OYP - How to Become a Category of One

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Slides from the May 11th presentaion to the Orlando Young Professionals

Slides from the May 11th presentaion to the Orlando Young Professionals

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  • 1. Becoming a category of ONE
  • 2.  
  • 3. For the past 21 years…
  • 4. What does this mean to me? How can I use this idea? What can I do right away?
  • 5. Global Economy?
  • 6. National Economy?
  • 7. Your Career?
  • 8. The Velocity of Change…
  • 9. For those who are prepared… … chaos brings opportunity
  • 10. Resilience
  • 11.
    • Life
    • Career
    • Business
  • 12. Knowing Doing
  • 13. I am going to ask you some questions…
  • 14. What does it take to be the best in the world?
  • 15. The 4 Ps of Expert Performance
  • 16. The Reality Cycle
  • 17. The most important thing I have ever learned:
    • Y ou become what you focus on and similar to the people you surround yourself with.
  • 18. Question…
    • Top 5 areas of focus
    • Top 5 people
  • 19. To succeed in life you must have a…
    • P
    • L
    • A
    • N
    repare for the journey aunch into action nalyze and adjust as you go etwork with those who know Fortune, hope and good luck are not a strategy!
  • 20. My definition of success: When you live a life where your core values and self-concept are in harmony with your daily actions and behaviors.
  • 21. Question…
    • What are YOUR top 5 Core Values?
  • 22. Dr. K “ People do what seems easy and convenient… not what is best for them.”
  • 23. Question…
    • W hat are 3 things you could do right away that would have a dramatic positive impact on your life?
  • 24. The Three Step Secret to Success 1. Decide exactly what it is you want to achieve. 2. Determine what it will take to achieve it. (5w’s & H) 3. Focus every bit of energy and effort on achieving it.
  • 25. Question…
    • What would your “ Ideal ” life look like ONE year from today?
    • What are the top 5 who, what, where, when, why and how of getting there?
  • 26. Career Excellence
  • 27. Anne Mulcahy CEO of Xerox and the third most powerful woman in the world!
    • Build a network of great relationships with people who want to see you succeed.
    • You don’t have all of the answers, so ask for help and advice from the smartest people you can find.
    • Learn to be a learner.
    • Listen intently to your employees and to your customers.
    Some really great advice…
  • 28. K N L
  • 29. G 2 G Competencies Passion $$$$
  • 30. 1,500 High Achieving “Self-Actualizers” Personal Philosophy of Success Enjoy the Process 100% Personal Accountability
  • 31. How The Best Get Better
    • Show up on time.
    • Do what you say you will do.
    • Finish what you start.
    • Say “please” and “thank you.”
    • Give a little more than they expect.
  • 32. Source Credibility
    • C x R x I
    • SO
    = Trust
  • 33. My personal career philosophy…
    • “ If you just help enough other people get what they want… you will get everything you want.”
  • 34. Question…
    • What is YOUR personal philosophy of career success?
  • 35.  
  • 36. D= IO Op NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Decisions = Intended Outcome / Number of Options NO NO NO
  • 37. Stephen Covey You don’t prioritize your schedule… you schedule your priorities.
  • 38. Business Excellence
  • 39.  
  • 40. Effective Strategy =Valued Differentiation x Execution
  • 41. T + C x ECF = Success
  • 42. Talent
  • 43. Culture Innovation Urgency Collaboration Ownership Accountability
  • 44. Extreme Customer Focus VOC
  • 45. Joe Calloway: The Greatest Competitive Advantage
    • Know more about the customer than anyone else.
    • Get closer to the customer than anyone else.
    • Emotionally connect with the customer better than anyone else.
  • 46. T +C x ECF = Success
  • 47. A few final questions…
    • What knowledge do you need to obtain?
    • Who do you need to get in your network?
    • Where do you need to put more focus ?
    • Where do you need to have more discipline ?
    • What do you need to say NO to?
    • What are FIVE action steps you can take immediately to make a dramatic positive impact on your career and life?
  • 48.  
  • 49. T HANK Y OU If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to send a note or call. My email address is: john@johnspence.com Also, you might find value in the ideas I share in my blog. You can sign up for it at: www.johnspence.com/blog Lastly, these slides have already been uploaded to: http://www.slideshare.net/johnspence