UG141 - Week 2 (Defining Multimedia)
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UG141 - Week 2 (Defining Multimedia)






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UG141 - Week 2 (Defining Multimedia) UG141 - Week 2 (Defining Multimedia) Presentation Transcript

  • Defining Multimedia UG141Multimedia Design Johny Hizkia Siringo Ringo BIT (Multimedia Tech.), MIMS (Soft. Dev.)
  • Multimedia implies:• Using computing technology• Integrate elements like text, sound, video, animation and even virtual reality• 2
  • Computer Technology• Hardware and software for integrating multimedia elements and creating various multimedia applications• Most PCs today are capable of supporting 3
  • Interactivity• Interactivity means the user can control a multimedia title using interface like keyboard, GUI, touch screen, pointing devices like mouse and others• Non-linear 4
  • Multimedia title• A multimedia title incorporates multimedia to convey information• Used as a stand-alone application or in a presentation• Can be in the form of – CD title – Web-based – 5
  • Benefits of multimedia• Attractive• User has more control over delivery• Visual and audio may convey information more effectively• Reusable• Easily distributed using media like CD and the 6
  • Growth of multimedia• Computer hardware has been increasing in power and becoming more affordable• Continual increase in computer ownership• Use of web and CD as distribution media• Multimedia adds value to existing product• User preference for 7
  • Education• Allows learning to be more interactive so user can learn at own pace• Makes learning more interesting and effective• Allows self-learning• Allows use of multimedia in oral 8
  • Entertainment• Computer games are interactive and fully multimedia• Virtual reality and simulation are good examples• Trend in "edutainment" -- combining education 9
  • Business• Use multimedia at business presentations and meetings• Training• Advertisements• 10
  • Drawbacks• Developing multimedia titles calls for cost, skill, and time• Assumes that target audience is computer literate and capable of operating the playback system• Inappropriate use of multimedia affects the way information is conveyed• Cost of the playback system• Multimedia on the web requires the use of plug- ins and helper 11
  • Summary• Multimedia is a computer-based & interactive communication combining visual, textual, audio and animation elements• Multimedia is more widely used in various fields - education, entertainment and business• Multimedia is a more attractive and effective way of conveying information• Their main drawbacks are the inappropriate use of multimedia, and dependence on computing technology and 12