Teenagers And Parents
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Teenagers And Parents



How to understand your teen and improve teenagers and parents relationships.

How to understand your teen and improve teenagers and parents relationships.



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    Teenagers And Parents Teenagers And Parents Document Transcript

    • 1 A survey published in 2000 revealed interesting facts on teenagers and parents relationships. Basically, teens want their parents to:  Begin the conversation about sex when they're young and maintain an open-door policy as they get older.  Teach them by what the parents do, not just by what the parents say.  Give them good, honest answers in a straightforward way.  Support them in all of their endeavour and most of all, play and active role in their lives.  Take responsibility for helping them reach beyond the best of their abilities.  Give no lectures.  Remember that they really care what parents think, even if they don't always act like it. We all realize that teenagers and parents relationships seem to become more distant as the kids become adolescent. Parents need to understand that the primary goal of the teens is to achieve independence. Teens will start pulling away from their parents, not wanting to be around their parents anymore, asserting themselves strongly, frequently having different conceptions than the parents and even defying parental control. Click here. To raise their teens properly, parents need to maintain and even reinforce healthy teenagers and parents relationships. This is the duty of the parents. Accordingly, parents need to do self-assessment. Parents need to look closely at how much space they give their teens to be an individual and ask themselves questions such as: Teenagers And Parents COPYRIGHTS © www.ResourcefulParentingTips.com
    • 2  quot;Do I really, really listen to my kid?quot;  quot;Am I a controlling parent?quot;  quot;Do I let my kid's convictions and tastes to be different from my own?quot; Parents need to look closely also how open and honest they are in communication with their teens. This is important to nurture teenagers and parents relationships. The followings are some words the teens wish their parents will say to them:  “I'm sorry.”  “I was wrong about.....”  “You are right about.....”  “Thank you.”  “I don't know everything.”  “How can I help?” These are not difficult things to do, aren’t they? All the parents need to do as a starter to improve teenagers and parents relationships is to set aside their pride and start to recognize their teens as individuals, or better, as adults. The investment is well worth it. Doing these will make the teenagers and parents relationships something very, very beautiful and lasting. Resources For Teenagers & Parents: Helping My Teens Parenting Teenagers 150 Proven Strategies For Teenagers & Parents www.ResourcefulParentingTips.com Teenagers And Parents COPYRIGHTS © www.ResourcefulParentingTips.com