Starting An Internet Business
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Starting An Internet Business



The 10 Crucial Questions you must ask yourself before starting an internet business.

The 10 Crucial Questions you must ask yourself before starting an internet business.



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Starting An Internet Business Starting An Internet Business Document Transcript

  • 1 Before starting an internet business, you need to ask these 10 questions: 1. Why? Ask yourself this basic question: "Why do I consider starting an internet business?" It is a part of your vision in life. I believe WHY is much more important than HOW. The WHY must be strong enough that it will motivate you everyday. The WHY comes from the values you hold dearly. For example, you want to make more money. Do you just want paper with numbers and pictures of dead people? No, isn't it? Ask deeper in your heart, "Why do I want more money?" Starting an internet business, here. 2. Are you ready? One can always argue that it is difficult to judge when one is ready or not. Besides the financial aspects of irregular or zero income for the initial months, you must be ready mentally and physically to endure the demands of self-employment. It means you will be doing everything yourself at the start. Mental strength, stamina and focus are the key elements of success in starting an internet business. Ask who is the number one on the field in starting an internet business that you will be involved in. I believe in learning from the best. Find the right coach; he/she will shorten your learning process considerably. Click here. Starting An Internet Business COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &
  • 2 3. What business? Starting an internet business can be many ways. You know in mind clearly or would you say: "I know I want to do business but what do I do? What services or products do I offer to my customers?" Again, fall back to basics. Ask yourself: "What are my interests? What do I feel most strongly and passionately about?" If you get one million US$ today, what will you be doing? Of course after you get tired of shopping and travelling. There lies your passion. If you still do not have any idea, speak to lots of people, check out the market potential, then zero in. 4. Do you like to sell? Unless you intend to go into a partnership arrangement or have multiple partners in starting an internet business, you must possess an interest in selling, in marketing yourself and your company to your potential customers. Do not pre-judge your interest and ability to sell. Even if you have never been in sales before, that does not necessarily mean you have no interest or are unable to sell. If you are married then you actually have been a good marketing person, haven't you? If you think of partnering with people in starting an internet business, make sure those people have both competencies and characters. These two combinations are hard to find so search very carefully. Legitimate money maker, click here. Starting An Internet Business COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &
  • 3 5. What are your strengths? It is healthy to list down what your strengths are. In the Personal Power Program which I conduct, my participants did a session and name their strengths as assets. Similarly, before you embark on your journey of starting an internet business, recognize your key skills and talents, and plan to make the best use of them. 6. What about your weaknesses? Gaps should be identified, acknowledged and a practical plan mapped out to close them. If you feel you could do with some coaching on writing a sales letter and emails, or if you face difficulties driving traffic, take the time to find out how you can go about strengthening yourself in these areas. Ask yourself: "Where can I seek help? Buy ebooks?" Be prepared to invest on yourself when starting an internet business, click here. 7. How do you assess your proposed business? The SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis is a time-tested tool that could be helpful to you as you assess the viability of your proposed business of starting an internet business. When doing this, I recommend you to solicit the input of other people. Be objective and look at things from all perspectives. Given the pace of change these days, it would be wise to err on the side of caution, since you would not want to risk failure. Starting An Internet Business COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &
  • 4 8. How is your network? Your net worth is equivalent to your network. Twitter is a great way to network, click here. Pull out all the name cards you compile, and go through everyone with a keen eye. Select anyone who looks likely to be of some "use" to you, plan to establish contact so you can seek whatever assistance you may require of him/her in starting an internet business. Start building a base of contacts by networking aggressively. Start Social Bookmarking, click here. Nurture these and do ensure you "give" as much as you "take" from your contacts. In other words, be prepared to help your contacts out when asked. Think of adding value to other people's lives. 9. What is your business plan? Once you are almost certain that this is the way to go, put together a business plan. There are many books about how to write a business plan of starting an internet business. In any case, having a business plan, in whatever shape or form, is a good guide for you. Failing to plan is planning to fail. 10. What is your financial plan? As part of your business plan of starting an internet business, give serious thought to your overall financial situation. How much savings can you afford to start an internet business? Where are you going to get your funds to start an internet business? Start small, click here. Starting An Internet Business COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &
  • 5 Set realistic limits on additional capital injection and cut-loss situations. How about your expenses the first few months without income? It is critical that you obtain the moral support of your spouse and immediate family members. After you have answered all these 10 questions of starting an internet business, you should seriously consider starting an internet business. Then as Nike says JUST DO IT. Article Source: Resources of Starting An Internet Business Just click on the links below Working From Home Various Ways To Make Money Online Legitimate Money Maker Starting An Internet Business COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi &