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NNF Mapping Questions We Have
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NNF Mapping Questions We Have


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. 2. When do I use a network approach?<br />3a. How to weave networks as part of my everyday work?<br />1. What’s the baseline knowledge I need?<br />3. How do I work with a network mindset?<br />3f. What incentives/ systems enable this? <br />3b. How to work in a more open/transparent way? <br />What’s the intersection with dialogues about social capital and movement building?<br />5. How can I cultivate leadership in networks?<br />1a. How much new knowledge is needed? How to talk about networks without using jargon that impedes the practice?<br />4. How can I catalyze / strengthen networks?<br />3c. How to cultivate network weavers? What’s the role of training?<br />5e. How to get the big players to play?<br />3d. How / when to align and engage with other funders and leaders in the field?<br />5a. What are characteristics of effective network weavers?<br />5d. What roles are needed?<br />4a. When is it time to start a new network? How to assess “network readiness”?<br />4b. What are the dimensions of network capacity?<br />1b. What shared knowledge is needed?<br />5c. How to build network-weaving capacity?<br />5g. How to use data as a catalyst for action?<br />6. How do I know networks work?<br />What is the funder’s role?<br />5b. What training is needed?<br />5h. When is the funder doing more harm than good?<br />5i. How to respond when network members get angry? <br />5e. How to champion effective weavers?<br />6d. How do I make the case?<br />5j. What role to play when?<br />6j. How to communicate to trustees?<br />7. Where should my investment go?<br />7d. What are the tools and approaches needed?<br />6i. How to tell the what is old / new story?<br />7a. What are the characteristics of healthy networks? <br />7l. How to deliver money to the network?<br />7c. Who to fund? Does this include everyone in the core?<br />6a. What are important considerations when assessing net impact?<br />6b. What skills are needed to assess net impact?<br />7b. How to nurture sustainable networks? <br />6c. What are the tools &amp; approaches?<br />7g. How do networks evolve ?<br />7k. What’s the role of social media?<br />7e. What’s the optimal network size?<br />6e. What to track? Over what time frame?<br />7f. What’s the network-carrying capacity?<br />7h. What’s the optimal mix of net vibrancy / slack?<br />7j. What network management tools are needed?<br />7i. What are the exit strategies (i.e., when to give up and how)?<br />6f. Who is doing this?<br />6h. What to use when?<br />6g. When / how to use SNA?<br />Note: The connections shown between questions are not mutually exclusive / cumulatively exhaustive.<br />