Wollumbin HS Library Tour

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A "virtual" tour of our library for the WHS Library Orientation Program

A "virtual" tour of our library for the WHS Library Orientation Program

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  • 1. Wollumbin High School Library Tour Follow these slides to see what we have in our library.
  • 2. Circulation & Service Desk Welcome to our School Library.
  • 3. Library Office and Audio-Visual Room This is where we catalogue and process new resources, record videos, manage databases and special equipment.
  • 4. Enquiry Catalogue This is the main Enquiry Station. However, you can search the catalogue from your DET Portal … My Library link on any computer at school or elsewhere. Note the Richmond Tweed Regional Library guides and Help brochures below.
  • 5. Newspapers & Magazines Daily Newspapers are on the table and past ones may be requested from the office. The latest magazines are on display and back copies are in magazine boxes in this area or in the Non-Fiction for their subjects.
  • 6. Photocopier & Printers
    • Photocopying and printing are available.
    • Photocopying operates with a coin machine.
    • Both B&W and Colour printers operate on
    • Student Print Credit.
    • Ask the library staff for assistance if needed.
  • 7. New Books New books may be borrowed as soon as they are displayed… and there is a request sheet at the desk.
  • 8. Class & Seminar Rooms
  • 9. Non-Fiction Information books and magazines are shelved in the Non-Fiction area. The Dewey aisle signs are your first guide to find subjects & topics. The next slide shows more help labels.
  • 10. Signs & Shelf Labels
    • Look for:
    • Dewey Charts
    • Aisle guides
    • Shelf-end signs and
    • Shelf topic labels
  • 11. Maps, Charts & Posters There’s lots of useful information in these, so have a browse.
  • 12. Fiction The Genre Signs show the range of spine icons for different types of fiction. Shelf labels show alphabetical order and popular Author areas.
  • 13. Premier’s Reading Challenge We have hundreds of the PRC titles, more than fits here, so look for the PRC spine labels on both Fiction and Non-Fiction shelves as well.
  • 14. Picture Books Picture Books are not just kid stuff. They engage readers with both text and art! Browse the picture books to challenge your higher order thinking.
  • 15. Graphic Novels plus…
    • Browse the Graphic Novels display for:
    • Manga series
    • Classic “comics” like Marvel super-heroes or The Simpsons
    • Graphic re-telling of classic & popular stories
    • Graphic Journalism of World Events
  • 16. HSC Corner This area has the Subject Study Guides as well as Study Tips for both Preliminary and HSC courses. BELONGING Area of Study resources are also displayed, but many more are available so look for them on Wollumbin Library Links,or ask the Teacher Librarian.
  • 17. Teacher Reference + English, Maths & HSIE Teacher Resources The Library has a collection of Teacher Professional Development Resources in the TR Collection. Other KLA Teacher Resources are in Faculty Rooms.
  • 18. Displays
    • Throughout the year we have lots of displays,
    • so look out for ones like these…
  • 19. Learning & Research Charts
    • Follow the steps of The Information Process
    • Try different Graphic Organisers
    • Raise your level of Thinking
    • Get the most out of Google
    • and Go Beyond Google
  • 20. Student Work Displays
  • 21. Fuel Your Mind Displays 2008
  • 22. Book Safaris 2009 And… some of the PhotoShop Postcards from Nancy “on safari”.
  • 23. Across the Story Bridge 2010
  • 24. Genre Displays Each month we focus on 2 genres… so check them out!
  • 25. Topic & Theme Displays Look out for displays that may be tied in to school or world events… or help us create a display for a topic that interests you.
  • 26. Author or Series Displays Why not create a display for your favourite author or series?
  • 27. End of Virtual Tour. So come and see for yourself. Find imagination, information and learning in YOUR SCHOOL LIBRARY!