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Managing Your Business ASAE 6.13 Quebec City
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Managing Your Business ASAE 6.13 Quebec City


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Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Managing Your Business
  • 2. I will not waste one minute of your time…• I have a ton to cover and I will go pretty fast.• Please take lots of notes, think/work hard and feel freeto ask questions or give comments at ANY time.• I am happy to answer any of your questions, offer adviceand recommend books at any time after this session.• John@JohnSpence.comThe slides are already posted
  • 3. A few of my clients:
  • 4. For the past 21 years…
  • 5. What does this mean to me?How can I use this idea?What can I do right away?I am NOT a guru…
  • 6. The Four – I’s• Ignorance• Inflexibility• Indifference• InconsistencyPage 1
  • 7. How to avoid the Four I’s• Aggressive external market focus.• Ridiculously high level of customer focus.• Keep the “Main Things” the main things.• Bullish on knowledge sharing and learning.• Teamwork is mandatory – not optional• Passion and commitment at all levels.• Foster a healthy paranoia.• Revel in change.Page 1
  • 8. NITB
  • 9. • The willingness… evenenthusiasm… to changeEVERYTHING combinedwith the wisdom tounderstand what mustNEVER be changed.NITB
  • 10. The Key To Success in the New Normal…•Nimbleosity•Nimbo-liciousNITB
  • 11. The Pattern of Business Success
  • 12. (T + C + ECF) x DE = SuccessPage 1
  • 13. TalentTalent + Culture
  • 14. The level of highly satisfied and engagedEMPLOYEES in your business.The number one factor in increasingthe level of highly satisfied andengaged CUSTOMERS in yourbusiness is…
  • 15. What do engaged employees look like?1. They give more discretionary effort.2. They consistently exceed expectations.3. They take more responsibility and initiative.4. They receive better customer service ratings.5. They offer more ideas for improvement.6. They promote and model teamwork.7. They volunteer more for extra assignments.8. They anticipate and adapt better to change.9. They persist at difficult work over time.10. They speak well of the organization.1 - 10Workshop: 2
  • 16. 51-10Workshop: 3The key elements of a winning culture
  • 17. 1,300,000 interviews: Basic 4 + 1Page 3
  • 18. Extreme Customer Focus
  • 19. Web of Value: VOC + MOT + WOMPage 4
  • 20. Extreme Customer FocusVOCPage 4
  • 21. Moments Of TruthPage 4
  • 22. WOM = Your BEST form of advertising!78.9%23.4%Page 4
  • 23. 43% - 74% of purchasing decision = WOM/TPage 4
  • 24. Accountability1. 100% Clarity + Authority2. 100% Agreement3. Track & Post4. Coach / Mentor / Train5. Reward / PunishmentPage 4
  • 25. 7,000 + High Potential / High Performance
  • 26. The Seven C’s of Leadership1. Character2. Courage3. Communication4. Collaboration5. Competency6. Compassion7. Contribution
  • 27. Character
  • 28. The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner
  • 29. I want a leader who will: Tell me the TRUTH. Has a clear vision forwhere we are going. Has the skills to getus there successfully. And is excited aboutgoing with me.
  • 31. To be… Vulnerable
  • 32. Ask GREATquestions…Communicationsand LISTEN!
  • 33. Collaboration
  • 34. Competency = a commitment to LLBooksBook summariesAudio booksAudio book summariesTraining DVDsSeminarsiTunes UPod
  • 35. Focus meKnow meCare about meHear meHelp me feel proudEquip meHelp me see my valueHelp me growHelp me see my importanceCompassion
  • 36. Contribution
  • 37. Detroit - 201127% ---- 50%27 – 55%64%47%1,000+ @ $100Closed 44 schools33,500 empty houses91,000 vacant lots
  • 38. 1994… 95… 96…Profits = $13.9 Billion2.5 M vs. 250M
  • 39. WITH GREAT POWERCOMES GREATRESPONSIBILITYremember… they follow YOUR lead!!!!!
  • 40. Quick Workshop Page 6•Look over all of your scoresand notes – what are THREEthings you can do right awayto have a dramatic positiveimpact on yourorganization?
  • 41. THANK YOUIf you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to send a note or call.My email address is: john@johnspence.comPLEASE connect with me on LinkedInAlso, you might find value in the ideas I share in my blog. You can sign up for it, these slides have already been uploaded