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Best small business accounting software for every one. For more detail read on our website

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  • notes to presenter:
    This presentation has been developed with a number of animations. Each time you see a mouse icon  in the Speaker Notes, advance the presentation by clicking the mouse or “page down” button on your keyboard and the presentation will animate as appropriate.
    Hello. I came out to see you today because I think it may be time to look at a better accounting and business management system for you. I am concerned that you get what you need not what a salesman wants to sell you. I am going to show you QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, since I think it may fit your needs and your budget.
  • As you have seen, with your business growing, user access is a big thing for you.
    You have more people that need to get into your system to do work.
    Their jobs or tasks are more defined/specific, so it is really important that they only get access to the areas they need to do their jobs.
    I think you will also like the idea of having some people get into your system from outside the building. I will be more helpful to you, for sure. You will be more effective yourself as well as any of your workers who can do some things from home or on the road.
    I am also concerned that we will be able to track access in the system. The audit trail will report on activity in the system. It is ‘on’ all the time.
  • Beyond the need for more users, you need more of many other things:
    You have or will have more customers, more vendors, more items.
    You will want your information quicker and probably in more detail.
    There may be some existing software that drives your business, or some new software that will help drive your business. These software packages can probably be attached to Enterprise Solutions.
  • What it is:
    QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is a financial and business management solution that offers the best QuickBooks performance, capacity, controls, reporting and support for up to 30 simultaneous users. For those familiar with QuickBooks, it includes all Premier Edition features-- as well as Enterprise only features. Industry-specific editions contain all of the above, including tools and reports specific to that industry.
    Who it’s for:
    Growing businesses being underserved by QuickBooks Pro or Premier (or Peachtree), or being over-served by other ‘mid-market’ financial systems (e.g. Microsoft Great Plains, Sage MAS 90). Good for Contractors, Manufacturers and Wholesalers, Nonprofits, Professional Services Firms and Retailers looking for industry-specific editions.
  • Enterprise Solutions looks exactly like regular QuickBooks. That’s the genius of Enterprise Solutions. If you are switching from another version of QuickBooks (e.g. Pro or Premier), upgrading is easy. If you are new to QuickBooks, then you will find it easy to learn and train your staff with the setup tools and easy user interface.
    If you have questions your support team is standing by for your question.
  • I am very concerned about having more people using your system. It is so important that we can determine precisely what each user has access to and what you want them to stay out of. You can start with the Preset User roles if you like. If you would like to do some modifications you can, or you can give a user more than one preset role. It all depends on your staffing and job duties. It is easy to review the access, user by user, and to make any changes necessary.
    You can get in through Terminal Services if outside of your building. Your dedicated support team can help you set this up.
    The audit trail runs much faster in this version, so you can leave it running all the time.
  • Here is the first step to doing user access work. From the main menu>Company>Users, and then either setup or View.
  • There are two tabs on this screen. The user list just tells you who you have already set up in your system.
    The Role List allows you to use the pre-set roles.
  • If you start with a new user,
    The first information is the user’s name.
    Then add a password. This is highly recommended so that you have better control over your system and there is less chance of anyone misusing another user’s access.
    What about the roles?
    Well, you can select as many as you want for a user.
    In a smaller business, some duties overlap onto one person, QBES allows you to add more than one role for a person.
  • After you have set up a user you must ALWAYS go into the permissions and review it. I have always found something that may need a change. This is very quick and easy. Look at the most sensitive areas first: that is always your biggest concern.
  • QuickBooks Pro and Premier have list limits of 14,500 names (customers, vendors and employees) and 14,500 items (inventory, non-inventory and service items).
    If customer needs more than 1 million names or items, then look to an add-on package that can manage the associated lists. Many times the vendor list is small, but the customers and/or the item list is very long. So look to a package that can manage the customer list and/or the item list outside of QuickBooks.
  • Terminal Services is a piece of software that comes with Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003. It allows for a computer outside the business to access your company’s data files, such as QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. It runs through an internet browser and has password security.
  • Advanced functionality that might be especially helpful for product-based companies
    For example, we know when you purchase items for your business, sometimes suppliers don’t have your full order in stock and will ship you a partial order. You can reflect this partial receipt with a Backorder Column on Purchase Orders.
    A similar scenario plays out in Sales – A Backorder Column is now available on Sales Orders/Invoices to accurately depict partial fulfillment to your customers.
    This eliminates a lot of scrambling to keep the books accurate and puts management in a much better position to make decisions about purchasing and order fulfillment.
  • Here is what the Backorder Column looks like on a Purchase Order:
    It looks similar – easy to read and to understand what transaction actually occurred – on your Sales Orders and Invoices.
    If you weren’t able to reflect staged fulfillment on your purchases or sales, you would get wide variances between QuickBooks and reality over time and many transactions.
  • Another great feature is the Available to Promise screen.
    Allows for the ability to check, at the click of a button and at the point where they need it most, the availability of any inventory item.
    From the Sales Order or Invoice screen, you can click a button that shows you the quantity on hand, the quantity currently claimed by other sales orders, and the quantity currently claimed by pending builds.
    You can then deduce the true quantity "available to promise" to the customer.
    If there isn't any on-hand, this feature also allows you the ability to open up related POs and Builds that will show when replenished inventory is anticipated.
  • Another inventory feature added that helps with the Sales process is the Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet:
    As sales orders stack up, deciding which orders to fulfill first can be tricky for a business, particularly when there's a scarcity of inventory and the business has to pick and choose which to fill first, each of which has a deadline they're working against.
    The Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet gives you the information needed to quickly assess which orders make the most sense to fulfill now.
    The worksheet presents critical info, like the customer name, the items ordered, the amount of the order, and whether or not the order can be fulfilled at current inventory levels.  The worksheet also helps you to:
    -- Conduct what-if analysis to see how fulfilling a particular order will affect the company's ability to fulfill others. 
    -- Track partially fulfilled orders by distinguishing partially fulfilled orders from all others. 
    -- Sort the information in meaningful ways that assist in determining which orders to fulfill first.   
    The worksheet also acts as a launching point for various fulfillment workflows, including invoicing and printing pick lists and packing slips.
  • More responsibility comes with more employees.
    The employee organizer is integrated to your payroll and accounting system.
    It has a set of management reports.
    There is also a service which allows for e-mail communication on a wide range of Employment Law topics.
  • The Intuit Statement Writer will open up a myriad options for developing reports that come from the general ledger.
  • Wow! It looks like Excel, only better!
  • Just remember it is not just What is in a row or a column but also Where is the row or column. I can remember a beautiful report one company had the Description column in the middle of the page. To the left of the Description was Last Year’s information and to the Right is This year’s information. This kind of thing can now be done in Enterprise Solutions.
  • Each report has a statement date, which can be a calendar month, or a user-defined date range. And there is control to prepare on a cash or accrual basis.
  • There may be a variety of reasons for this function to work well. A franchisee may have separate business units with separate QB files. A business owner may have a variety of businesses and wants a consolidated view across all businesses. There may be separate ownership for a variety of businesses, but centralized management.
    We are just going to have to think through your operation and see if it will be helpful.
  • This is how it is done.
    This is a simple report grid to use but is very complete as to options.
  • Run your shop more efficiently with integrated business software solutions for Enterprise Solutions. This online resource has industry-specific software which integrates seamlessly with Enterprise Solutions and helps streamline business operations. For example, for manufacturers we have add-ons like Velocity Inventory for more advanced inventory tracking. Created by independent developers with first-hand knowledge of your industry, these integrated software solutions help eliminate double data entry and save you time, so you can focus on more important things like managing and growing your business! Visit today.
  • The Full Service Plan is a very comprehensive service contract. There are dozens of technicians all housed in Arizona for this tech support. Everyone speaks good English, as their first language. It is included in the price the first year, after that, it is renewed each year at the current rate of $750 - $2800 (depending on 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 users). The Full Service Plan for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is good for 12 months from purchase. The Intuit support team is available weekdays from 4 A.M. - 7 P.M. Pacific time. Intuit reserves the right to limit each telephone contact to one hour and to one incident. Support availability subject to occasional downtime for systems and server maintenance, company events, observed U.S. holidays, and events beyond our controls. Terms, conditions, pricing, service offerings, and availability of the Full Service Plan are subject to change at any time without notice. U.S. only. Callback support; internet access required. See terms and conditions inside software.
  • So you have spent time, one-on-one with this end-user.
    All the key new features of QuickBooks has been discussed. Now, is the company ready to move forward, or is there a need to think about it more?
    What are the open questions, and how committed are YOU to getting this company onto Enterprise Solutions.
    You have just made an investment with your time. Please be sure you have a chance to get a return on that investment.
    What do they need: demo disk? White paper?
    Who is calling who? And When?
  • best small business accounting software

    1. 1. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9.0 Providing leading edge, easy to use accounting and business management solutions
    2. 2. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2 Midsized businesses need… Multiple Users, More User Control & Access • The users have more defined tasks so they need differing levels/rights of access to data • Some users are not at the physical location so they need access from other locations • The actions of the users need to be monitored better with activity tracking (audit trail)
    3. 3. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 3 Midsized businesses need… Performance & Scalability • Need simultaneous access by multiple users • Need ability to do business in multiple currencies • Need quick, granular access to information • Specific reporting of financial information is important because there is more at stake • Software application may be very sophisticated and need connectivity
    4. 4. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Product Overview • What it is:  QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is the most powerful QuickBooks product with the capacity, speed, and support for up to 30 simultaneous users needed by growing businesses  Includes all standard QuickBooks features – plus advanced features such as multi-user mode, combine reports from multiple company files, connecting via Windows Terminal Services, and advance control over user access  Available in industry-specific editions for Contractors, Manufacturers and Wholesalers, Nonprofits, Professional Services Firms, Retailers and Accounting Professionals • Who it’s for:  Businesses using other ‘mid-market applications that are too difficult to use or too expensive to maintain  Current QuickBooks users outgrowing Pro or Premier 4
    5. 5. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 5 Legendary ease of use • Enterprise Solutions is known for its very friendly user interface… easy to do work, easy to navigate • Get up and running in weeks not months • Less learning/training curve with the intuitive interface
    6. 6. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 6 Multiple Users, More User Control & Access • Enterprise Solutions comes in increments of 5 and up to 30 users • You can quickly & easily setup user permissions based on thirteen standard user roles • You can customize 100+ permission preferences to make user access more specific • Remote access through Terminal Services • Enhanced audit trail is on all the time, without a slowdown in performance
    7. 7. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 7 Easily Setup and Maintain User Access
    8. 8. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 8 Users List and User Roles • Two tabs: User List and Role List • Users List is a list of users currently registered • Role List will help to jump-start the user setup • From this Role screen:  Add, edit, duplicate, or delete a user  View permissions of a user
    9. 9. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 9 Set Up a New User with a Role • Type the new user’s name • Add password and confirm (highly recommended) • Highlight role and click “Add” • A user may have more than one role (which happens in smaller companies)
    10. 10. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 10 Editing a User Role is Easy • The role is named and defined • The access is shown visually on the left • On the right the specific access is defined by checkboxes • Very easy to review and maintain
    11. 11. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 11 Capacity for Names and Items Lists • You can add hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors and employees and hundreds of thousands of inventory, non- inventory and service items* • If you need more, add-on packages are available to manage larger lists *Disclaimer: Enterprise Solutions allows you to add up to one million names (e.g. customers, vendors, employees) and up to one million items (e.g. inventory, non-inventory, and service items). Some performance degradation is likely as your lists approach these size thresholds.
    12. 12. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 12 Remote Access using Terminal Services • Connect remote workers with Terminal Services • This allows for workers outside of your physical location to login as users for your business • It uses an Internet web browser • It has full password security and limited access based upon the user permissions you set up for each user • Your dedicate support team can assist in setting this up for you
    13. 13. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13 Advanced Inventory Functionality Purchasing Production & Inventory Control Sales • Manufacturer’s Part Number* • Backorder on Purchase Order • Unit of Measure Conversion • Bill of Materials: ability to track non- inventory parts • New! Multiple Warehouse Location Tracking** • New! Serial and Lot Tracking** • New! Bar Coding** • Available to Promise • Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet • Pricing Enhancements: • Enhanced Rounding Options* • Bill of Materials: Ability to add non- inventory part to COGS. • Multiple SO to INV • Multiple Ship-To* • Backorder on SO/INV • Print Pick List/ Packing Slip from SO Features for purchasing, production, and sales *Also in Pro/Premier (all) **Available with Intuit Warehouse Management ES. One seat license of Intuit Warehouse Management ES is available to all Enterprise Solutions customers with an active Full Service Plan. Monthly service fees apply for additional licenses.
    14. 14. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 14 Backorder Column on PO, SO, INV • Receive part of an order • Partially fulfill an order • Track remainder until completely received/fulfilled • On all order-related transactions
    15. 15. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15 Available To Promise
    16. 16. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 16 Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet
    17. 17. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 17 Human Resource Management: Employee Organizer • Track a variety of employee information • Integrated to the QuickBooks payroll system • Provides a variety of management reports • Includes Employment Law Update Service
    18. 18. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 18 Intuit Statement Writer • Provides total control over financial statement preparation • Manager-specific reports can be developed and memorized without exporting to a spreadsheet (like Excel, for example) • Quick learning time for users since the feature- set looks like a spreadsheet
    19. 19. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 19 Intuit Statement Writer A View of the Total Screen
    20. 20. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 20 Intuit Statement Writer Column and Row Properties • Column Properties – full control over naming • Row Properties – full control over naming, content, number characteristics
    21. 21. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 21 Intuit Statement Writer Full Control Over Dating
    22. 22. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 22 Financial Reports from Multiple Enterprise Solutions Data Files
    23. 23. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 23 Combining Financial Reports from Multiple Enterprise Solutions Data Files • The detailed report grid includes:  Type of report  Date range  Reporting basis  Combined Entity Name  QuickBooks data files to include
    24. 24. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 24 Key Features Added to Enterprise Solutions 9.0 • Now available in 25 and 30 user versions • Online Banking • Multi-Currency Functionality • Company Snapshot • Intuit Statement Writer • Multi-User Backup and Performance Improvements • QuickBooks Instant Messenger
    25. 25. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 25 Integrated Software Solutions • Visit to find software that integrates seamlessly with Enterprise Solutions • Find a software solution that fits your specific industry or business need, including: – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Time & Project Tracking – Manufacturing – Barcode Scanning – Human Resource Management – Document Management – eCommerce Solutions
    26. 26. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 26 Full Service Plan – Support & Upgrades Annual Subscription First year subscription is included with software purchase. Full Service Plan includes:  All product upgrades  Access to our most experienced support engineers trained in Enterprise Solutions  Interactive training kit to help you get up to speed  Data protection services  Online backup service: up to 10 GB of free online backup storage  Annual renewal $750 (5 users), $1,200 (10 users), $1,600 (15 users), $2,000 (20 users), $2,400 (25 users), $2,800 (30 users)* *Pricing as of September 2008; subject to change.
    27. 27. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 27 What Enterprise Customers Are Saying “QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions offered the best of both worlds – a comprehensive system that is both easy-to-use and affordable.” – Jon Elder, CFO, West Virginia High Tech Consortium Foundation “It [Enterprise Solutions] allows us to do things even $100,000 software can’t do.” – Glenn Woodbury, Power and Control “[Microsoft Great Plains] is not designed with the customer in mind… we’ve been very reticent in implementing it even though we’ve spent $100,000 on the project so far…” – Kevin Grauman, Outsource Group
    28. 28. Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 28 The Next Step • We have reviewed the system as it relates to your business • We have discussed the features that help with scale and financial control • We have discussed Intuit’s (and Enterprise Solutions’) commitment to your success • Where do we go from here?