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Manulife Financial Spring 2009 Co-op Project
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Manulife Financial Spring 2009 Co-op Project



Final presentation for the Manulife Financial co-op project - Spring 2009 term, Canadian Division - Kitchener/Waterloo

Final presentation for the Manulife Financial co-op project - Spring 2009 term, Canadian Division - Kitchener/Waterloo



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Manulife Financial Spring 2009 Co-op Project Manulife Financial Spring 2009 Co-op Project Presentation Transcript

  • Co-op Wiki & Manulife Toolbar 2Spring 2009 Coop Project
    Project Manager: Tyrell Cromoshuk
    Lead Designer: Michael Lam
    Lead Analysts: Jonah Hu, Rumana Khan
    Designers: Xuan Fu, Yue Quan, Junyu Chen, Dylan Zhou
    Analysts: Stephanie Cheng, Katie O’Reilly, Aidan Lam
  • Project Overview
    Our Vision
    • Improve the initial experience of all incoming co-ops
    • Provide a centralized location of resources or resource connectivity
    • Guaranteeing easily accessible resources
    • Ensure that all students are well informed of co-op news and events
    • Utilize all the resources available to achieve our goals
    Our Idea
    • Target the most accessible resources available to coops
    • Choose the project ones with greatest prospect for success
    • Rebuild resources to their fullest potential
    Rebuild Projects
    • Co-op Wiki
    • IS Collaboration Portal
    • Manulife Sidebar
  • Co-op SharePoint Wiki
    • Improve the wiki’s user interface.
    • Increase accessibility
    • Introduce taxonomy and classification of information
    • Expand the scope of the wiki to H.R. and Toronto coops
    • Add new content and update older content
    • Provide supporting documentation for the Manulife Toolbar
    About the Coop SharePoint Wiki
    • Hosted on centralsharepoint – for all Manulife Coop Students
    • Provide a space for students to share information, plan events and get acquainted with each other
    Who was Involved?
    • SharePoint Designer: Jonah Hu
    • Content writers: Stephanie Cheng, Rumana Khan, Aidan Lam, Katie O’Reilly
    • Designers: Dylan Zhou, Junyu Chen
  • Revamped Design of the Co-op Wiki
    Bigger navigation “buttons”
    Redesigned logo
    Improved navigation
    List of current coop students
    Upcoming Coop Events
    Recent merits appear on the homepage
  • New Co-op Wiki Classifications
    Categorized the wiki into:
    Administrative InformationGeneral information about the company: how to set up conference calls, building maps, parking and submitting Concur expense forms.
    Student LifeInformation about coop events, getting around the city and nearby restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment venues.
    Meet the CoopsA listing of coop students, grouped by term.
    Files – Actuarial
    Links and resources for Actuarial coop students
    Files – Information SystemsLinks and resources for Actuarial coop students
    General Coop Information
    Collection of miscellaneous information for
    coop students
  • New Content
    Katie O’Reilly
    • Parking
    • Entertainment & Shopping
    Rumana Khan
    • Files for I.S. Coop
    • Files for Actuarial Coop
    • Toronto information
    • Information for international students
    Stephanie Cheng
    • Enhanced Grand River Transit and Toronto Transit Commission information
    • Workplace etiquette
    Aidan Lam
    • Restaurants
    • Waterloo PD information
  • Future Development
    • Add more content for Actuarial coop students
    • Create a new category for Finance coop students
    • Merge the “Manulife Software Suites” wiki into the Coop Wiki
    • Add more localized content for Toronto coop students
  • Live Demo of the Co-op Wiki
  • Manulife SideBar
    • Originally created by the Winter 09’ IS Co-ops
    • Incorporated stock, calendar and merits components
    • Great idea, flawed design
    • Stock component – Type in a stock name to see current value
    • Calendar component – Summarize past and future events as well as add events
    • Merits component – Give other co-ops recognition
  • Manulife Toolbar 2
    • Ensure that the resources are ‘actually’ usable
    • Create a platform that will help coops to be more inter-connected
    • Provide them with a centralized location for resources
    About Manulife Toolbar
    • Tested and reviewed their prototype
    • Redesigned the product from ground up with some of their core ideas
    • Added a greater audience scope
    • Revamped the application infrastructure and UI design
    • Taken the idea to a whole new level
  • Toolbar Development Platform
    • Provide a platform to house all components
    • Encourages independent component development
    • Allows “Plug and Play” oriented compatibility testing
    • Easy component isolation to simplify debugging
    • Designed for straightforward component integration
    • Offers basic application features and gestures
    • Embedded system optimization functionality
    Designer: Michael Lam
    • Development
    • Memory Management
    • Server Connection Management
    • System Tray Icon
    • Application Behaviour
    • Instance Duplicate Prevention
  • Stock Watch
    • Quick access to North American stock information
    • Follow market / stock advancement on the fly
    • More detailed and visual information with one click
    • Stock Symbol & Company Name
    • Current Price
    • Price & Percentage Change
    • Listed Stock Exchange
  • Stock Watch
    Designers: Jonah Hu & Michael Lam
    • Development
    • Retrieving North American stock market information
    • Implement automatic refresh function
    • Converted data source from MSN to Google to Yahoo!
    • Streamlined user interface
    • Added more stocks information
    • Design Documentation
    Analyst: Katie O’Reilly
    • Specification Document
    • Focus: Effective Interface
    • Additional features
    • Improved previous functionality
    • Quality Assurance
    • Ensure proper user interface
    • Ensure functionalities run error-free
  • Merits
    • A communication venue
    • Keep co-ops informed of other’s achievements
    • Merit Recipient
    • Merit Sender
    • Type of Merit (Defined by the icon)
    • Detailed reasoning with one click
  • Merits
    Designers: Xuan Fu & Junyu Chen
    • Development
    • Optimize the use of space
    • Professionally looking
    • Added functionalities like comments popup box
    • Automatic Refresh
    • Design Documentation
    Analyst: Stephanie Cheng
    • Specification Document
    • Focus: User Friendliness
    • Enhanced pre-existing functionality
    • Included new and realistic functions
    • Quality Assurance
    • Check if application designs are to standard
    • Verify implemented functionality
    • Ensure all features are functional
  • Events
    • Displays latest information about upcoming events
    • Provides all the necessary details
    • Access to SharePoint with one click
    • Event Title
    • Venue
    • Start Date and Time
    • End Date and Time
  • Events
    Designers: Xuan Fu & Michael Lam
    • Development
    • Retrieve information from the coop wiki site
    • Load in the retrieved information
    • Link it to the appropriate event details pages
    • Design Documentation
    Analysts:Stephanie Cheng, Jonah Hu & Aidan Lam
    • Specification Document
    • Quality Assurance
    • Ensuring that extracted information from SharePoint are formatted properly in the Toolbar user interface
  • Search
    • Internet Searching
    • Provides access to popular search engines
    • Search Parameter Textbox
    • Source Selection for Search Execution
  • Search
    Designers: Yue Quan
    • Development
    • Pairing the Search Parameter with the proper search engine
    • Dynamically build search strings
    • Trigger browser to launch
    • User Interface Design
    • Design Documentation
    Analysts: Rumana Khan
    • Specification Document
    • Quality Assurance
    • Verified that all Search Sources are functional
  • Launch Pad
    • Co-ops most accessed links
    • Divided in 4 categories catered for different coop groups
    • One click launch to websites and Lotus Notes resources
    • Categories of resource types
    • Launch buttons for specific resources
  • Launch Pad
    Designers: Dylan Zhou, Michael Lam & Jonah Hu
    • Development
    • Standardized the interface for 16 buttons.
    • Add links to those button.
    • Set the configuration file for links.
    • Design Documentation
    Analysts:Katie O’Reilly, Jonah Hu & Aidan Lam
    • Specification Document
    • Quality Assurance
    • Ensured that all links work
    • Checked if buttons are categorized correctly
  • About
    • Background history about the application
    • Credit all coops who have contributed
    • Copyright notices for all external resources used
  • About
    Designers: Dylan Zhou & Michael Lam
    • Development
    • Assembly version number update
    • Design
    • Format of text for easy read
    • Logo Designs
    Analysts: Katie O’Reilly & Stephanie Cheng
    • Specification Document
    • Focus: Include necessary information in a layout that can be maintained for continual information updates
    • Research/Filter information
    • Implement a scrollbar
    • Quality Assurance
    • Ensure accuracy of content and layout of the application
  • Future Development
    • Add support for non-networked Manulife machines
    • A weather component
    • Quick access to Bus Schedules (GRT)
  • Live Demo of Manulife Toolbar 2
  • What have we learnt?
  • Conclusion