Living with Wearable Tech


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  • Hi, I’m John Wayne. I’m an interaction designer and Punchcut, which is a small design firm in San Francisco. I’m here today to talk to you about living with wearable technology, a subject at with which I am deeply interested, but by no means am I an expert.\n
  • Wearable technology has been around a long time. It’s a field pioneered by Steve Mann, who has been working with wearable technology since the 1980’s. He is probably best known for his work with surveillance in his anonequity project.\n
  • But lately we’ve seen a large trend towards fitness related activities. Many companies are looking at the health sector and trying to use technology to keep people healthier. This is mostly done through tracking activity.\n
  • And unlike many products and technologies we interact with on a daily basis, these products are constantly with us. Because these wearable technologies, like fitness products and google’s glasses project, are worn almost constantly, they bring about a set of unique challenges.\n
  • I’ve been living with and using wearable technologies for a while and what’s really stood out to me is that wearable technology is much more than just the device. So, I’m here today to share some stories and reflections about life with wearable tech.\n
  • One of my biggest problems with wearable tech is how easy it is to loose such tech.\n
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  • A lot of tech is also used to help people sleep better. I’ve been using wearble technology like the fitbit and UP band to help me understand my sleeping habits ...\n
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  • The UP band is probably my favorite wearable technology to date. It’s fashionable, tracks my activity well, and is easy to use. However, it has this major problem in that.\n
  • It hates jackets. Every time I put on or take off a jacket ...\n
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  • Those are just a few stories about my life with wearable technology. But it’s not all bad. In fact, the possibilities that wearable technologies afford are boundless, and I’m quite excited to see how wearable devices and technology can fit into and help make our lives better.\n
  • And there are immediate ways that we, as designers, can help improve wearable technology. The first and foremost is to stop looking towards science fiction to see how wearable technologies fit into our lives and start paying attention and listening to real people. Actual humans.\n
  • Because the future is bright for us. People are using technology to alter lives everywhere and in many new breakthrough ways.\n
  • Science Fiction has lead us to believe that we should all walk around with virtual reality googles, computers on our arms, and magical devices that do everything. Reality speaks something different, and it’s time for designers to realize that wearable technology is more than just the device, it’s about the experience!\n
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