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Engage Expo 2009: COPPA - Operational & Practical Compliance Issues
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Engage Expo 2009: COPPA - Operational & Practical Compliance Issues


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COPPA And Security Issues In Kids Virtual Worlds …

COPPA And Security Issues In Kids Virtual Worlds
Virtual worlds have boomed among the under-13 set. They now offer some of the most engaging, effective ways to reach this younger audience. Questions and concerns rise, though:how can you interact with kids and tweens while keeping them safe and secure? Virtual world developers will join this session to discuss what steps they are taking to reach this demographic, but also keep it secure and meet legal requirements. Corporate policies, standards, parental and user information, and technology tools will be discussed.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. COPPA: Operational & Practical Compliance Issues Joi Podgorny VP, Interactive Development Ludorum plc
  • 2. Topics
    • Technology
    • Reporting Functions
    • Setting Boundaries
    • Your Staff
    • Goals/Objectives
    • Staying Current
    • Much of this will be obvious to veterans, but never hurts to refresh, right? ;)
  • 3. Technology
    • Registration
    • Data Storage
    • Open Chat/Filter
    • Build or Buy
      • White Label
      • Proprietary
      • Outsourced
  • 4. Reporting Functions
    • Internal
      • Know your world on a macro level
    • External
      • How to report to authorities
        • (Who, Where, When, How)
    • Document and be prepared
  • 5. Setting Boundaries
    • Figure out and define in beginning
      • Life is much easier this way
    • Tone of your world/community
      • TOS/Privacy Policy
      • How do you deliver COPPA/safety/ privacy messaging to your users
        • Legal-ese? Colloquial? Happy Medium?
    • International Concerns
  • 6. Setting Boundaries
    • Above and Beyond?
      • Just follow checklist or hit higher standards
    • Develop a Culture of Self Policing with your users
    • Engage your users and their parents
  • 7. Your Staff
    • How involved are they in the management of your world?
      • Moderated
        • Real time or post?
        • Outsourced or in-house?
      • Customer Service/Tech Support
  • 8. Your Staff
    • Employee Screening/Management
      • Rigorous interviews
      • Background checks
      • Intensive training
      • Constant QA
    • Legal Counsel on Staff?
  • 9. Goal and Objectives
    • Over-communicate
      • How is community/world development seen priority-wise by company stakeholders?
      • Can the company support a successful world?  What about a disaster?
      • Do the executives, marketing, PR, etc all know how to talk about community/world building?
      • Is safety/privacy a priority company wide?
  • 10. Staying Current
    • Conferences
    • Professional Organizations
      • Formal and informal
    • Websites/ Podcasts
    • Instill a culture of industry learning
  • 11. Let’s Share our Info
    • After all, we are community people!
    • Joi Podgorny
    • [email_address]
    • VP, Interactive Development
    • Ludorum plc
    • (