Arduino talk by Toon Nelissen
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Arduino talk by Toon Nelissen



Talk from Toon Nelissen at TIII one-day conference. Visit and to learn more about Toon.

Talk from Toon Nelissen at TIII one-day conference. Visit and to learn more about Toon.



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Arduino talk by Toon Nelissen Arduino talk by Toon Nelissen Presentation Transcript

  • Arduino Developing some interactive interfaces fast & cheapdinsdag 11 september 12
  • Toon Nelissen co-owner of AppSaloon a Web-site/app development company Maker 5 years of experience with the Arduino platform Founder of the Arduino-jamdinsdag 11 september 12
  • Arduino projects some small projects Bicycle POV wheel display Flashing psychedelic goggles Electrofried a shocking game Capacitance touch sensor, a button without a knob helped friend and people online to improve there codedinsdag 11 september 12
  • Arduino projects CM interactive stress game wire loop game on time if you touch the wire you get a time penaltydinsdag 11 september 12
  • Arduino projects Domotica controller with online interfacedinsdag 11 september 12
  • Arduino Jam 20 Arduino enthusiasts one big brainstorm starting from 2 themes forming +/- 8 teams developing documenting this all within 48 hoursdinsdag 11 september 12
  • Do you want to know the magic of Arduino?dinsdag 11 september 12
  • Arduino the basics USB 14 I/O pins (20 on leonardo) 6 Analog input pins (12 on leonardo) 6 PWM out (7 on leonardo ) 32 KB Flash memory 4 KB used by bootloaderdinsdag 11 september 12
  • Why the Arduino? Based on existing languages: Wiring, processing (C-syntax) Bootloader easy to compile and upload a sketch Easy to use software Good documentation Big Community Open Source = improved through community Cheapdinsdag 11 september 12
  • Its easy to use! 5V Wifi shield Motor shield Accepts 7 to 12V of input Overcurrent protection Lots of shields Lots of librariesdinsdag 11 september 12
  • How to start? Download Arduino IDE Plug your Arduino in Select your Arduino Board Open a sketch Hit rundinsdag 11 september 12
  • It‘s really that easy!dinsdag 11 september 12
  • What has a blinking light to do with Interactive interfaces ?dinsdag 11 september 12
  • Arduino as a bridge Sensors Reads out sensors Collecting data PC Communicate with Data Mac devices Linux Internetdinsdag 11 september 12
  • Servo Arduino as stand-alone Motor Reads out sensors Led Sensors Collecting data Communicate with Lcd Data devices Process data character display Internet Internet ...dinsdag 11 september 12
  • Lets get our hands dirty!dinsdag 11 september 12
  • Arduino Sketch global variable declaration void setup() void loop()dinsdag 11 september 12
  • Digital In and Output (I/O) pinMode(#, OUTPUT); pinMode(#, INPUT); digitalWrite(#, HIGH); Set a pin state: HIGH or LOW digitalRead(#); Read out a pin state: HIGH or LOWdinsdag 11 september 12
  • Analog to digital 0 to 5V = resolution of 0 to 1023 analogRead(A#);dinsdag 11 september 12
  • AnalogOut ? Lets use PWM PWM or Pulse Width Modulation analogWrite(#,value); Value: 0(0%) to 255 (100%) Use : dimming leds, generate audio waves, controlling servo and speed of motorsdinsdag 11 september 12
  • Communication Serial connection to computer, 7 segment displays SPI ethernet shield, SD-card I2C sensors, eeprom, slave arduinodinsdag 11 september 12
  • Arduino Interupt magic Do something when you where doing something else, controlled by a input Hardware interrupts on pin 2 & 3dinsdag 11 september 12
  • Arduino the Limitations Program size is limited to 28KB Limited amount of pins 16 MHz clockspeeddinsdag 11 september 12
  • User casesdinsdag 11 september 12
  • CM stressgame 60 leds 3 IO inputs 1 analog potentiometer Sound outdinsdag 11 september 12
  • Solutions 60 leds in a matrix with shift registers 2 interrupts to detect touch 1 analog read of potentiometer ( linear ) second arduino for sounddinsdag 11 september 12
  • Electrofried shocking game 2 buttons 10.000 volt shockdinsdag 11 september 12
  • OfficeDuino ethernet connection Power control 3 PWM signals 2 on/off states Current sensor temperature sensordinsdag 11 september 12
  • Arduino Jam: Nipkow discdinsdag 11 september 12
  • Arduino Jam: Reversed GeoCachdinsdag 11 september 12
  • So prototyping some Interactive Interfaces with Arduino? YES It’s cheap Easy to learn Prototyping can be done very fast And it can flydinsdag 11 september 12
  • Thanks for listeningdinsdag 11 september 12
  • ARDUINO JAM 21 - 23 sept 2012 @ timelab Ghent www.arduino-jam.orgdinsdag 11 september 12