How to enhance your backyard with patio furniture


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Cabana Coast provides the best selection of state-of-the-art patio furniture, commercial and residential uses

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How to enhance your backyard with patio furniture

  1. 1. How to Enhance Your Backyard with Patio Furniture
  2. 2. For many people, a patio is much more than just a ‘finished’ portion of your backyard.For some, the patio is like an extension of the inside of the house, only on the outside. Itis where you seek refuge to get away from the real world, to entertain guests or to spendsome relaxing time outdoors in the warmer weather.It’s no secret that adding patio furniture will enhance your patio and your backyard. Ofcourse, anyone can throw down some furniture. The trick is to go about it in the rightway for your property and your situation, so you’re adding to the backyard rather thantaking away from it.Make a PlanThe first step to using patio furniture to enhance your backyard is to make a plan. Beforeyou spend any money, you’ll want to take the time to evaluate your space and your desires, as well as figure out how much you have to spend. If you don’t set a budget at the start, the likelihood of you spending too much will increase, and probably become a reality at some point. Once your budget is worked out, you’ll have to decide what you want to use the space for? A backyard patio can be used for a lot more than just lounging. You can set it up similar to a living room or as a dining area or even add a fire pit or some other accessorythat will define the space.It’s important to take measurements and really do some brainstorming at the start, to helpyou decide which approach is best, and which kinds of patio furniture will match withyour plan. Depending on your preferences, you may end up using benches, ottomans,lounging chairs, tables, couches, swings or several other types of furniture to completethe job. Once you decide on a direction, you’ll have to choose a material.MaterialsThere are several different quality materials that patio furniture is made from, and thatyou might want to use to fulfill your patio vision.
  3. 3. Plastic is one common material used on patios, and while it might not go very far in thestyle department, it is inexpensive and it does last. If you’re looking for something thatwill give a more high-end look, you may want to look elsewhere, but if you’re justgetting started and don’t have a lot to spend, plastic patio furniture could work.If you’re ready to move up a level or two and want a more stylish patio, you mightconsider metal furniture. Metal patio furniture might be made from things like treatedwrought iron or coated aluminum. If you choose metal, take the time to ask aboutexposure to the elements and choose accordingly. There’s no use buying metal furniturethat has a tendency to rust if you’re going to set it in an uncovered patio that sees a lot ofrain.Wicker is another popular material used for patio furniture. Today’s wicker is made fromsynthetic rather than natural materials, but it does stand up well to all sorts of differentweather. If your budget is on the higher end, you may want to look at teak as apossibility for your patio furniture. Teak is a wood that’s sourced from tropical areas,and contains silica naturally. This helps to seal and protect the wood from fungus andwater damage, which makes it ideal for patio furniture.Another element of an outdoor patio that is quite common are cushions. Regardless ofthe material you choose for the furniture itself, you and your guests will likely benefitfrom some decent cushions. Look for cushions that match the furniture, are comfortableto sit on and are weather proof. Throughout the planning and selection process, try tothink of it as decorating a room, just as you would an indoor room.Design ConceptsEven though you may have decided on what you want to use your patio for, and on thematerials youwant for yourfurniture, you’llstill have tocome up withan overalldesign concept.Somehomeownerswill enlist thehelp of adesigner for thispart, but ifthat’s not in thebudget you’llhave to do thenecessaryresearch andwork it out yourself.
  4. 4. You can actually take your earlier decisions into consideration to help you decide howyou want the overall design to be. If you have chosen to use the patio as a gatheringplace for your family and friends, you may want to add coverage with a pergola. Youmay want the fragrance of tress and flowers to be the overriding feature of the patio. Youmay want to add weatherproof carpet, or set it up for primary use at night with creativelighting. Lights can add ambience to the patio, or just illuminate the space if you’regoing to spend a lot of time out there when the sun goes down. The fire pit is anotheraddition that will draw in friends and neighbors at night, if that’s what you want.Whatever design concept you decide on, make sure that it matches your theme, and thematerials of your furniture. Whether you’re dining, lounging, relaxing, hiding orentertaining on your patio, your decisions have the potential to turn it into the focal pointof the yard and even the focal point of the neighborhood.ConsiderationsOnce it all comes together and your patio is complete, one of your main goals is to keep itthat way. This means keeping the furniture clean and cared for, even in poor weather.Take the time to find out the best way to clean the material you purchased, and follow theinstructions carefully. It makes no sense to create a patio and a feel in your backyard,and then let the furniture fall victim to the elements as you go along.If you choose wisely and maintain your patio furniture well, you should have a backyardthat’s the envy of the neighborhood for years to come.
  5. 5. Cabana Coast provides the best selection of state-of-the-art patio furniture, commercialand residential uses.