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  1. 1. Adobe PhotoshopShaima al raisi 200981156
  2. 2. How to install Adobe Photoshop? 1. you have to buy the Adobe Photoshop main CD . 2. Press on download bottom on the main page. 3. Then you will find bottom 4. Press on the bottom and click on run.
  3. 3. What is Adobe Photoshop?Photo shop is also an image creation software as well as an editor.Photo shop can create any effect or style needed in a drawing orpainting or layout. There are graphic software that can do specializedwork faster and more efficient than Photo shop (such as painter forrealistic paint effects), but Photo shop can do it all in one program.The basics of Photo shop are easy to learn, even the CS versions.They are very intuitive, and there are several ways to do almosteverything to work with an individuals style of drawing and skill levelyet you can spend years learning all the pro level features.Photo shop works by altering individual pixels in an image as opposedto a vector drawing program that draws with points, lines and objectsmathematically. Photo shop is best with images that have complextextures, blends and photo realism, but Photo shop is also very goodat vector drawing as long as the image doesnt need to be scaled andyou dont need specialized CAD drawing tools
  4. 4. Why to use AdobePhotoshop?  Edit pictureslike in the example  Remove some of the bad things. for example, some pen poles in the face or red eyes and also maybe the background.  Make the picture nicer to look For example, change the background, add more colors and edit more that 2 pictures to gather.
  5. 5. The use of Adobe Photoshopmajor uses for photo shop:photograph manipulationpainting + drawinggraphic design + illustration + page layouttypographyanimation cells, sprites, and gif animationsweb images• Edit audio with all the basic commands such as Cut, Copy, Paste, edit, change and add.
  6. 6. Adobe Photoshop ScreenshotsMain window This is the main page were you can see the tools, file, edit painting and control it by choose a picture .
  7. 7. Edit picture Create original images or modify photos using a full assortment of painting, drawing, and retouching tools. Quickly preview, tag, and sort images; search and edit metadata and keywords; and automatically share batches of files from the improved
  8. 8. *Font; weAdobe Photoshop picture Tools of can write on anyand with any font we wont.*Colors ; change any color inpicture that we choose like wechange the color of the shirt fromblack to green.*Lines ; we can draw any line wewont for example line for theborder.*Brushes ; this is the mostimportant thing in AdobePhotoshop as I put someexamples of brushes with thesebrushes we can stamp anybrushes on any picture and itseems amazing*Filters ; change totally the picturebackground and add some otherpicture to it.
  9. 9. Examples of AdobePhotoshop.
  10. 10.  Layers: ideo/How-to-Use- Layers-in-Photoshop- 161752475 A layer is simply one image stacked on top of another. Imagine I have apiece of paper and I paint it red. Then I take a piece of clear cellophane andpaint a yellow circle, and lay it over the paper. Now I take another piece ofcellophane and paint some blue type and lay that on top of the yellow circle.I now have a background (red) and 2 layers (yellow and blue.) Just like inthe picture below.
  11. 11. ConclusionIn conclusion you can see that AdobePhotoshop is a highly rated, professionaldigital audio editor , and it is a simplesoftware that anyone can use to edit anypicture to seems nicer
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