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Mission Possible Career Preparedness Series Showing Up As A Good Employee Nof

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How to Be a Good Employee Training for those 16-24 years old

How to Be a Good Employee Training for those 16-24 years old

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  • 1. Learning How to Be A Good Employee Development Program Interactive Workforce Training for 16-24 yr olds Presented by Jo Lena Johnson, Leadership Performance Specialist www.absolutegood.com 240.644.2500 The Mission:Possible Communication Series If your life & communication skills are perfect, please destroy this message – this Mission Will Not Be for YOU! Designed to Build Vital Skills Through Preparation, Experience & Practice From Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management
  • 2. Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management www.absolutegood.com 240.644.2500 The Mission:Possible Communication Series from Sessions focus on Self-Discovery, Personal Responsibility, Communication Skills & PRACTICE. Youth are given valuable tools & experiences as they learn HOW thoughts, attitudes, feelings & technology influence behavior, communication, relationships and foundations for future/present success… and are taught HOW to meet expectations, handle conflict, issues of trust, esteem & more.  Facilitation and activities will result in self-discovery, insight, personal responsibility, empowerment, and new choices. By presenting purpose-driven tools, interaction and practice in the MP Communication Series: We Create experienced youth who are Confident, Skilled Communicators, Prepared for making new choices, continuing education, handling peer pressure, aware of workforce needs, expectations & career options. Fast Past, High Energy, Challenging Interactive, Engaging & Effective! The Learning How to Be A Good Employee Development Program is… Another Course in
  • 3. Focus on Professionalism
    • Being well groomed & professionally dressed
    • Being Reliable
    • Being Punctual
    • Behaving with a Positive Attitude
    • Being Courteous & Well Mannered
    • Being Trustworthy
    • Self Esteem & Motivation
    • Being Willing to Learn
    • Being Ambitious & Goal Oriented
    • Communication Skills – Written & Verbal
    • And Finally,
    • 11. “Respect” – for Self-Others & Navigating the Realities,
    • Perceptions and Generational Expectations
    During this Journey they will learn How to Make Responsible Choices, Willingness & How to Follow – Directions, Rules and Expectations that come with the practical realities of the working world. Through Experience & Practice. These Good Habits are not Optional – and if they are WILLING to Succeed, We are willing to give them tools! Specific Learning Components are below, Followed by Suggested Structural Formats and Details. Good
  • 4. Demonstrating Professionalism Through Training
    • Session 1: Communication Dynamics!
    • What I say and how I say it makes a difference.
      • How I Express Myself – is it Working for Me?  
      • Confidence & Self Respect
      • 3 Ways to Effectively Communicate My Message
    • Session 2: Getting & Keeping a Job - Reputation
    • My Real Goals & My Future – Investment vs. Time Clock
      • Roles, Responsibilities and Putting in Work
      • Daily Habits (time, productivity, focus)
      • Developing a Master Plan – Job to Career Mindset
    • Session 3: Handling Conflict & Problems –
    • Learning How to Work With People
      • Gender Differences, Personality Style Differences & Generational Differences
      • Friends, Peers and Instant Gratification
      • Older People: Dealing with Supervisors & Co-Workers and Meetings!
    • Session 4: Professionalism – My Presentation Skills
    • Being responsible & showing people how much I matter.
      • Values & Character –How my choices affect others
      • Public Speaking & Presentations: Sharing my input responsibly and contributing confidently
    Suggested Topics (Schedule would be confirmed based on structure of settings)
  • 5. Professionalism Defining Structure & Schedules One Full Day of Skill Building (Weekend) Would include 6 to 8 hours of learning time over the course of one daytime training day; with 3-4 workshops. This could be a voluntary activity offered to students/parents on (a) Saturday (s); held on at a designated site or on school grounds, as an extension of learning. After School/Evenings (immediately after or evening) There are many combinations which could work for this alternative – including evenings after work – when parents could potentially be involved also. After School/Evenings – In One Week 4 days Each Session would include one workshop; approximately 1.5 to 2 hours each, over 4 days. After School/Evenings – Over One Month 5 to 8 days Each Session will include two workshops; for a total of approximately 4 hours of learning time 1.5 to 2 hours each. Suggested Structure of Sessions: We have found it best to “continue the learning” over a concentrated, designated period of time. The suggested Mission:Possible Learning How to Be A Good Employee Series length is 3-5 Sessions with 5-55 participants each. Depending on the availability and preference of participants, parents and staff, we can accommodate and can choose one of the following: Target Audience Group: Each session will provide youth (16-24 year olds) new perspectives and ultimately a new sense of "self" in today's ever-changing world of technology and instant gratification.  If not prepared now? When? Employers Need Skilled Workers. There is a gap which needs to be filled. This series helps to bridge the gap.
  • 6.
    • Most teens/young adults seeking their first paid job are completely unprepared and have no idea of where to start in the process.
    • They don’t know how to create a resume or fill out a job application, how to act or what to say in a job interview, or even how to dress for success.
    • Often this causes them to fail before they have a chance to get their foot in the door.
    • In fact, many first time job seekers discontinue their job search early on out of frustration and low self esteem.
    • Together, We Can Change this!
    • This Series will provide a process through which 16-24 year olds can become valuable candidates who are prepared to contribute and thrive because they are learning HOW!
    • However, Be Prepared:
    Many Youth will Not Want to attend! They might expect to be bored – and might feel forced to come by you. Please ask them to be willing - during the 1st session, they will likely change CHOOSE to return – it’s normal!... Most of us don’t WANT extra duties, to grow, stretch or change habits! WARNING ADULTS:
  • 7. Why should they attend? They don’t know How! Lack of Structure, Rules, Resources & Responsibilities. Lack Effective Parental Contribution – including encouragement, acknowledgement discipline and modeling. Why don’t they seem to care? They have been exposed to too much uncensored information many in this generation “think they know it all.” They don’t necessarily “value” work “ethics” because they haven’t been taught to value them – in the same way as older people. By participating in the Experiences, Activities, Discussions and Interactive Content, this group will learn: What Happens? Focused Facilitation, Vital Information, Teamwork Activities, Feedback & Practice – All Customized to fit their needs. How and Why their words, appearance, body language, reactions and habits make a difference – personally and professionally. And How to Correct any opportunities for change – through Demonstration. What and Why their supervisors expect certain behaviors like being on time, listening, cooperating and working even when it may be tough, stressful or they don’t agree, That conflict/misunderstanding will happen, How to handle it when it does happen, and how Generational Differences, Gender Differences and Personality Style Differences play a role in it. Listening Skills, Confidence, Accountability, Empathy and Willingness…Cooperating with Others, Giving & Receiving Feedback, Understand How Their Own Attitudes, Behaviors & Habits Effect Everyone around them – including Co-Workers, Supervisors and Teammates. And Much More!
  • 8. St. Louis City 4-H Youth Development Program 724 N. Union Blvd. St. Louis, Missouri 63108 PHONE 314-367-2585 FAX 314-367-8137 E-MAIL squiresj@missouri.edu WEB SITE extension.missouri.edu Ms. Jo Lena Johnson Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management Dear Ms. Johnson, On behalf of the St. Louis City University of Missouri Extension program, I would like to thank you for the excellent workshops you provided for our participants. You are a very skilled and enthusiastic presenter with the ability to connect with your audience. Reaching and making an impact on at risk youth requires patience, dedication and the ability to deliver a consistent message. As a facilitator, it is clear that you understand the special needs of this audience. I watched you gain the trust of each participant by showing them that you really care about their future and their wellbeing. The lessons contained in the Mission Possible series are exactly what today’s youth need to help them realize that they have to take control of their lives now and not later. The program’s focus on attitude, message and effective communication creates a sense of self awareness in youth that is critical to them surviving and thriving in challenging environments. As a youth development professional, I know that youth need more support and guidance now than ever. The Mission possible series is an excellent supplement to any youth development program because it teaches them to be self aware, to be conscious of their behavior and to take responsibility for their success. It is my strong belief that improving the quality of life in our community must begin by encouraging people to take control of their lives. Mission Possible does just that. After completing the program, I saw students’ behavior change and I heard them say things like “I need to work on my message” and “I am what I think I am.” These are powerful changes that will help them improve in all areas of life. Thank you again for your time, energy and dedication. I look forward to working with you in the future and encourage you to keep changing lives. Sincerely, Jody J. Squires Ph.D. St. Louis City Program Director St. Louis City 4-H Youth Development Program 724 N. Union Blvd. St. Louis, Missouri 63108 PHONE 314-367-2585 FAX 314-367-8137 E-MAIL squiresj@missouri.edu WEB SITE extension.missouri.edu URBAN OPPORTUNITIES Every child deserves a chance
  • 9. Learn More
    • !
    Facilitator: Jo Lena Johnson, of Absolute Good, developed the curriculum and will serve as the “Leadership Facilitator,” utilizing her experience in training over 65,000 adult & youth learners throughout the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. Absolute Good , the Premiere Training and Life Skills Management Company in the U.S. and Canada, specializes in showing people how to better communicate.   We teach people how to treat themselves - and each other - with dignity, respect, and understanding by showing them how to communicate openly, honestly, and often. Training is presented in single, small or large group settings, or in multiple coaching formats. Our sessions are designed to reinforce habits and attitudes of leadership from a practical perspective.   The Mission:Possible Communication Series is one that Ms. Johnson presents throughout the country and tailors to specific audiences based on needs, goals, intended outcomes and desired skill development.  Other Mission:Possible Series include Corporate, Diversity, Church-Based, Team Building, School, Supervisory and Executive Centered offerings.  These sessions are typically requested by businesses and organizations to assist them in fulfilling their development & training needs.  Cost/Fee Structure: Investing in, and equipping our workforce with the proper tools is priceless. The fee will vary based on number of participants, number of sessions and travel time, if applicable. This includes materials, tools and the experience of a seasoned facilitator with a reputation of providing tools to produce Skilled Leaders & Communicators at all levels of organizations. For More Information you have many choices! www.absolutegood.com or www.absolutegood.com/blog to learn more about Mission:Possible To Book Your Series, Call or write Today: [email_address] or 240.644.2500
  • 10. {font, style -not content, modified by jj for demonstration purposes} July 10, 2009 To Whom It May Concern: As a participant in the St. Louis City 4-H Youth Development program, I would like to say thanks for allowing this program to be alive in my community. This program has helped me out a lot and has opened my eyes to many different positive things. This program has been there when no other program has and I hope it continues to provide people like me with opportunities to participate in productive activities. We have done a lot of things like the time when a guest speaker, Ms. Jo Lena Johnson, came to our program and worked with us. She did a workshop with us that taught us about the message that we send to other people every day . Ms. Jo Lena gave us some assignments to do that made us examine the messages that we are sending with our body language. She also told us that we should not be easily influenced by the things that we see or by the negative things that may be present in our community. From that small little lesson of encouragement, she helped me to get my priorities straight and to get my life back on track. Out of all of the things Ms. Johnson taught us, I would have to say that the most important one was when she showed us how the lyrics to songs, the language we use and the other things we are exposed to impact how we think. I realized that whatever I think about will influence my life more than I thought. I now know that when I change my thoughts for the better, I can change my life for the better. Programs like this have opened my eyes and made teenagers like me realize that there is more to life than just the four street corners that most of us see every day. Once again I would like to thank the St. Louis City 4-H Youth Development Program for providing these positive activities in my community and thank you to Ms. Jo Lena Johnson for delivering such a powerful message. Sincerely, Jonathan A. Julion St. Louis City 4-H Youth Development Program Participant Mission:Possible 16 Year Old Participant Letter
  • 11. Current Recommendations Recommendations for Trainer & Managing Partner at Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management Paul Burke , (client) Paul hired Jo Lena Johnson as a Business Consultant in 2006 and hired Jo Lena Johnson more than once Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative “ We hired Jo Lena to do some soft skills training for our firm. This was a first for us doing soft skills training as we have always focused on the technical skills that accountants need to stay current with accounting and tax law changes. We were pleasantly surprised at the results. Many of our employees said that it was the best training ever. She has a way of getting everyone to participate in and to enjoy the training. Her sessions were always very lively and entertaining. The time just flew by and we all wanted more of her time. We will definitely be hiring her again to do more 'soft skills" training. She is "Absolutely" the Best!” June 28, 2009 Jeff Gibbs , (client) Jeff hired Jo Lena Johnson as a Trainer in 2007 and hired Jo Lena Johnson more than once Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative “ Jo Lena worked with our company as a contract trainer. The reviews from our customers were that they loved her. She was personable and seemed to strike a cord with them and their needs. I personally enjoyed my professional relationship with her and found her to be honest and principle-centered.” June 29, 2009 Zachary Hawkins , (client) Executive Director at JPMorgan Zachary hired Jo Lena Johnson as a Career Coach in 2008 Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative “ Jo Lena is an extraordinarily talented individual with an innate understanding and appreciation of people. She’s dynamic, personable, authentic, and value-driven. She tends to be less consumed with theory and more focused on how to help people, teams and organizations in practical ways. I am confident that Jo Lena can add value to almost any project where strong interpersonal skills are needed to achieve desired results.” July 20, 2009 Michael Wotorson , Executive Director, Campaign for High School Equity (colleague) worked with Jo Lena Johnson “ Jo Lena is one of the most outstanding professional talents I've come across. She is an extremely gifted at helping organizations, teams, and individuals to unlock hidden and untapped potential. A highly strategic thinker, Jo Lena possesses a keen ability to see rich opportunities in seemingly the direst circumstances affecting organizations. Jo Lena Johnson is hands down, an A+ professional and a wonderful personality!” June 25, 2009 Kim Crouch , Attorney, General Motors (business partner) was with another company when working with Jo Lena Johnson “ I have had the pleasure of working with Jo Lena on numerous projects. She is truly a consummate professional. She is creative, organized, dependable and full of energy and ideas. Whenever I have a project that I need assistance on, Jo Lena is usually the first person I call because she has a wealth of knowledge and experience.” July 2, 2009 Recommendations for Intern, St. Louis Airport Marriott Marketing Dept at INROADS/St. Louis Patterson Roslyn , Senior Account Executive, Ketchum PR (business partner) was with another company when working with Jo Lena Johnson “ It is my "Absolute" pleasure to recommend Jo Lena Johnson. She is the consummate professional and problem solver. Her attention to the details and her enthusiastic approach is refreshing and much needed on complex projects. Jo is a natural born leader and any business partner/entity will be better for knowing and working with her.” July 14, 2009