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Using Email-Smart, Resellers and Distributors can promote, inform and enthuse their customers and work with their vendors.

Using Email-Smart, Resellers and Distributors can promote, inform and enthuse their customers and work with their vendors.



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    Co op marketing the easy way-slideshare Co op marketing the easy way-slideshare Presentation Transcript

    • Co-operative Marketing – - the easy way
    • Remember the old days... ... when email and websites were new? Apple – April 1997 Dell – April 1996 Cisco – April 1996 Fortunately things have moved on...
    • Modern websites offer a rich experience Navigation to learn more Links to reviews Testimonials Drill down to more detail Links to social media Calls to action Offers Personalised content Branding Captivating images Examples are for illustration only and do not infer any relationship with the companies shown.
    • Prospect email is engaging and visual Navigation to learn more Drill down to more detail Links to Account Calls to action Offers Branding Strong Images Examples are for illustration only and do not infer any relationship with the companies shown.
    • Social Networks are exciting too
      • Branding
      • Offers
      • Links
      Facebook LinkedIn
      • Calls to action
      • Drill down
      • Images and Photos
      Twitter You get the picture – or rather customers do!
    • But email is still the same... NO BRANDING VISUAL EXCITEMENT SUBLIMINAL subsidiary messages LINKS to social, reviews etc. CALLS TO ACTION DRILL DOWN for more detail ...boring old email
    • Now Business Email can be exciting too! Hi John, At last our emails look professional. We hope you’ll take advantage of the side bar to learn lots more detail and enjoy our special offers, new product information, links to reviews and offers, educational content and social network integration. Regards Peter PS: Click here to enter today’s draw. Links to social networks, reviews or content feeds Clickable personalised, active Banners PPC style messages or vertical banners Clickable text in the email body Clickable text or graphic signatures, disclaimers etc. Examples are for illustration only and do not infer any relationship with the companies shown.
    • Add Business email to your Co-op campaigns Campaign Creation Add to Existing Campaigns SPIF Days Social Networks Email marketing Web banner campaigns Trade Shows Reach highly qualified, known buyers right at the point of decision Uses existing ads etc. – low cost to implement No delivery cost – emails are being sent anyway Response goes straight to you, not your competitors Silent salesperson – no need for sales staff to remember your promotion Turns resellers & vendors into one promotional unit Grab your share of your suppliers’ marketing budget Business Email Marketing
    • And use it for your own promotions... BRANDING COMPETITIONS OFFERS NEWS TACTICAL PROMOTIONS GUARANTEES LINKS to Reviews and Social Networks
    • It gets read – and responded to “ the probability of selling to an unqualified prospect is 2% - to a customer it is 50%+” “ 99% of business email is read – and click throughs can be as high as 30%” “ Resellers are a valuable bridge between our vendors and our customers” “ Email is now the main way in which businesses communicate with eachother” “ It is 7-10 times harder to generate a new customer than sell more to an existing one”
    • What else is good about Email-Smart? Makes every employee a salesperson – Customer service, accounts and despatch emails can inform and enthuse Same message from everyone - your message! Disclaimers, legal notices etc. centrally managed Keeps staff, suppliers etc. in the picture – Everyone knows what’s new and on promotion Track and monitor results – Know exactly what your customers are interested in
    • How does it compare with other methods? How many emails do your staff send to customers and prospects every day? Is each a missed opportunity? (20 staff -50 emails a day = 20,000/month) How much marketing time do you spend on promotions and updating customers on what’s new from partners? ? How much selling time do you lose while staff tell customers about new stuff? (2mins - 30 customers = 1 hour of lost sales) £? £? £?
    • Payment Models 1: Pay as You Go Impressions - £20/1,000 (minimum 20,000 emails/month) Or Click through - £2 per click (minimum 200/month) Unlimited seats. 2. Revenue Share Base cost £600/mth (pays for your own promotions) Revenue Share First 3 promotions... £200 per vendor promotion/mth Above 3... £100 per promotion We are researching some special models for resellers... Price per user (£10/mth) is our standard model. Costs can be tied to performance (using an impressions or clicks model) We can also look at a revenue share (the product becomes free or even a profit centre if vendors use it regularly)
    • How does Email-Smart work? Email-Smart is a Content Management System for your organisation’s emails. Set up images, text, video or a combination to run in each of the feature areas. The system is easily configured to target recipients accurately with messages appropriate for them. Email senders need do nothing – Email-Smart messages are automatically attached as the email is sent. Click-throughs are tracked so that interest can be seen and followed up.
    • The only limit is your imagination... This is the standard layout. Bespoke layouts can be created. Generate Leads Cross-sell Upsell Accessorise Build Loyalty Inform Gain Feedback Educate... Sell effortlessly, with every email your business sends
    • Look at some of the options... Branding Top banners or wraps Side banners Calls to action Pay-per-click ads Review links Signatures and Disclaimers Footer banners Social Links Payment Options Tracked links in the email copy Examples are for illustration only and do not infer any relationship with the companies shown.
    • Right message, right people By Department: purchasing, accounts etc. Target by purchase history, product group, or time since purchase CRM links allow dynamic targeting Accurate targeting – the right message to the right person every time Link to your CRM and target dynamically Segmentation by: Recipient Sender Separate messages by department or group Messages can differ by products represented, account type, stage in sales process or responsibility level
    • Get feedback too... Every link is tracked Tracking includes the identity of the visitor Link to analytics packages Instant alerts when people click through Special landing pages can be created, with dynamic content specific to each recipient Give detailed reports to vendors to justify expenditure RESULT: You know exactly what your email recipients are interested in.
    • Email-Smart Co-Op Marketing Suite
      • Co-Marketing additional specialised features for up to 2/5/10 vendors*:
        • Multi-Vendor Sponsored Links
        • Premium Managed Portal Service
        • Premium Reports: Individual Reporting by vendor.
        • (*Additional vendors can be added)
    • Co-operative promotions have never been easier Vendors can advertise directly to your customers by email They get straight to highly targeted and qualified buyers They keep your customers up to date, generate sales etc. YOU receive all responses – no business lost to other resellers YOU know immediately who is interested - instant leads YOU keep control of the buyer-seller relationship