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This is a complete guide how to get started succeed in working from home. Find out the five crucial steps of working from home.

This is a complete guide how to get started succeed in working from home. Find out the five crucial steps of working from home.



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Working From Home Working From Home Document Transcript

  • 1 Working From Home COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &
  • 2 „Working from home‟ has become more and more popular either for part timers as well as full timers. If you look at the WordTracker, there are 4138 searches on „working from home‟ daily. In comparison, „internet business‟ is only 352 and „online business‟ is 392 daily. Both do not include Google Search Engine. You can imagine a high demand to earn extra money working from home. Many of them will search for the best work from home program. These are the five simple steps of working from home: Working From Home Step 1: Find a rabid market. Rabid market is the market that has the money to spend on what you are going to offer, with a huge growing demand on a daily basis and will keep growing on a monthly basis as well. Target a good market. Find the problems that are faced by the The Biggest Secret To Business Success people in this market and provide them with a solution. Whenever you solve people’s problem, you will make money. For example, „working from home‟ market is a good, rabid and huge market. Everyone wants to work from home to achieve financial freedom and to be their own boss and work from home. Find out the best working from home, click here. Working From Home COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &
  • 3 Working From Home Step 2: Find an excellent product to solve people’s problem in the market you have found. Focus on one best work from home program and you will get maximum result. Affiliate marketing (promoting other people‟s product) is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn extra money because  You do not need to create your own product  You do not need to create your own website  You do not need to provide any customer service  You do not need to stock any inventory To profit from affiliate program effectively, you need to make sure:  The product is a high quality product which helps people genuinely. Only high quality product will survive in a competitive market.  The sales page converts well.  The merchant pays your commission generously. You need to earn at least 50% commission to pay off your advertisement commission. In general, the commission for digital products is 50% and for physical products 5- 20%.  The merchant provides tools and material in a step-by-step manner that makes it easy for you make money from home. Using the example of working from home, when you find these four criteria in the affiliate marketing, you tap into the best working from home. Get started, click here. Working From Home COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &
  • 4 Working From Home Step 3: Have a complete sales funnel to maximize your profits. You don‟t get rich from just one product. With a complete sales funnel, it means that you have a front end, an upsell and a backend, to provide you with the best conversion and will allow you to squeeze maximum income from the same customer. The front end recommends a good solution that is rather inexpensive (say, below $50). Don‟t sell an expensive product up front. Find out how to do it right here. The upsell and the back end of the sales funnel is to convert customer better and to get more money from the same customer, by selling a more expensive product. With this approach, you can maximize your profit in the back end by earning repeat commissions from the same customer. Each step of sales funnel should provide 3 key factors: Value. You got to provide a lot of value up front and in each step of the sales funnel. The quality and the value of the product that the customer gets should be at least 5 times what they paid for. When you give people value, people will spend more money with you. Consistency. Make sure that the back end is promoting items related to similar topic as the front end. For example, if the front end promotes a $50 e- book, the back end may offer a home study course of the same topic for $200. Working From Home COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &
  • 5 Continuity. Give the customer continual education, solutions and enhancement to their original purchase, to guarantee customer satisfaction, so that he can increase his own business profits as well. Earn Extra Money Step 4: Focus on activities that actually brings you money and spend your time productively. You need to focus working from home activities that actually bring you money pay you well. Spend the time you allocate for the best working from home program productively; don‟t waste time unproductively. You can only do so if you practice self-discipline, cultivate strong purpose and have a clear goal. Find out various ways to earn money online of working from home, click here The reasons I MUST succeed in working from home: 1. 2. 3. Working From Home COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &
  • 6 Your goal must be STAMPS: Specific, Time-limited, Action-oriented, Measurable, Purpose-driven and Stretching.  Specific. Your goal must be clearly spelled out, not vague.  Time-limited. Your goal must have a time frame and deadline which will force you to watch and put your best efforts to fulfill.  Action-oriented. Your goal must inspire action.  Measurable. You must be able to measure the goal so that you have the idea in expressing it using figures of measurement.  Purpose-driven. Your goal must be reasonable, i.e. it has a strong „Why‟ behind it.  Stretching. Your goal must be challenging, something which pushes you and yet is achievable. Write down your goal on a piece of paper and paste it on a place where you can see it every day. Creating Passive Income Online, start here. Download the step by step guide, click here. Working From Home COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &
  • 7 MY GOAL My realistic income goal for the first 30 days: $…… My realistic income goal for the first 3 months: $…... My realistic income goal for the first 6 months: $…… My realistic income goal for the first year: $…… Whenever you set out to accomplish anything, make up your mind at the outset about your ultimate objective. Once you have decided on it, take care never to lose sight of it. — Admiral Mahon Working From Home Step 5: Be proactive and take correct action immediately where possible. The biggest enemy to one‟s success of working from home is procrastination. Taking the correct action is surely a way to succeed. You take the correct actions based on a proven system and advice from mentors (trustworthy experts who have found the proven systems so that you can shorten your learning curve). Stick with the opportunity and don‟t be frustrated. Click here. Working From Home COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &
  • 8 You will be able to get things done when you create momentum. You create momentum for yourself when you act proactively and immediately on your own business. Only then you can experience and get real results and learn from it. When you focus on money making activities, and stick with the opportunity no matter what and follow an excellent proven system to earn extra money working from home surely becomes yours! I found these five simple steps in the working from home of „3 Quick And Easy Ways Of Working From Home… In the Internet!‟ Not only does the program show you how to make real money working from home, it also provides you with your own ready-made, built-in “business-in-a-box opportunity.” Find out about this incredible best working from home. Click here. Profile of Author: 3 Quick And Easy Ways To Earn Extra Money Working From Home… In the Internet! Brand New Program Based on Proven Methods Download a Free Review of Working From Home, Click here Working From Home COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &