Raising Teenagers
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Raising Teenagers



Raising Teenagers can be a joyful experience if you know how to do it right!

Raising Teenagers can be a joyful experience if you know how to do it right!



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Raising Teenagers Raising Teenagers Document Transcript

  • 1 Michelangelo, the great sculptor, was once asked what he was doing when he was chipping away a lump of marble. He said, “I saw the angel in the marble and I carved until I set him free.” How true is this with raising teenagers! With this line of thought, as a parent of teenager ask yourself this question: “How do I see my teenager?” If you see him/her as „an angel in the marble,‟ then it is your duty in raising teenagers to help your teen achieve his/her full potential. You can consider it as a noble challenge: To play the role of master sculptor to „carve and set the angel free‟. Consider these statistics in raising teenagers:  24% of working dads feel work negatively impacts on their relationship with their children.  43% of US parents, whose children play videogames, never play the game with them. If you belong to the above groups and you want to be good in raising teenagers, then you need to start figuring out how to make a difference in your relationships with your teen. Raising teenagers properly means making sure that you are not missing out on a chance to play a part in your teens‟ lives. The followings are the tips in raising teenagers: Raising Teenagers COPYRIGHTS © ResourcefulParentingTips.com
  • 2 1. Spend quality time with your teen. Interacting with him/her is an excellent opportunity to bring everyone closer together, share your life experiences and address values. 2. Respect your teen for his/her qualities. See your teen‟s point of view. Appreciate his/her differences. 3. Don‟t control your teen. Controlling behaviour will move your teen away from you. 4. Be a good listener. Spend more time listening than talking, really listening to his/her point of view. It‟s a good practice of raising teenagers. 5. Be a coach to your teen. Develop and sharpen your coaching skills. 6. Work to overcome your teen‟s weaknesses. 7. Identify the strengths of your teen. Rather than focusing solely on the area of weaknesses, as a coach you can identify your teen‟s area of strengths and expand them. Resources For Parenting Teenagers: Helping My Teens Parenting Teenagers 150 Proven Strategies Of Raising Teenagers www.ResourcefulParentingTips.com Raising Teenagers COPYRIGHTS © ResourcefulParentingTips.com