Body art


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Body art

  1. 1. BODYART
  2. 2. inTRODucTiOnOur personality goes far beyond the way how we act and think, the human being needs to express through body languageThat way, we feel a constant need to modify our body and leave small or big marks that we are unique (many times because of society).
  3. 3. BODY ART, WhAT is ThAT?Body Art appears from influence of the hippie movement (sexual freedom and pacifism), from the counter-culture movement and from the youth explosion.Body Art consists in using your body as a critic to the everyday life and/or critic to art itselfMany times, some bizarre techniques are used, and they are inspired in pain, mutilation and thoughts.
  4. 4. hAiRsTYle?Hairstyle is a way of showing and creating art, where we don’t just criticize fashion, but also the style of the person itself. Nicki Minaj, a singer worldwide known for ger hairstyles.
  5. 5. Nail art?Nail Art is a way of prolonging Body Art, because these also show aspects of influence and thoughts, by decorating our body.It is many times related with hairstyle.
  6. 6. make up?Make-up has two edges: the one of enhancing our own beauty, or the one where we transform into “something” Johnny Depp, known by being able to play the role of every character with the use of make up.
  7. 7. tattoos?Tattoos are one of the most famous ways of body art. It consists on a permanent drawing made on our skin Scar from a removed tatoo that for many centuries was irreversible. In the actual days it can be partially removes, but it is extremely painful and it leaves scars in the place. A tear tattoed by the eye, means the loss of a loved one.
  8. 8. pierciNgsIt is a way to modify our body, piercing it, with the objective of Teenager with a piercing introducing pieces of sterilized metal.In some cultures, piercings are a mark of a warrior, or the passage from a child to a man. An indian child
  9. 9. PiercingsPiercings in the ear lobe are called earrings. EarringsThere are various edges of piercing:An ear spreader consists in augmenting the perforation of the ear lobes. Ear spreader Transversal Earring
  10. 10. The vampire woman, with differentsurgeries, made 6 horns, blue eyes, pointy surgicalears, vampire teeth and among other oPerationsthings. When the ear spreaders of bigWith the laser technology, we can dimensions areturn brown eyes into blue eyes. removed, the onlyJust the color exchange is possible, way of making thethe technique extracts melanin from ear return to normalthe iris of the eyes, leaving it albino. is to use surgery.
  11. 11. cultureBody art is used in several cultures, having distinct meanings, for example, to the men of the Maori tribe, there are tattoos that mean which family they belong, if they’re married, or if they have kids. A Member of the Maori tribe
  12. 12. the giraffe womenThere are various explanations: culture  The rings served to move way supernatural forces;  The rings have served to punish the women who had committed adultery;  The men have forced they’re women to become ugly, avoiding that they were kidnaped or to show their wealth and have themselves respected  They served as protection to the peasants against tigers that attacked (while they worked) on the throat  To the Padaungs (main tribe of giraffe women) the center of the soul is the neck.
  13. 13. What do you thing that man uses? The zombie man participate in a video of Lady Gaga (born this way)
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