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JomSocial @ JoomlaDay Melbourne 2010
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JomSocial @ JoomlaDay Melbourne 2010


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JomSocial product presentation at JoomlaDay Melbourne 2010

JomSocial product presentation at JoomlaDay Melbourne 2010

Published in: Technology

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  • There are all sorts of scientific definition of “social network”, but lets stay within our context, which is “what does it have to do with building a website”.
  • A structure, to build an online communities of common interest where people, not only can people can their interest and activities, but also connect and link among each other.
  • Let me put that into a nice diagram
  • Let me put that into a nice diagram
  • Community Builder First, we have the infamous community builder. Originally develop to extends the ‘node’ or the ‘user’ part of Joomla! But has since grown into a fully featured social networking tools. Extends the registration form With additional user fields JomSocial Build specifically for building online social network Will talk about it in details later Tuiyo – previously known as joomunity and now appear to be more ‘twitter’ like Anahita – also designed as a social networking software. I haven’t seen it running so, I’ll reserve my comments. Anyway, other than the first 2, you can’t really download anything from their site, so, I won’t comment on them.
  • Lets take a look at what the application consist of…
  • With all this custom user data, jomsocial lets you filter and search them easily. You can combine any fields and search criteria easily. For example, lets say we want to find all jomsocial members, in australia,
  • As admin, you can feature any videos Any videos can also be posted in different category. You can also filter it in * Latest Videos * Most Discussed * Most Popular * Title
  • Group is like a mini community within your site. You can create a public or private group
  • Seriously, I really want to spare you this mvc diagram, but here we go
  • Who has create a joomla plugin ?
  • There are 4 keys objects, model view, libraries and view.
  • One of the more common questions that we have is, how do I add some text here, or there…
  • One of the more common questions that we have is, how do I add some text here,
  • Content classification : extensive support for content tagging and seaching Consumable content: user created content can be consumed by any external component or any external site
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social collaborative platform for Joomla!
    • 2. In this presentation
    • 3. 1. Social Networking in Joomla!
    • 4. What is social networking ?
    • 5.  
    • 6.  
    • 7. A structure, to build an online communities of common interest, where people, not only can share their interest and activities, but also connect and link among each other. “ ”
    • 8.  
    • 9. How do we extend our Joomla! Site?
    • 10. Joomla! user as a node
    • 11. What are our options today ?
    • 12.  
    • 13. 2. Hello JomSocial
    • 14. We want to help you create online communities…
    • 15. Something that is easy to use yet, fully featured!
    • 16. A platform that is engaging to your user … and fun too!
    • 17. Where they can share… … photos, videos
    • 18. Where user can discuss and collaborate… within a special-interest group
    • 19.  
    • 20.  
    • 21. Activity stream Profile data Admin control
    • 22.  
    • 23. Advance search option Unlimited search criteria
    • 24.  
    • 25. Photos Explore Create and upload photos Feature any album
    • 26. Album view Tag and comment photo
    • 27.  
    • 28. Videos Feature any video Categorize video Sort videos
    • 29. Groups Create announcement Admin control Share photos videos Discussion
    • 30. Full messaging support Read/write message Delete
    • 31. Write message to anyone, anywhere ... with the popup message editor
    • 32. 3. Extending JomSocial
    • 33. What’s under the hood?
    • 34. this mvc diagram again?
    • 35. plugin
      • Is a normal Joomla Plugin, under the /community folder
      • Install just like any other joomla plugin
      • Enabled/disabled/configured, just like any other joomla plugin
    • 36. plugins can…
      • Intercept controller creation
      • Intercept and change global variables on creation
      • Reformat inbox, wall or discussion messages
      • Reorder/edit the toolbar
      • Change user profile data
      • Intercept any ajax call
    • 37. Important API
      • Factory pattern for core object creations
        • $object = CFactory::getXXXX();
      • Look for CXxxx instead of JXxxx $url = CRoute::_(‘index.php?...’);
      • JQuery-based instead of Mootools
    • 38. Some key object
      • model
        • $photoModel = CFactory::getModel(‘photos’);
        • $allPhotos = $photosModel->...
      • view
        • $photoView = CFactory::getView(‘photos’);
        • $photosView->display();
    • 39.
      • libraries
        • CFactory::load( 'libraries' , 'featured' );
        • $featured = new CFeatured( FEATURED_ALBUMS );
      • helpers
        • CFactory::load('helpers', 'image');
        • $valid = cValidImage( $imageFile );
    • 40. CUser object handles “user”
      • User object
        • $user = CFactory::getUser($userid);
        • $status = $user->getStatus();
        • $avatar = $user->getAvatar();
    • 41. Where can I download the plugins?
    • 42.
    • 43. You can extends JomSocial without plugin!
    • 44. Via built-in module position!
      • Js_top
      • Js_bottom
      • js_side_top
      • js_side_bottom
      • js_profile_top
      • js_profile_bottom
      • js_profile_side_top
      • js_profile_side_bottom
      • js_profile_feed_top
      • js_profile_feed_bottom
      • js_groups_side_top
      • js_groups_side_bottom
    • 45.  
    • 46.  
    • 47. Specify module position
    • 48. 3. Showcase
    • 49.
    • 50. “ I choose Joomla + JomSocial as a base to start with. It has evolved well beyond the base system. I am intimately involved with both Joomla and Drupal production sites. We have found that Joomla and Drupal have their strong points, but the time to market was the key factor, so we chose Joomla. Drupal just cant pull off a site like this in the time we did it (also, we have a rockstar team!!).  … I hope Azrul keeps up the good work and keeps Jomsocial ahead of the curve and its competitors.” Dan Lopez Web Architect The Linux Foundation
    • 51. JomSocial is #1! We recently launched our bar/pub/liquor review site and I have to say that JomSocial is by far the best thing for us. The component helped integrate a ton of functionality into our website with little effort and little customization required. It just works and I can't argue with that. I've used other social networking software and none is as polished as JomSocial ... and with the new 1.6.x release, the upgrade went without a hitch. We just got reviewed by an online magazine and our membership jumped 1000 members in just hours - JomSocial held up smoothly ... can't say enough about it. Thanks for a great component! Haim January 26, 2010
    • 52. 4. JomSocial Roadmap
    • 53.  
    • 54. some cool stuff
      • Content classification
      • Consumable content via external calls
      • Geo-location awareness and mapping support
      • Better ACL with paid membership site
    • 55. 5. Questions