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Research Assignment

  1. 1. Sixth Edition <br /> Publication <br /> <br /> Nursing Manual Foundation<br /> <br /> Prepared by<br /> Rhonda Johnson<br /> <br /> Nursing Student<br /> <br /> Submitted to <br /> Cynthia Pengilly<br /> <br /> English Teacher<br /> September 12,2010<br /> Welcome to the Basic Nursing 1,2,3 course<br />Introduction:<br />The nursing information on three different levels is information tools that will give you insight <br />About nursing and what you will learn about some basic job information on careers, new Drugs <br />And illness. As Well as some treatments, research on medicine, and some of your job <br />Responsibilities. Job growth and expected salary. <br />For example, employers may Restructure Workloads, Improve Compensation, and Working <br />Compensation and working conditions, and subsidize training or continuing education. <br />This coursework of material will center on nursing responsibility on health, illness and stress<br />In the medical field. RN’S have an opportunity to work in nursing home, Doctor offices, and assist <br />Physicians during surgeries, examination, and treatments. Nurse advocacy is important in <br />Healthcare. Nurses rely on information skills clinical data with administrative and other data<br />Of Nursing. There’s research on New Medical Medicine for Alzheimer’s Patients. As well as,<br />Successful nurses in the medical field. <br /> <br /><ul><li>Basic Job Information
  2. 2. Registered nurses work to provide health care, prevent disease, and help patients cope
  3. 3. With illness and stress. Nurses are empowered to be advocates. Nurses have a powerful
  4. 4. Position of nurses advocate. Advocate means vocal supporter of any cause. Patients are
  5. 5. Important in healthcare, nurses assist physicians during surgeries, examinations and treat-
  6. 6. Mints; administer medication. RN’S is the one to develop care plans for the patients
  7. 7. Speedy recovery process. Advocacy does not end at the patient’s bedside. It is important
  8. 8. Every nurse to be an advocate and a profession of greatness. Advocates can use
  9. 9. Knowledge and expertise to assist others. RN’s provide bedside nursing and medical
  10. 10. Regimens. They can also supervise LPN’S and CNA’S. Registered nurses that are
  11. 11. Employed in hospitals usually work in one department such as, pediatrics, maternity,
  12. 12. Surgery, Emergency Rooms, ICU and Treatment of Cancer Patients. RN’S dress wounds,
  13. 13. Gives injections and maintain records. Some perform laboratory and office work. Provide
  14. 14. Directly to the physician and usually responsible for taking vitals and monitoring in-and-
  15. 15. Out volumes, treating common like bed sores, and preparing several procedures such as
  16. 16. Dressing wounds, promote health, prevent disease, and help patients cope with illness.
  17. 17. Job opportunities for RNs are expected to be very good. Jobs will grow faster than
  18. 18. Average for all nurse occupations through 2012, and because the occupation is very
  19. 19. Large, many new jobs will result. Annual earning of registered nurses were $ 48,090
  20. 20. In 2002. General medical and surgical hospitals $ 49,190 home health care & 45,890
  21. 21. In 2010 annual earning reach $ 69,670 for RNs.
  22. 22. Two Field-Related Important Innovations</li></ul> In people Alzheimer’s the brain becomes riddled with clumps of protein, forming what <br /><ul><li>Are known as amyloid plaques. Scientist have discovered that an abnormal amount of
  23. 23. Protein has build up on the brain that will convert into unsafe amounts. This information
  24. 24. Opens a big window on Alzheimer’s disease an ion metabolism. Ashley Bush is one of the
  25. 25. Scientist of the mental health research institute university of Mel borne. Jack Rogers of
  26. 26. Harvard medical school states now we have a lot of information on this critical protein
  27. 27. That underpin its role several years ago when they discovered that the RNA template for
  28. 28. The APP protein includes an iron responsive element. Although amyloid does not explain
  29. 29. What goes on in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients? The scientist have been focusing a lot
  30. 30. On this disease. Trials of the drug designed to clear amyloid plaques haven’t worked. In
  31. 31. Fact this disease is also know to have high levels of metals, including iron builds up
  32. 32. Inside neurons and zinc. Scientist has also founded the loss of iron oxidizes to
  33. 33. Pathological iron accumulation and neurodengeneration diseases characterized by
  34. 34. Dementia. After 10 years of work, Bush and Roger’s workers worked very hard
  35. 35. On the abnormal exchange of zinc to amyloid pathology and iron accumulation in
  36. 36. Alzheimer’s disease. When you have a loss of APP in cells this cause iron levels to build.
  37. 37. APP promotes export of iron out of cells. Studies have shown in lab mice lacking APP
  38. 38. Become vulnerable to dietary iron, which cause the unsafe, oxidative form of iron to
  39. 39. Build in mice neurons. Researchers notice notice the finding suggest that zinc may be a
  40. 40. Great medical break thru in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. So far researchers
  41. 41. And their studies in animals and early, short-term clinical trials of zinc-lonophore drugs
  42. 42. Including clioqunol and PB12 in people with Alzheimer’s disease shown positive results.
  43. 43. Field-Related Professional Society or Professional Publication
  44. 44. Henderson was able to successfully make the distinction between medicine and the job of
  45. 45. A nurse, stating that a nurse is to assist anyone, no matter the condition of their health in
  46. 46. Order to help that person gain strength, knowledge, and will. While many give plenty of
  47. 47. Credit to Florence nightingale for successfully changing the medical care that was
  48. 48. Provided in the 19th century, another very important name to be associated with these
  49. 49. Changes are Mary Sea Cole. Once the war was over, Sea Cole was out of many and in poor
  50. 50. Health but due to her help in the war, a benefits fund was set up and she was given
  51. 51. Money. She was looking to give women more rights, especially when it came to birth and
  52. 52. Being a mother, despite the fact that the Catholic Church and the government at the time
  53. 53. Highly disapproved of her intentions. Her hospital soon became a Red Cross location and
  54. 54. Soldiers from all over, including those from France, England, and Germany were treated
  55. 55. As necessary. Mary Brecking, born in Kentucky in 1881, is best known for creation the
  56. 56. Frontier nursing service which was able to service and provide healthcare to those who
  57. 57. Were to poor to afford it or those who lived in a very remote location throughout the
  58. 58. Appalachian region in Kentucky during her lifetime. She was also able to set up the
  59. 59. First school in the U.S. that trained certified women to become midwives. She also
  60. 60. Joined the committee American pour les regions devasters da la France and within the
  61. 61. Same year decided to create a visiting nurses program, which later became a huge success
  62. 62. As many woman were trained as proper midwives and nurses who would travel to
  63. 63. Provide assistance. Mary Eliza Mahoney makes the list # 3 for her amazing achievements
  64. 64. As not only a nurse, but an African American during her time, as she would become the f
  65. 65. First registered African American nurse. However, this would be a struggle and most
  66. 66. Definitely a daunting task, as many women in her time, especially black women, would
  67. 67. Simply make them content in doing domestic work, which often including hours
  68. 68. Upon hours of cleaning, scrubbing, and other shores. To avoid this, she spent plenty of
  69. 69. Time in the New England hospital for women and children working as an unofficial nurse
  70. 70. Assistant for almost 15 years. When the battle ended wounded solders were left to die,
  71. 71. Barton decided that three needed to be a way for the northern states to collect, donate,
  72. 72. And distribute the needed goods and medical supplies for those affected by the war.
  73. 73. When She was a teenager, nightingale believed that a divine voice called to her and
  74. 74. Wanted her To Become a nurse, but her social status definitely didn’t fit the job, as she
  75. 75. Was born and raised by very well off British family. During her time, women of her age
  76. 76. And social Status were to become mothers, and nursing was well out of pictures as it was
  77. 77. Often seen as a profession some one from a very low class would have. In 1853, the
  78. 78. Crimean war Between Germany and Russia broke out, and since she was in the vicinity,
  79. 79. Nightingale was Sent to scutari army hospital in order to help care for wounded and dying
  80. 80. Soldiers. While doing her job as a nurse, nightingale also took the time to look around
  81. 81. And figure out why so many of the soldiers were dying.
  82. 82.
  83. 83. </li></ul>Conclusion:<br />This research assignment provides information on clinical trials for alzheimer’s disease<br />In patients and the new drug designed to clear amyloid plaques in the brain.<br />Basic Job Decriptions for nurses like care plans for patients. Advocacy and bedside nursing<br />And medical regimens. Employment opportunities in healthcare emergency room, ICU, Home<br />Care and physician offices.<br />Mary Breckinridge known for creating the frontier nursing service. Mary Eliza was one of the <br />first African American woman as a nurse. <br />References: <br />GALILEO<br />Top ten famous nurses<br />American association of colleges of nurses working paper on the role.<br />Registered Nurses.<br />All nurses a community for nurses<br />