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Revolutionary war on wednesday ch 4 6



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  • 1. Revolutionary War on Wednesday
    Vocabulary for Chapters 4-6
    By Mrs. Berg
  • 2. cannons
    noun    A large gun on wheels. It shoots large black balls.
  • 3. canoes
    noun    light, narrow boats pointed at both ends
  • 4. cape
    noun    A sleeveless piece of clothing like a cloak but shorter.
  • 5. chunks
    noun    big pieces of something
  • 6. clutched
    To grab and hold tightly.
  • 7. conflict
    noun,verb    A problem or argument between at least two people.
  • 8. courage
    noun    Meeting danger without being afraid; being brave.
  • 9. crisis
    noun    a time of danger or difficulty in which great changes can take place
  • 10. dignity
    noun    pride and respect for one's self
  • 11. eager
    noun,adjective    wanting something very much, excited to do something
  • 12. esteem
    noun,verb    to respect, honor, revere
  • 13. familiar  
    noun,adjective    well known from having been seen or heard many times
  • 14. farewell
    adjective,interjection,noun    goodbye, the act of leaving
  • 15. gathered
    adjective,verb    people came together to meet
  • 16. glittering
    adjective,verb    Be shiny, as if wet.  
  • 17. glorious
    adjective    splendid, full of great honor and glory
  • 18. independent
    noun,adjective    free from the control of other people or things
  • 19.   jewels
    noun    special, colored stones worn as jewelry
  • 20. lanterns
    noun    lamps that burn oil or candles
  • 21. mission
    noun    a special job that one must do
  • 22. oars  
    noun    Used to row a boat.
  • 23. obtain
    verb    to get, usually from trying hard
  • 24. panic  
    noun,verb    very scared and not knowing what to do about something
  • 25. ragged
    adjective    dressed in clothes that are old and torn
  • 26. relieved
    adjective,verb    freed form pain, trouble, or worry
  • 27. shoved
    verb    pushed hard and quickly
  • 28. shrink
    noun,verb    to stop doing something because you are afraid
  • 29. sloshed   
    verb    to move through water, making splashing sounds.
  • 30. souls   
    noun    The spirit of a person.
  • 31. three-cornered hat
    noun    a hat worn in colonial times that has three corners, also called a tri-corn hat
  • 32. triumph
    noun,verb    to win
  • 33. weary
    verb,adjective    very tired
  • 34. whooshed
    verb    moved quickly