this trial period, you are successful,this is the wholesale marketplace foryou.They have all the products you can think of, with the trustedwholesaler listed in their site unless of course you were notsatisfied with them. Review
  13. 13. Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from is your one stop wholesale marketplace onlineshop.About Aaron ShepherdI am the undisputed Best Dropshippers Reviewer and as themarket leader it will be easy for buyers to find trusted suppliers.My philosophy is simple: I want buyers to be aware of thedangers that are connected when buying online. Review
  14. 14. Thank You Review – A Wholesale Marketplace from China