Sheetmusic for Dummies IAML2009


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Presentation used for my lecture at the IAML/IMS comference A'dam 2009: Sheet music for Dummies Short local instruction for non music librarians in the Rotterdam Public Library, used for a lecture

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Sheetmusic for Dummies IAML2009

  1. 1. • Sheetmusic for dummies • about improving skills, knowledge in answering questions, helping and advising clients in finding their way, in the collection of sheet music in the public central library of Rotterdam
  2. 2. Music department of the Rotterdam public central library • Sheetmusic (50.000 editions) • 36.000 loans a year • Open access • Integrated shelving • Librarians work or in front- or in backoffice
  3. 3. Improving skills and knowledge in sheetmusic matters by: • Linking music librarians to non music libarians • Small exercises with “real life cases” • Short course: – Presentation with images and sound – Reader with extensive information – handout with rules of thumb
  4. 4. Main characteristics of the short local sheet music course for non-music librarians • perspective of daily routine • how musicians nowadays make music • it is not complete
  5. 5. key keynote= C C major keynote= G G major G minor
  6. 6. Urtext Arrangement
  7. 7. One note samba From the catalogue: A.C. Jobim, N. Mendonca Genre: Jazz Taal: Engels album Real little ultimate jazz fake book. Notatie: Zangstem (melodielijn) en gitaarakkoorden Albumnummer: 67 Pagina: 270 Plaatsing:Centrale, 4e verdieping; Niet uitleenbaar
  8. 8. tekst met alleen gitaaraccoorden • Dbm7 C7 • This is just a little samba, • B7/4 Bb7/-5 • Built upon a single note • Dbm7 C7 • Other notes are bound to follow, • B7/4 Bb7/-5 • But the root is still that note website
  9. 9. 2 uitgaven van de opera “Aida” van Verdi SCORE VOCAL SCORE
  10. 10. Beethoven: first bars 5e symfonie ritten print handw ile facsim
  11. 11. Notation in language and music language letters words frase story music notes motives/chords theme composition
  12. 12. resultaatnotatie staff Notation modern notation tablature for guitar aktienotatie graphic notation
  13. 13. toonsoort Elements of notation noot sleutel maatsoort notenbalk Volume p ff aanduiding
  14. 14. Making music Maken gebruik van Maakt gebruik van Maakt gebruik van digitale samples, midifiles
  15. 15. Band in a Box , een computerprogramm.that automatically generates a full backing arrangement : •Typing in chords •Choosing a musical style •Choosing the wanted instruments, tempo etc voorbeeld
  16. 16. oral tradition Maken gebruik van
  17. 17. Some rules of thumb and tips • Try to put one self in the clients shoes • Ask in case of singers if they want a full score or a vocal score (in case of opera etc) • Ask if your client (in case of more instruments) wants a score or parts • Do realise your client often wants a specific arrangement or kind of notation • Use the automated catalogue • In case you can’t find it in the automated catalogue search in the national catalogue or in catalogue of the Dutch Radio Television catalogus van de Omroep
  18. 18. Some rules of thumb and tips(2) • Avoid the use of the instrument entry in the automated catalogue if you know the title of the wanted music • for orchestral materials go to website of the Faso • There are many digital sources on the internet for sheet music, see weblinks
  19. 19. Special search engines for music • Songtapper • Musipedia • Nipper