4 Easy Ways To Passive Income Online
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4 Easy Ways To Passive Income Online



To earn passive income online is not difficult if you follow these four steps. Find out what they are.

To earn passive income online is not difficult if you follow these four steps. Find out what they are.



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4 Easy Ways To Passive Income Online 4 Easy Ways To Passive Income Online Document Transcript

  • 1 To earn passive income online is not difficult if you follow these four steps: 1. Passive Income Online by being realistic in your expectations. There is no such thing as free and instant result. Expecting too much too soon is not realistic: Firstly, accept that residual income affiliate program is a legitimate business that requires investment of time, money and effort. Secondly, be willing to sow the seeds for the harvest you expect to reap. Start here. Download the guide, click here. 2. Passive Income Online by staying for long time when you find a reputable company. Tough times don‟t last but tough people do. The most successful people in life have gone through very difficult times but they stuck with it and eventually succeeded. Likewise, if you expect to succeed in passive income online, you must stay the course: Firstly, commit yourself to at least 1 year to build a solid residual income affiliate program before making a decision either way. Secondly, be decisive and plan well; don‟t jump from one opportunity to another. COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi & www.AboutPassiveIncome.com
  • 2 3. Passive Income Online by Making a STAMPS goal. Every business owner must have an aspiring goal. Knowing where you are going in passive income online is one of the easiest ways to get there! Firstly, make your goal STAMPS: Specific, Time-limited, Action-oriented, Measurable, Purpose-driven and Stretching.  Specific. Your goal must be clearly spelled out, not vague.  Time-limited. Your goal must have a time frame and deadline which will force you to watch and put your best efforts to fulfill.  Action-oriented. Your goal must inspire action.  Measurable. You must be able to measure the goal so that you can express its progress using figures of measurement.  Purpose-driven. Your goal must be reasonable, i.e. it has a strong „Why‟ behind it.  Stretching. Your goal must be challenging, something which pushes you and yet is achievable. Secondly, write down your goal in residual income affiliate program, what is required to get there and steps to get there. You are more likely to commit to something written. Start making money, click here. COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi & www.AboutPassiveIncome.com
  • 3 4. Passive Income Online by not making the business more complicated than necessary. Go with what works, not with what should work. If you find residual income affiliate program that is working just do it and maximize the success you can get from it. Success normally comes from doing what works over and over again until it becomes second nature. This approach has important meanings for you: Firstly, be teachable to your affiliate leader and be willing to teach your affiliates the same system of residual income affiliate program. Secondly, be a role model; practice duplication -- “I‟m doing the same thing that I‟m teaching you to do.” Don‟t expect from your affiliates what you are not doing yourself. Don‟t get your affiliates to “do the dirty work” for you. Following these four smart ways to earn passive income online will assure you to make money online. Start here. Download the guide, click here. Profile of Author: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tessie_Setiabudi Passive Income Online Great Program, Commissions & Support www.AboutPassiveIncome.com COPYRIGHTS © Tessie Setiabudi & www.AboutPassiveIncome.com