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Find out the practical Parenting Tips.

Find out the practical Parenting Tips.



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Parenting Tips Parenting Tips Document Transcript

  • 2 Dear mom & dad, This report is a selection of useful and practical articles from some of parenting authors. Hope you can learn from them. Here are the great resources to sharpen your parenting skills: Parenting Secrets By Mother Of Five Parenting Children With Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Teach Your Children About Money Enjoy your reading, Tessie COPYRIGHT ©
  • 3 Tips of Positive Parenting Skills - Important Aspects of Parenting By Wendy Pan Parenting is a subject that drives intense emotion, raises important questions and is unique to each family. Parenting means different things to different people, but ultimately, parenting is a skill that needs to be learned and mastered. There are no set rules, no official handbooks, no how-to-raise-a-child kit that teaches tips of positive parenting skills. There are plenty of guidebooks, magazines and websites devoted to the subject of parenting, where a parent can turn for advice on tips of positive parenting skills. As a mother of two, I've learned a few lessons of my own. First, nobody is right all of the time. Second, each child is unique and a parenting formula that works for one may not be right for another. Third, you're allowed to make mistakes. There are a few skills however, that are essential to parenting in a safe, effective and positive way. Here are a few of my tips of positive parenting skills. COPYRIGHT ©
  • 4 FOCUS In our busy world, there are plenty of distractions. Televisions, telephones, doorbells and the minutia of daily life. To parent a child requires focus. Pay attention to your child. Do you know where they are? Are you aware of their existence? Can you outline what happened to them that day? It seems basic. By focusing on our children, we can address their needs, wants and assure their safety. If we concern ourselves with our children, we can discern the things that need to be done in order to effectively raise this child. Distracted parenting is sadly, a major cause of death for children in the United States. Mothers leave infants in hot cars to suffocate, mothers and fathers forget to check the whereabouts of their children before backing out of driveways and parents lose track of children who go missing, wander into unsafe areas or are taken by strangers. SELF CONTROL Exhibiting self control in front of a child does two things. It shows a child by example how to govern their emotions and how to act accordingly. Second, it protects a child from potential abuse that results when explosive emotions drive a parent's actions. By learning to control your own behaviors, you will give your child the tools they need to ascend to a responsible adulthood. COPYRIGHT ©
  • 5 GET INVOLVED Parenting is a social behavior and the most important social interaction you can have is with your child. Get involved with their life, volunteer at their school, talk to them every day and know their friends. Do these things in a positive way, to show your child that you care. Teenagers, especially, may resent your intrusion but don't stop. Routinely tell them you love them and that your involvement is your parental responsibility. These three tips of positive parenting skills do no more than cover the very basics of parenting. But, by developing these three core skills, you can adapt your unique parenting style to every child. Wendy Pan is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about [ important-aspects-of-parenting/]tips of positive parenting skills, please visit []Easy Parenting Today's Kids for current articles and discussions. COPYRIGHT ©
  • 6 Gaining Parenting Skills By Joseph Then Parenting is a learning experience. There is no rule that once you become a parent you suddenly know everything. In fact, there is no guarantee you will have a clue what you are doing. Parenting is something you have to work at. You have to gather up advice, knowledge and parenting skills so you can use them in your parenting. Parenting skills come from many places. You have to recognize that how your get parenting skills is not as important as getting them. Trial and Error The majority of parenting skills most parents have come from trial and error. A parent tries something, it does not work so they don't try it again or the other way around - they try something, it works so they keep doing it. Learning from mistakes is a part of life and a big part of parenting. Usually trial and error ends up more funny than anything else. Common sense usually stops it form turning into something horrible or dangerous. Trail and error is a fine way to gain parenting skills and something every parent does. Other Parents COPYRIGHT ©
  • 7 Other parents are another big source of parenting skills. Most people parent according to how their parents parented them. We learn from what we know. We watch other parents and we learn form them. This is the natural way to learn parenting skills and how you will likely gain most of your parenting skills. You may even talk to other parents and interact with their children before you even become a parent. You will get cautions and good advice that will help you get ready for parenting though other parents who have experience. Classes and Research It is becoming common for parents to attend parenting classes or read books as a way to gain parenting skills. Learning from professionals and experts is a great way to gain skills. They are tried and true methods that are backed with a trusted authority. You can rely on this advice and use it to build up your parenting skills. Parenting skills are something you learn one way or another. You may even pick them up without ever even knowing it. Many parenting skills are a part of you naturally. They are things that you are born knowing or know form life experience. Others are something that you will instantly pick up once you become a parent. For example, you need no one to teach you the most important parenting skill - love. Learn how to be a better parent! There are free information for you to learn more parenting tips and find out the best style for [ best-style-for-parenting-today/]parenting today. Visit our website today ==] COPYRIGHT ©
  • 8 Tips for Successful Parenting By Anne Sprigpitt It‟s not the childs fault; believe it or not, poor parenting is the main cause of bad behaviour in children. Kids can be frustrating, annoying and down right infuriating at times and yet you‟re still expected to love and care for the little „angels‟ through thick and thin. They won‟t admit it as often parents don‟t know any different, but often the problem is due to poor parenting which manifests itself in bad behaviour in the child. This in turn has a negative affect on the home and work life of everyone in the household as strife and conflict dominates the family. Anne Sprigpitt, owner of says, “Most parents don‟t realise it, but their actions have a direct influence on the behaviour of their child whether they are a toddler or a teen. Almost everything a child learns in the first few years of its life is from their parents and it is all stored in the child‟s memory for a later date.” “The biggest problems are due to a lack of discipline, boundaries and standards, and most importantly a lack of affection and display of their love for the child. However, these can easily be resolved by applying simple parenting principles and strategies which can have an immediate and dramatic impact on the behaviour of the child.” COPYRIGHT ©
  • 9 “In many cases, children who are repeatedly violent and disruptive in school are found to have deeply rooted problems at home, caused by bad parenting. Once this is realised and acknowledged a number of techniques can be implemented and significant improvements are often found in the child‟s behaviour in a matter of a few weeks or even days.” Parenting is not easy, but it is not hard either, provided you establish a loving two way relationship with the child, set boundaries and discipline the child appropriately when necessary. For more help and advice on parenting visit and find all the tips you need for successful parenting. COPYRIGHT ©
  • 10 Where to Look for the Perfect Parenting Resource By Veronica Fisher All parents need a good parenting resource of their own. Since parenting is such a tough occupation a parenting resource can help make things easier for any parent. How and where can a parent find a relevant parenting resource? There is no one sure and perfect parenting resource for everyone. A parent may have to determine for himself/herself which parenting resource is helpful and applicable. There are however specific areas where one can get a parenting resource. You can get your parenting resource from the following: The Book and Video Haven Any place where they sell or lend a vast selection of books and videos may be a parenting resource. You can go around looking for a bestseller parenting resource or something created by experts in the field of parenting and psychology to get a good parenting resource. Surprisingly, an experiential parenting resource account or even fictional stories of parenting may be useful parenting resource for the discriminating parent. Comprehensive Sites and Links COPYRIGHT ©
  • 11 Not surprisingly, the internet can have every kind of parenting resource imaginable. You have the option of checking out sites that will provide you with a comprehensive parenting resource section or one that will provide you with specific parenting resource information. You can also check link or .net sites if you want to have a brief overview of some other sites that may be good places for a parenting resource. Message Boards and Others You may prefer a parenting resource that‟s highly practical and that comes from people who have actually experienced parenting. You can use parents‟ forums and message boards as your parenting resource. In this kind of parenting resource you can swap stories and practical tips and information. A lot of parents may warm up to this kind of parenting resource because it is conversational, light and a fun way to go about talking about parenting. Formal Classes and Support Groups A clear and structured parenting resource may come from such formal areas as parenting courses and support groups. This type of parenting resource will surely offer highly professional pieces of information. There is no doubt that if you enroll in a parenting resource class, you will get a load of theories and actual practice accounts from trained professionals in the field of parenting. Support groups can also offer parenting resource that may be both categorized as formal expert quality and personally supportive and uplifting in nature. COPYRIGHT ©
  • 12 People You Know A practical parenting resource source would be people you actually know. Your own parents, family, friends and colleagues may each be a parenting resource. Ask these live, actual parenting resource people what they can share based on what they know and their experience. This may be the cheapest and best parenting resource you can ever have. However and wherever you choose to get your parenting resource make sure that your parenting resource is applicable to you and your family. Remember, not all families are the same. Get more of Veronica Fisher's []FREE Parenting Resource at [] COPYRIGHT ©
  • 13 Parenting Tips - Who Do You Listen To? By Joseph Then Many parents love to giving various parenting tips. If you are a parent, you may have encountered a number of them. We have to appreciate their advice as it is based on their experience and experience do count in any advises. However, you may be confused as you could be overloaded with tons of tips and advises. The key here is to know which one is suitable for you and which one may not be suitable. Determining Usefulness The first step is to determine if you can or want to use a tip. Obviously, you will ruin into tips that you just do not agree with or feel are just not for you. Those you can disregard. However, more often you will likely be unsure if a tip is useful. Try the following to see if those tips are useful for you: - Ask yourself if it seem reasonable. - Determine is you would actually do this. - Think about how it would work for you and your kids. If you are still not sure if the tip is good, what you can do it give it a try and see the result. Trial and Error COPYRIGHT ©
  • 14 As mentioned, the next thing to do is try the tips out. See if they do work. If something doesn't work then let it go. If that tip works for your kids, put it in your list of skills. Sometimes you can not tell if something will work unless you give it a try and there is nothing wrong with that. Ways to Use Them Parenting tips come in many forms and you may wonder how the heck to even use a tip. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed. When you get a good tip try writing it down and when a good time comes up use it. You do not have to feel pressured to change your style to parenting just because they are the best parenting tips in the world. Let them happen naturally. Use them if you need them. Do not impose yourself to apply the tips as you can drive yourself nuts and perhaps for your kids too. Parenting tips can be nice. Do not immediately write them off. Try to see if you can use them and you may be surprised at what you can learn. It is amazing sometimes just how great parenting tips can be. Just do not let the people think that you are not a good parent because of your different approach to parenting. Parenting tips are given so that they can build up your skill set. Be a better parent today! Find out how you can be a better parent by visit Joseph's website for more Parenting Tips. Visit us here ==] COPYRIGHT ©