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10 Yr Booklet

  1. 1. Cedar Mountain’s Class of 1999<br />Ten-Year Reunion Slideshow<br />See what everyone is up to - 10 years later!<br />Cedar Mountain Ten-Year Reunion<br />July 18, 2009<br />Redwood Falls Golf Course<br />
  2. 2. Erin (Arduser) Jensen<br />913 4th St. South<br />New Ulm, MN 56073<br />erinj@jrschugel.com or<br />ebjensen03@yahoo.com<br />Occupation<br />Administrative Assistant/ Warranty for J&R Schugel Trucking Inc.<br />Spouse<br />Chris – Outside Sales for Royal Tire<br />Children<br />Ayden (3)<br />Peyton, born July 2009<br />Since Graduation<br />At the time of our 5 year I had been married for almost a year and we were living in St. Cloud. Shortly after celebrating our 1 year anniversary we decided to move back to New Ulm. I was offered a job at J & R Schugel Trucking in the shop office as an administrative assistant. With my 5 year anniversary at work fast approaching I am so thankful for having this job and enjoy the people work with. After being married for 3 years we welcomed to our family a baby boy, Ayden Edward. He just turned 3 this March and is such a joy to our life. At the end of July we will welcome our second child to our family. How time has gone by so fact and its hard to believe that we have been out of school for 10 years now. Sorry that I wasn’t able to make it to this reunion, but I hope to see all of you at the next one.<br />
  3. 3. Tina (Drexler) Weber<br />P.O. Box 62<br />Franklin, MN 55333<br />507-557-3093<br />jtweber@mchsi.com<br />Memorable Moments<br />Probably too many to list. Involvement in activities from sports to FFA. Childhood memories of Franklin. How life seemed so difficult at times, but now looking back ... they were awesome and carefree.<br />Since Graduation<br />Highlights: Having a marriage, raising a child, My career, my home, and every other life event that happens. <br />Occupation<br />LPN at the Hector Clinic for 8 years<br />Spouse<br />Jered - works for Sullivan Farms<br />Children<br />Maverick (5)<br />Maycee (born Sept.)<br />
  4. 4. Dan Christensen<br />2134 Willow Trail<br />North Mankato, MN 56003<br />507-380-2445<br />christensen_danny@hotmail.com<br />Memorable Moments<br />Playing on our football and basketball teams.<br />Since Graduation<br />I have been able to do a lot of traveling since graduation including various trips to New York City, Denver, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Los Angeles. I met my wife in Mankato 3 years ago and we were married in Las Vegas, Nevada a year and a half ago. <br />Made a number of road trips to Las <br />Vegas with Ryan Schmidt and Noah<br />Zempel and hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with Jeremy Sorenson.<br />Occupation<br />Assistant refinery operator of the waste water treatment facility at C.H.S<br />Spouse<br />Ashley - Jailer for Nicollet County Sheriff&apos;s Department<br />
  5. 5. Sadie Dahmes<br />247 Westfalls Drive<br />Redwood Falls, MN 56283<br />507-430-3902<br />sadiedahmes_81@yahoo.com<br />Occupation<br />PCA – Personal Care Attendant<br />Boyfriend<br />Josh Smetak<br />Memorable moments<br />Rhonda—wanna ride pigs? Who was allergic to the smell of them??<br />Jenny (Sander) Frenzel—How fast can you really drive through Ramsey Park?<br />Since Graduation<br />Started college in the fall of 2008! Finally <br />decided what to be when I grow up! Part not really!! LOL.<br />Children<br />Mason, 2<br />Travet, 5<br />Reese, 7<br />
  6. 6. Justin Blomeke<br />P.O. Box 45<br />Morgan, MN 56266<br />507-227-0661<br />Occupation<br />Heavy equipment operator, firefighter<br />Girlfriend<br />Loni Fiedler<br />Children<br />Ellarie, 3<br />Brayden, 2<br />Brennan,7<br />Presley, 6<br />
  7. 7. Kelly (Dallenbach) Distad<br />14516 Hollow Park Ct.<br />Burnsville, MN 55306<br />952-890-7735<br />kellydistad@yahoo.com<br />Occupation<br />In-home daycare provider<br />Spouse<br />Tyson - Debt collector for Northland Group Inc.<br />Children<br />Kendra, 3<br />
  8. 8. Amanda (Gewerth) Rykhus<br />38560 631st Ave.<br />New Ulm, MN 56073<br />507-354-3462<br />amrykhus@hotmail.com<br />Memorable moments<br />Hanging out with friends, school dances, junior and senior prom.<br />Since Graduation<br />I got married in 2003, had 4 kids. My husband went to Iraq from 2005-2007. I had my third child (Emily) in the ambulance while Shawn was overseas.<br />Occupation<br />Stay at home mom & babysitting<br />Spouse<br />Shawn - Inside sales at Fastenal Company<br />Children<br />Meghan, 9<br />Andrew, 6<br />Emily, 2<br />Madelyn, 7 months<br />
  9. 9. Jennifer (Gresch) Scholl<br />861 Portland St.<br />Villard, MN 56385<br />320-808-7900<br />jgresch@yahoo.com<br />Occupation<br />Purchasing assistant at Douglas County Hospital<br />Spouse<br />John (Bucky) - Sales<br />Memorable moments<br />I think the most memorable high school moments for me are developing the greatest all time best friendships with people that are still in my life to this day! Yeah, we did some silly<br />things and goofed off, but the greatest moments are still picking up the phone and calling or doing things with your high school friends.<br />Since Graduation<br />I got married in Florida in November 2008!!!<br />
  10. 10. Nicki (Guggisberg) Sandmann<br />2207 Willow Lane<br />North Mankato, MN 56003<br />507-317-3374<br />nicki.sandmann@fpx.com<br />Occupation<br />Senior Accountant at FPX.com<br />Spouse<br />Justin - Controller @ Wakefield Park<br />Children<br />Brynn, 6 months<br />Memorable Moments<br />Crabwalk, kickball, Mrs. Green<br />Since Graduation<br />Highlights: Getting Married, birth of Brynn<br />
  11. 11. No response from the following people:<br />Josh Hacker<br />Rachelle Hansen<br />Dustin Hoffmann<br />Dan Menk<br />Michelle (Radermacher) Voelz<br />Ryan Schmidt<br />Sonya Sherman<br />Laura Tempel<br />Sarah (Woodford) Johnson<br />Noah Zempel<br />Brian Ziegenhagen<br />
  12. 12. Adam Kerkhoff<br />412 3rd St.<br />Morgan, MN 56266<br />507-249-2619<br />jamiekerkhoff@yahoo.com<br />Memorable Moments<br />too many!!!<br />Since Graduation<br />Got married, had 2 more kids, getting first place in MN bowling tournament, going hunting, family and friends.<br />Occupation<br />Plumber & owns own business<br />Spouse<br />Jamie - Bookkeeper, secretary for Kerkhoff Plumbing & Heating<br />Children<br />Levi, 7<br />Jaxson, 4 ½<br />Parker, 2 ½<br />
  13. 13. Shawna Johnson<br />1125 Dilger Avenue<br />Rapid City, SD 57701<br />shawnaj3454@hotmail.com<br />Occupation<br />I am the manager of the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Casting Company. I make exact copies of fossils, anything from single pieces to full body skeletal mounts. These are used for anything from museum displays, to teaching aids, or for gifts. I also teach classes here at the university throughout the year. I also go on several digs throughout the year, anywhere from dinosaurs to ancient mammals to giant marine reptiles, and prepare these specimens in the lab. I also do consulting work, traveling to other institutions and teach, do molding and casting for them as well.<br />Memorable moments<br />None.<br />Since Graduation<br />Highlights: Too many to mention!!<br />
  14. 14. Katie (Kokesch) Hansen<br />904 South Jefferson St.<br />New Ulm, MN 56073<br />507-240-0469<br />katie.hansen5@hotmail.com<br />Occupation<br />In-home daycare provider<br />Spouse<br />Tom - Body Man/Mechanic<br />Children<br />Ethan, 7<br />Elle, 4<br />Tegan, 2<br />Memorable moments<br />The summer after senior year. Inside egg fight at my house. Nasty clean up! That summer was awesome!<br />Since Graduation<br />Went to SCC in Mankato, graduated with a human services degree. I am now a daycare provider and love it. I also work every other weekend at a residential house here in New Ulm.<br />
  15. 15. Christine Lange<br />2233 River Road<br />Windom, MN 56101<br />507-276-0880<br />kittykat121980@yahoo.com<br />Occupation<br />Veterinary Technician<br />Memorable Moments<br />Hanging with friends, being in National Honor Society<br />Since Graduation<br />I graduated from Ridgewater College with a degree in veterinary technology. I accepted a job at Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic after graduation and have been there since. I have recently bought a house.<br />
  16. 16. Christopher Lange<br />39294 240th Street<br />Morgan, MN 56266<br />507-249-3109<br />Occupation<br />Cabinet maker at Eric Weber Woodworking in Sanborn<br />Memorable Moments<br />The times we had battle ball. It’s the few times a guy can get wild and crazy.<br />Since Graduation<br />I am currently working on my root cellar. I will be building a cordwood cabin on top of that. This spring I started planting on my biggest orchard. I have a small dwarf orchard and have a few standard apple trees in another spot. This new orchard will have apples, plums, apricots, hazelnuts, juneberries, and honey berries. I will be planting trees over the next few years.<br />
  17. 17. Michelle Larsen<br />817 2nd Street West<br />Morgan, MN 56266<br />507-430-3176<br />michellekailee@yahoo.com<br />Occupation<br />Seasonal worker at Greenwood Nursery<br />Boyfriend<br />Dustin Gregg - Marine Corps<br />Children<br />Kailee Larsen, 6<br />Memorable Moments<br />Sitting in hall and visiting. Can’t remember everything, just all the fun times.<br />Since Graduation<br />Graduated college in Granite Falls for administrative assistant. Had a baby girl, who is now 6 years old.<br />Enjoying fun times with my daughter and boyfriend.<br />
  18. 18. Jolene (Madsen) Lueck<br />P.O. Box 32<br />Morgan, MN 56266<br />507-249-5050<br />jolenelueck@gmail.com<br />Occupation<br />3rd grade teacher – Cedar Mountain Elementary<br />Spouse<br />Josh - Technology Specialist for Redwood County<br />Children<br />Keagan, 4<br />Memorable Moments<br />Playing basketball, hanging out with friends.<br />Since Graduation<br />Highlights: Graduating from college, getting a job in my field, having a child, buying a house, and getting married!<br />
  19. 19. Eric Miller<br />Madison, SD<br />605-480-1424<br />onemillertime@hotmail.com<br />Memorable Moments<br />Playing sports and going to games with friends, cruisin’ Morgan<br />Since Graduation<br />Married and have 2 girls that keep our lives interesting. Try to do outdoor activities when possible such as hunting, fishing, camping, swimming, or visiting State Parks.<br />Occupation<br />Senior design engineer for Gehl Company<br />Spouse<br />Melissa - Part time vocal instructor, Music teacher<br />Children<br />Kelsie, 2<br />Taylor, 7 months<br />
  20. 20. Mitchell Nielsen<br />28695 Porter Ave.<br />Morgan, MN 56266<br />757-284-5957<br />nielsen@southwestmsu.edu<br />Occupation<br />Will be going to Southwest State University in the fall of 2009<br />Memorable Moments<br />Mostly just playing sports.<br />Since Graduation<br />I attended school for a while, worked some odd jobs for a while then joined the Navy for 4 years. Just got out of the Navy this summer.<br />
  21. 21. Kristina (Rose) Janke<br />33928 250th St.<br />Sleepy Eye, MN 56085<br />507-794-7555<br />kristina_roses@hotmail.com<br />Memorable Moments<br />Spending time with friends.<br />Since Graduation<br />After high school went to college in Mankato. I got married in 2002 to my husband David. We adopted our son Wyatt in 2008 and had our son Zachary on May 2, 2009.<br />Occupation<br />Independent living skills specialist<br />Spouse<br />David - Semi Driver<br />Children<br />Wyatt, 5 ½<br />Zachary- 9 weeks<br />
  22. 22. Lisa (Ruhr) Guggisberg<br />87 Sommerville St. South<br />Morgan, MN 56266<br />507-249-2638<br />lagoogs@yahoo.com<br />Occupation<br />Service Coordinator at Schult Homes<br />Spouse<br />Aaron - Assistant Grain Manager at Harvestland<br />Children<br />Adrianna, 6<br />
  23. 23. Jenny (Sander) Frenzel<br />74106 Co. Rd. 1<br />Danube, MN 56230<br />320-826-2212<br />jensander@hotmail.com<br />Occupation<br />Mom, college student, Title 1 Teacher<br />Spouse<br />Aaron – Truck Driver<br />Children<br />Hope, 10; Madalynn, 8; Corrin, 3; Courtney, 2; Kennedy, 4 months<br />Memorable Moments<br />Sports - golf & volleyball, Musical - Leader of the Pack, Show Choir, Sweet 16’s, Variety Show, Valleyfair Trip, Chanhassen Trips, Decade Videos, Senior Party at Danny’s Cabin, the life lessons I now understand! Did we bury a time capsule sometime in our elementary years?<br />Since Graduation<br />Own a house! Got my 5 kids! I’m done! have a college degree and working on my 2nd one – AAS degree in Early Childhood Education, working on Elementary Education degree, moved back “home” or in the area!<br />
  24. 24. Sara Scharfencamp<br />P.O. Box 131<br />Franklin, MN 55333<br />507-828-1493<br />gordan69869@hotmail.com<br />Occupation<br />RN<br />Memorable Moments<br />The variety show, moments with the “stang.”<br />Since Graduation<br />Highlights: Getting my RN degree & passing the RN boards.<br />
  25. 25. Jessica (Seidl) Kemp<br />P.O. Box 201<br />Milroy, MN 56263<br />507-828-2480<br />jessica.kemp@schulthomes.com<br />Occupation<br />Sales coordinator at Schult Homes<br />Spouse<br />Joe - Social Studies teacher & athletic director at Wabasso High School<br />Children<br />2 stepsons:<br />Caleb, 12<br />Tyler, 10<br />Memorable MomentsJust hanging out with everyone and of course graduation!<br />Since Graduation<br />I got married May 16, 2009.<br />
  26. 26. Since Graduation<br />Started undergrad at Iowa State, then transferred to Minnesota State Mankato, spent a semester in California and graduated in 2003.  Moved to Rochester, MN met my wonderful wife Tracy, got married one year later. We moved to South Dakota, filled my time traveling many places, landscaping, finishing a basement, and enjoying time with friends.  Started grad school on 2005 and graduated in 2007 with my MBA from University of South Dakota. Will was born November 2007.  Spent last summer building a new house where we did much of the planning and some of the work.  This year has been filled with entertaining a 18 month old, perpetual home improvement projects, a couple trips, and a variety of other activities.<br />Jeremy Sorenson1200 S. Montpelier Ave.Sioux Falls, SD 57106605-940-4259jjsorenson@hotmail.com<br />Occupation<br />Financial Analyst, Wells FargoSpouse<br />Tracy - Nurse PractitionerChildren<br />William, 18 months<br />Claire, born October 2009<br />Memorable Moments<br />Ahh... I have tried to forget  Let&apos;s see would it be a school with no air conditioning in spring, heaters that didn&apos;t work in winter,  having open lunch suspended, Mr. Brown and his dogs. No none of those would really be a favorite memory.  Seriously, I have some great memories: cross country, 4x800 relay team, national and state FFA conventions, and more than a few gathering where 21+ beverages might have been consumed.<br />
  27. 27. Brian Steffen <br />870 Stanwood Ave.<br />Akron, OH 44314<br />753-535-0551<br />briansteffen1@yahoo.com<br />Occupation<br />Machine operator/ military cargo handler for Air Force Reserves<br />Spouse<br />Rachel<br />Children<br />One on the way.<br />Since Graduation<br />Graduated boot camp (navy), 6 month deployment, joined the Air Force in 2007<br />
  28. 28. Eric Steffl<br />1074 166th Street<br />Lake Wilson, MN 56151<br />507-763-3847<br />eric.steffl@suzlon.com<br />Occupation<br />Site supervisor of a wind energy site<br />Spouse <br />Lisa - stay at home mom<br />Children<br />Blake, 2 ½<br />Aubrey, 9 months<br />Memorable Moments<br />The weekend get-togethers, fishing down on the river.<br />Since Graduation<br />Highlights: My kids, my wedding.<br />
  29. 29. Matt TonakBloomington, MNmtonak@gmail.comfacebook.com/mtonaktwitter.com/mtonak<br />Since High SchoolLived in Portland, Oregon, for a year. Got married to my beautiful wife July 7, 2007. Landed my dream job at Sierra Bravo/The Nerdery in September 2007<br />OccupationSenior Designer at The Nerdery (www.nerdery.com)<br />SpouseSamantha Tonak<br />Memorable MomentsSenior Class Trip, Senior Prom, Other High School clichés<br />
  30. 30. Erik Welter<br />430 Doppy Lane<br />Le Sueur, MN 56058<br />952-738-2697<br />e_welter15@yahoo.com<br />Occupation<br />Laid Off<br />Children<br />Dameon, 1<br />Memorable Moments Winning our first football game in 8th grade.<br />Since Graduation<br />Highlight: Having my son Dameon.<br />
  31. 31. Rhonda Wildt<br />29107 Co. Rd. 30<br />Sleepy Eye, MN 56085<br />507-381-7700<br />wildwildt@hotmail.com<br />Boyfriend<br />John Garrioch - Electrician at Zinnel Electric<br />Children<br />Hudson, 1<br />One on the way, February 2010<br />Memorable Moments<br />Just being with my friends and graduation.<br />Since Graduation<br />Moved in with my boyfriend on a farm near Morgan, had my son Hudson, expecting baby #2 in February 2010.<br />Occupation<br />Design ads at the Redwood Gazette<br />