NYC Titanium User's Group - 10/13 Organizer Topics

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  • 1. NYC Titanium User’s Group October 24th, 2013 TOPICS Organizer topics Feature: Accelerated Development with TiShadow Lightning talks and open discussion NYC Titanium User’s Group Thursday, October 24, 13 1
  • 2. Titanium News Since September meetup Appcelerator introduced HyperLoop ‣ ‣ compiles a special version of Javascript to native code will eventually be part of the Ti.Next architecture & tools Appcelerator provided results of Enterprise Mobility survey ‣ 88% say UX matters as much in B2E/B2B as in B2C apps Appcelerator recommends holding off on upgrade to OS X 10.9 Mavericks ‣ ‣ Issues with file selection dialogs using existing versions of Titanium/Appcelerator Studio Eclipse. Newer RC version of Studio 3.1.4 is available which fixes these problems. Problems with hardware accelerated emulators for Android and Tizen. Also BlackBerry emulator refuses to start or slow operation. NYC Titanium User’s Group Thursday, October 24, 13 2
  • 3. Titanium News TiAppCamp2 USA is being held in Atlanta on November 2nd and 3rd. ‣ Presentations, unconference and hackathon. NYC Titanium User’s Group Thursday, October 24, 13 3
  • 4. Meetup Tidbits Meetup Tidbits Would like to find volunteers to present at upcoming meetings. ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ Demonstration of Titanium apps built, experience and lessons learned Tools and techniques that have proven valuable Comparing Titanium with alternatives to understand when each is appropriate Complementary technologies - e.g. different mBaaS backends Related topics: mobile marketing, building/managing a mobile development team or company NYC Titanium User’s Group Thursday, October 24, 13 4
  • 5. Contact Info NYC Titanium User’s Group John Oliva Organizer for NYC Titanium User’s Group e-mail: cell: twitter: linkedin: website: NYC Titanium User’s Group Thursday, October 24, 13 (908) 812-3667 @joliva 5