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Phoebe the Spy
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Revolutionary War fiction

Revolutionary War fiction

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  • 1. Phoebe the Spy Vocabulary for Mrs. Berg’s Class
  • 2. anxious• fearful of what may happen; troubled; worried
  • 3. broad• very wide
  • 4. bundle• collection of things wrapped or boxed together
  • 5. candlesticks• A holder with holes for candles.
  • 6. damp• slight wetness, moist
  • 7. daughter• a mothers female child.
  • 8. despair• the feeling that everything is wrong and nothing will turn out well; no hope
  • 9. dread• overwhelming fear or to be very afraid
  • 10. dull• not having a sharp edge or point; not shiny
  • 11. harbor• A place where ships can bring on or take off things
  • 12. housekeeper• the person who keeps a house clean and neat
  • 13. jest• act in a funny or teasing way; joking
  • 14. mast• a strong pole on a ship that holds the sails
  • 15. patriot• One who loves and defends his or her country.
  • 16. polish• (of surfaces) make shine
  • 17. powdered• to put powder on a wig to make it whiter
  • 18. rattled• to make someone lose confidence or become nervous: a noise made by shaking
  • 19. sail• a piece of cloth that catches the wind
  • 20. scoundrel• an evil, mean or wicked person
  • 21. scraps• a small piece of something, a scrap of food
  • 22. shawl• cloak consisting of an oblong piece of cloth used to cover the head and shoulders
  • 23. solemn• deeply serious and somber
  • 24. spy• secretly collect sensitive or classified information
  • 25. stammered• speak with involuntarily pauses or repetitions, stuttering
  • 26. startled• surprised, alarmed, or shocked
  • 27. target• goal intended to be attained or a location to be shot at
  • 28. tavern• a building with a bar that is licensed to sell alcoholic drinks
  • 29. traitor• person guilty of betrayal, one who acts disloyally
  • 30. unruffled• calm; not disturbed ruffled unruffled
  • 31. uproar• a state of noisy excitement, confusion or outrage
  • 32. whirling• turning or swinging round and round; spinning, twirling