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How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Online Techniques – Continued

How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Online Techniques – Continued






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    How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Online Techniques – Continued How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Online Techniques – Continued Document Transcript

    • How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home BusinessUsing Online Techniques – Continued<= Continued from Online Lead Generation part 1 - Click here if you missed it.MP3 / Podcasts – Converting your articles and videos into audio files, you get to deliver them toa whole new audience. The approach is the same as with articles and videos – help educate orinspire people and encourage them to follow through to your website – preferably to a squeezepage (opt-in page) and give you their email address.Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising – Paying for traffic can often get you directly in front oftargeted viewers. The premise here is that your ad will only show near relevant content – suchas search results or on webpages related to your home business. The idea is that they see yourtargeted ad and choose to click the link. For each click you get charged money. The goal here isto recruit these people into your email prospect list and earn the cost of acquiring them backsubsequently. It helps to either offer a one time offer after they first opt-in to recruit some of thecost back, or to know what the lifetime value of each subscriber is so that you know how to setyour marketing budget.Pay Per View (PPV) Advertising – similar premise to PPC, except in this case you are payingto have your image ad displayed (typically the cost will be per thousand impressions). Peoplewill click your banner advert and land on your website – again preferably direct to a squeezepage followed-up with a special one time offer to buy something.Banner Ads – similar to PPV except that here you are renting banner space on a website or ina newsletter. You will typically pay a set amount per month for a site to show your banner, andpay to have your banner included in a particular run of a newsletter. I’m sure you are gettingthe general point by now, but the goal here is that your ad will be so enticing the viewers willclick and visit your website, and give you the chance of getting them onto your email list.Email Lists – Many marketers collect email addresses from people, usually given in return for afree gift, or the promise of training, or blog updates, or some other form of ethical bribe.Sometimes these lits are sold on, or rented out – the owner of the list will send an email for youpromoting one of your products or websites for a cost.Safelists – these are email lists where people subscribe knowing that they will receive emailsfrom other marketers. The bribe here is that they can also send their emails out to the sameemail list.Solo Ads – This is where you pay someone who already owns a list of leads, or have anestablished subscriber base, to mail your ad or email out to their list. Typically you will see acertain number of clicks guaranteed. some also guarantee a certain number of subscribers. Youwill direct them to opt-in to your email list and once they do you then redirect them to a one timeoffer, int he same way you might using the email list option above. 1/4
    • List Swaps – Put simply: I’ll mail your offer to my list if you mail my offer to your list. If twobusiness owners are in similar niches then it stands to reason that their prospects might beinterested in what the other has to offer them. you are basically trading prospects with eachother here.Classified Websites – There are websites online that allow you to post classified ads (such asCraigslist and FreeUSAds), and you can use these to attract leads to your website. you have tobe careful and obey they site rules of course, and you may need to get creative in how topresent yourself or your product, but there are many ways to get classified posted online onvery high traffic websites.Yahoo Answers – Did you laugh reading that? Yahoo Answers has come and go a number oftimes in the last few years as a way of generating traffic or leads or helping your SEO efforts,but for the most part it’s a forgotten opportunity. When you know how to use and leverage YAproperly, you will see that it can still be an effective tactic for generating direct leads, generatingtraffic to your website that may become leads, and for helping your SEO efforts.Email Marketing (via List Building) – Once you have a list of prospects what do you do withthem? Regardless of your business model – be it offline, or online, selling physical products,your in-person services, eBooks, network marketing opportunity, or whatever else you are tryingto promote and sell, how effective a sales person you are come down to how well you can relateto your prospects. The secret to a successful home business online is to build qualityrelationships with your prospects. Teach them things they want to know, solve their problems,offer them bonuses, ask them questions (great source of market research) and over time theywill come to know you. The goal is to build trust with your prospects by continually giving themstuff they want, and when time comes you can offer a product or service and you will find yourprospects far more receptive to your offers.eBook marketing (including Kindle, Nook, etc) – Creating short reports and ebooks andpublishing them online is another way you can generate leads. Publishing on platforms likeKindle or the Nook helps build credibility and helps you stand out as an expert (how manypeople do you know can say they are a published author in the make money online niche? Howmuch more believable does the guy who has done that sound over the guy who hasn’t?). Insome cases you can capture their contact information as they purchase the ebook, and ininstances where you can’t by including references back to your website or business in thebook, and by including things like an author bio and references section you can direct peoplefrom the book right back to your squeeze page.Guest Blogging – Due to all the search engine algorithm changes in 2012, this technique isbecoming more and more common. The idea here is that you write a unique article and submit itto other peoples blogs for inclusion. If they like it they will publish it and include a short authorbio about you with a link back to your website included. This is one of the activities that fallsunder the article syndication marketing technique noted above.Press Releases – Your business just opened, or you just revamped the business in some way,or hey it’s Christmas soon let’s have a blowout sale – think of a reason that’s newsworthy and 2/4
    • publish a press release about it. Press releases tend to have huge circulations, so one simplePR with the right call-to-action and you can get hundreds or more visitors to your site from eachone you publish. The more visitors you attract to your website, the higher the number of peopleyou will get subscribing, and converting themselves into leads.Social Bookmarketing – I think i may have made this term up, but what i am getting at here isthat while social bookmarking is widely used for generating backlinks to webpages, and doingso very fast, there are opportunities on social bookmarking sites to actually connect to realpeople as well. a lot of the bigger, more established, sites have communities build around themmuch like the social networks. Taking time to actually be a contributing member of thecommunities on these sites not only lets you bookmark your webpages but also lets youcommunicate with people directly interested in them as well. Which do you think is a betterapproach to generating a lead for your business? RSS Marketing – almost every website has an RSS feed. RSS standsfor Really Simple Syndication and is a method for sharing your website content around theInternet. By writing effective keyword rich excepts for your website posts you can actuallyencourage people to check out your website when they read your RSS feed. RSS feeds canalso be used to automatically update other websites, allowing you to communicate automaticallyacross other web properties without any additional effort on your part.Web2.0 Marketing (HubPages, Squidoo, Tumblr) – A lot of the new Web2.0 properties havebuilt in communities like the social networks as well. you can post articles and photos andvideos to these websites and point readers back to your main website, where you canencourage them to opt-in to your awesome newsletter.Email signatures – How many emails do you find yourself sending weekly? daily? Do you havea signature in your emails that promote your website or your business opportunity? If not youare missing out on a potential client every time. You don’t need to mention or promote youroffer in the email, but underneath your name with be a catchy tagline and a link to your website,you might be amazed just how many people will check it out even when you didn’t push it onthem.This list is by no means exhaustive, there are many other online techniques for generating leadsto your home based business. These ideas are intended to give you an idea of just how manydifferent ways there are to communicate with people on the Internet.I hope you found this part of the tutorial useful? In case you missed part 1 or 2, you can read 3/4
    • them by clicking the links below. Part 1: How to Take Complete Strangers and Convert Them Into Life-time Customers Part 2: How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Face To Face Marketing Offline Part 3: How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Remote Marketing Offline Part 4: How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Online Techniques Part 5: How To Attract Leads To Your Online Home Business Using Online Techniques – Continued 4/4Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)