Social Media? Of course! But how? - Kid Parent Power 2012
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Social Media? Of course! But how? - Kid Parent Power 2012






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  • Others - Google Plus,Pic - facebook
  • Mass markets – Youtube, VimeoKid-specific – Kidsbop, KidZuiConsiderationsNice to host on them and not your own siteAgain, most not ok for under 13 – even tho they are one of the higher populations in thereParent permissionPartnering with other sitesPic - projector
  • Pic – telegraph or birds
  • Pic - compass
  • Photo sharing – flickr, picasa, photbucket, Pinterest - Hot new SM platformUses:Ok brand images for use for fan sites, etcContests using themesEvoking a brand feeling/emotionNew customers/persistantIn general, not for kids … yetPic - Camera
  • Pic - playground
  • The Project Triangle. In Project Management circles we know this is the You can only choose 2 to be 100% of your vision, one will always have to compromise.
  • Images lifted from ALL over the web – get comfortable with that QUICK

Social Media? Of course! But how? - Kid Parent Power 2012 Social Media? Of course! But how? - Kid Parent Power 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • SOCIAL MEDIA? Of Course!! But Which One? Kid Parent Power Orlando – March 26, 2012 Joi Podgorny Director, Community EngagementAnimal Jam, Smart Bomb Interactive
  • Who is this “Joi” character?• Online Community Vet for over a decade – Actuary turn Chat Monitor• Kids Media aficionado (aka “expert”) – Worked on dozens of brands and properties• Remote teams champion• Project Management, Productivity & Efficiency nerd Skype:joipodgorny• International travel junkie Twitter: @joipod
  • Who is this “Joi” character?• I am a professional Community Manager• I believe that Communities are: - Helpful through the tough times - GMTA, but Arguments/Disagreem ents are healthy - Collaborative, tide that raises all the boats• My goal in talks is to get the room talking to Skype:joipodgorny each other Twitter: @joipod
  • Let’s try to help you figure out… • Who your Target Audience(s) are • Which Social Media Channels are right for your brand • What is your best use of each channel • What are issues you need to think about when using each channel
  • Who is your target audience? Personas Exercise• Personas are fictional characters created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic, attitude and/or behavior set that might use a site, brand or product in a similar way.
  • Who is your target audience?• Who is your average customer? What are their habits?• Who do you picture using/interacting with your brand? Multiple kinds of customers?• How often are they seeking or needing your online offerings?• Have you don’t this exercise before? Yes – how can you enhance/tweak?
  • KIDSThings to consider:- Which Gender/Age groups interact with the brand. All boys orgirls? Both? All ages or mixtures?- What ways are they interacting and playing with your brand?- Do kids in different geographic markets interact with your branddifferently (US/Europe/Asia)? How so?
  • PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS- Do you see your parent audience as primary or secondary?- Are they playing/interacting with your brand with your kids? Istheir experience different? How so?- What are their needs and how are they different than your kidaudience needs?
  • PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS- Education and Safety are important areas to fall back on whenyou need filler content with this audience.- Parents are an interesting demo, because there are so manygenerations to consider.- Each generation may interact with your brand online in adifferent way, so it’s important to consider it as a factor
  • PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS-This demo has more access than children but they can not only accessdifferent channels, they may use different devices on each channel -Do they need to be able to purchase things on every channel?-Think about how accessible you want and need your content to be –reports are a great idea, but will your parents really use them? Is theavailability of said reports more powerful of a point than them actuallyusing them?
  • BUSINESS/B2BAdvertising Messaging – Banners, partnerships, sponsorships, revenueshares, affiliate programsContests – easier to partner, big legal considerations, i.e. skill based testsLicensing/ Product Sales – selling products online? Build your own or joinanother site? Partner with other sites?Different Markets – locals will know their audiences, trends, nuances best
  • What are yourGoooooooals?- Are you looking for new users?- Enagaging with existing?- Opening up new demos?- Getting research?- Offering new/exclusive features?
  • ContentFINALLY! Right?While it’s super easy to think about whatyou want to say to your customers, I liketo start how we did thinking about whothey are and why we are talking tothem, first, as I thinkSince the “what” is so easy, good tostart out of the comfort zone.
  • ContentThings to consider:•New Content•Events•Push Marketing messages or moreConversational with your audience•Sharing – allow audience tocomment? Moderated or not?
  • ContentThings to consider:•Length – actual characters, told allat once or over time•Multi-channel – same brandstory/messaging on each site? OrDifferent experience/content ineach place? Mixture? How so?•Frequency
  • So… which doyou choose?
  • Different people are drawn to different networks.To make it more complicated, one person can be in amultitude of different SM moods at any given moment.
  • Traditional… I know – Facebook is traditional? Seriously? But in SM 5 years is an eternity. Things to consider: •General audience/Parent Permission •Most not ok for under 13 – even tho they are one of the higher populations in there •Make sure your verbiage is appropriate •Use of APIs – SSO, wallet tie-ins •Analytics baked in •Welcome and Info page considerations •Requiring a “like” to see content •How much do you show – content/somments
  • ExistingCommunities Examples: - Bloggers - Parents -Fan sites - Industry Vertical sites - toys, cartoons, gaming, design, education Things to consider: -How to support/celebrate them – backgrounds, call outs, special badges, prizes -Many have the under 13 restrictions, so need to involve parents in many cases
  • VideoExamples:- Mass markets – Youtube, Vimeo- Kid-specific – Kidsbop, KidZuiThings to donsider:- Nice to host on them and not your own site- Most not ok for under 13 – even tho they areone of the higher populations in there- Parent permission- Partnering with other sites
  • Microblogging Examples: Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin Things to consider: -Retweet policies - Customer Complaints - DMs or Public replies - Will you participate in Twitter habits like FFs or Hashtags?
  • Location Based Examples: Foursquare, Yelp, Gowalla Things to Consider: - Events - Discounts - Mayorships - Partnerships - Badges
  • Picture Sharing sitesExamples: Things to Consider:- flickr, picasa, - Highlight approved brand images forphotbucket, use for fan sites, etc- Pinterest - Hot - Hold contests using themesnew SM platform - Evoking a brand feeling/emotion - Find new customers, Re-engage older
  • Kid Sites Examples: Kidzui, Everloop, Whyville Things to Consider: - Huge tie-ins possible - Lower numbers but highly engaged audiences - Higher saturation
  • Examples:Mniclip, Addicting Game, SpilThings to Consider:- High audience, lower conversion- Depending on the brand – potentially greatexposure- Great for setting up a minigame withlinks/promotion back to main/other sites- Be sure to consider the cost associated withminigame production Game Aggregators
  • What elsedo you needto consider?
  • FEATURESMONEY TIMEYou can’t expect to have 100% of all 3
  • What else?• Project points – Timelines/ Schedules – Frequency – Milestones – Reporting/ Analytics
  • What else?• Budgets – Production costs • Badges • Welcome Pages • Minigames – Partnership/Affiliat e expenses – Sentiment Analysis toolsets
  • What else?• Staff to Manage – Project Managers – Writers – Public Relations – Marketing – Customer Service – SM Manager – Community mgmt
  • What else?• Legal – COPPA – Privacy – Contests/Sweepst akes – International
  • Thanks! Skype: joipodgorny Twitter: @joipod