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Abbott Category Of One



Presentation for Abbott sales team -- Chicago - 1 27-10

Presentation for Abbott sales team -- Chicago - 1 27-10



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Abbott Category Of One Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Becoming a category of ONE
  • 2. My job today…
  • 3. A New Beginning
    • New Year
    • New Product
    • New Opportunities
    • New Responsibilities
    • New Challenges
  • 4. Anyone who tells you they enjoy change… should seek immediate professional help .
  • 5. Resilience
  • 6. Your Strategy… which drives your individual business plans.
  • 7. Workshop: Specify Challenges
    • What are the top 5 major CHALLENGES you will face in executing your business plan in the next 90 days?
  • 8. Workshop: Influence – Control – No Control
  • 9. Workshop: Collaboration
  • 10. Workshop: Three Specific Action Steps
  • 11. Time for a break?
  • 12.  
  • 13. Earn the right to be there…
    • How can you enthrall, delight, excite, educate, serve, entertain, connect with and add REAL and SIGNIFICANT value to your customers… on EVERY call?
    Value = Access Access = Competitive Advantage
  • 14. Congratulations!!!! Workshop: Top 10 for an Ideal Sales Rep
  • 15. Trusted Advisor Perceived Value LOW MEDIUM TRUSTED ADVISOR
  • 16. Source Credibility
    • C x R x I
    • SO
    = Trust
  • 17. Joe Calloway: The Greatest Competitive Advantage
    • Know more about the customer than anyone else.
    • Get closer to the customer than anyone else.
    • Emotionally connect with the customer better than anyone else.
    Workshop: Top five ways to achieve these three goals
  • 18. Effective Strategy = Valued Differentiation x Execution
  • 19. But John…
  • 20. Southwest Friendliness No-Frills Fast Turns
  • 21. UPS Tracking software Logistics consulting Logistic outsourcing Storage Customer service Production Fulfillment (shipping)
  • 22. Fonterra Logistics Customs Storage Production Disposal
  • 23. 2003: 91B 329,000E 164C = 7.9B #10 / F500 IBM 2008: 103B 398,000E 170C = 12.3B #14 / F500 1993: 67B 377,000E 180C = (8.3B) F500
  • 24. Dedicated to every client’s success:
    • Building client partnerships
      • Strong relationship with key clients
    • Collaborative influence
      • Interdependence / commitment
    • Embracing challenge
      • Innovation to grow the business
  • 25. Innovation that matters:
    • Thinking horizontally
      • Leverage enterprise capability
    • Informed judgment
      • Synthesize disparate sources of information
    • Strategic risk-taking
      • Innovate to create exponential growth
  • 26. Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships:
    • Develop IBM people and community
      • Invest in future leaders
    • Passion for IBM’s future
      • Energized to reach IBM’s potential
    • Enabling growth
      • Change systems that impede growth
    • Earning trust
      • Do what is right for the long-term good
  • 27. IBM 20 billion dollar strategy…
    • True partnering with clients
    • Collaboration & Innovation
    • Passions for the business
  • 28. My suggestion…
    • Plan your work… and work your plan.
  • 29. The keys to creating a superb business plan…
    • Preparation
    • Specificity
    • Momentum
  • 30. Specificity + Momentum
        • Primary focus will be to maintain positive growth and dramatically increase rate of conversion to Ultane. Results will be achieved by compelling interested parties that Abbott’s conversion process is in the best interest of the facility, physician and patient.
        • Focus will be on maintaining positive growth (#) again in 2010, and dramatically increasing rate of conversion (#) to Ultane by involving OR directors, System Buyers and anesthesia directors. Results will be achieved by using budget estimators to gain full agreement from interested parties that the conversion process is in the best interest of the facility, physician and patient. Setting up quarterly reviews with key decision makers will maintain conversion momentum throughout the year.
  • 31. Specificity + Momentum
        • Build stronger relationships in order to defend against competitive price offers. Maintain excellent customer service that has set Abbott apart from other vendors on a daily basis.
        • Focus will be on starting a conversion plan and maintaining positive growth by involving the new Pharmacy Director and Chief of Anesthesia. Leveraging relationships to initiate conversion efforts immediately by anesthesia staff and potentially have desflurane removed. Create tension to open new discussions to drive conversion. Results will be achieved by using budget estimators to show cost savings, and clinical data to support Ultane’s sole use.
  • 32. Specificity + Momentum
        • Work to continue efforts to eliminate Desflurane. Meet with Anesthesia to discuss clinical and financial benefits of Sevo.
        • Pursue project-based conversion on 2-4 active targets where likelihood of success is high (>80%) and potential converted units are significant (>200 units) .
        • Use the Conversion message to enhance account access and a “reason to be there” and gain agreement that…
        • Use the Conversion message, along with the Budget Estimator, as tools in competitive defense and gain agreement that…
  • 33. Critical Questions: 1-10
    • Do you have a solid plan for how to address each aspect of the strategy? Relationships, Retention, Price, Conversion, Re-capture
    • Do you have a solid and detailed plan for every top account?
    • Do you deeply understand the Decision Making Process at each top account?
    • Are you positioned “High & Wide” at every top account?
    • Can you clearly differentiate your products and services from the competitive offering for every top account?
    • Can you clearly demonstrate “Real Added Value” to every top account?
    • Do you have excellent competitive surveillance at every top account?
    • Do you have a specific goal for EVERY sales call that clearly moves one of the top 5 key strategies ahead?
  • 34. Web of Value We make small things… make a difference VOC + MOT
  • 35. 6. Extreme Customer Focus VOC
  • 36. Moments of Truth
  • 37. But how will I have time to get all of this all done?
  • 38. Stephen Covey You don’t prioritize your schedule… you schedule your priorities.
  • 39. D= IO Op NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Decisions = Intended Outcome / Number of Options NO NO NO
  • 40. Workshop: What do you need to say “NO” to?
  • 41. The Formula for Excellence
    • KNL + FDA = Success
  • 42. Final Workshop
    • What knowledge do you need to obtain?
    • Who do you need to get in your network… internally and at customer locations?
    • Where do you need to put more focus ?
    • Where do you need to have more discipline ?
    • What are FIVE action steps you can take immediately to based on what you have just written?
  • 43. T HANK Y OU If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to send a note or call. My email address is: Also, you might find value in the ideas I share in my blog. You can sign up for it at: Lastly, these slides have already been uploaded to: