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Structure Practice 9
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Structure Practice 9


Reading Skills 2

Reading Skills 2

Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. Here you are provided with 15 incomplete sentences that include 4underlined parts. Identify the one underlined word or phrase that be changed in orderfor the sentence to be correct. One important agent of erosion is the glacier, which is an accumulated (1) (2) of snow slowly pressed into ice. (3) (4) Ethnolinguists study language as it relates to society, culture, and human behaving. (1) (2) (3) (4) It has long been known as an entire cluster of galaxies may sometimes lie buried (1) (2) (3) within a vast, dense ball of gas. (4) Paleoanthropologists believe that prehistoric man was innate a gentle, cooperative (1) (2) (3) food-sharing creature. (4) Many corporate advisors feel that companies that provide their employees with (1) (2) recreational time and facilities safe money on health insurance in the long run. (3) (4) Metal and glass containers can be recycled, and several states are currently (1) (2) contemplating mandatory recycling laws for either. (3) (4) The desire to species preservation is a primary motivator for many kinds of animal (1) (2) (3) behavior, including reproduction. (4) In 1987, molecular biologist L. Mark Lagrimini of Ohio State University cloned the (1) gene in that codes for a type of peroxidase found in tobacco plants. (2) (3) (4) Page
  • 2. To fit on an ecosystem, an organism must be able to adapt or become a part of it. (1) (2) (3) (4)Arteries with poorly blood flow can leave the heart muscle starved for (1) (2) (3)oxygen, a condition that often leads to heart attack. (4)Christopher Columbus first seen Native Americans when he discovered (1) (2) (3)the Caribbean Islands on October 12, 1492. (4)Alpine Saint Bernards are too good at following the scent of humans, even in snow, (1) (2)that they are used by ski patrols as rescue dogs. (3) (4)The writing of Elizabeth Stoddard was praised by her contemporaries because they (1) (2)was dramatic and direct, possessing a frankness unlike that of most other writings (3) (4)of the time.Newspapers metropolitan that pride themselves on (1) (2)the quality of their opinion articles often have staffs (3)to write and edit the editorial page. (4) 10 Tips to Improve Your Reading SkillsTheoretical biologist Aristid Lindenmayer is known (1) (2) Tip #9. Focus.for him description of the development processes in (3) Remember, youre reading with amulticellular structures. purpose, so focus on that purpose and the material. If you lose (4) interest or keep losing your place, take a break or read something else. You can keep track of where you are by following along with your hand. This simple technique helps you focus and increase your concentration. Page