Caring for your hardwood flooring


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Johnson Floor Care is located in Anchorage, offer wide variety of floor care services. Call today for your free estimate on all commercial residential floor care services visit.

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Caring for your hardwood flooring

  1. 1. Once your hardwood floor has been installed, your home will get a comfortable feeling. After this, what next? How do you ensure that your new investment is properly maintained? Well, you need to use appropriate floor care products, or probably get assistance from professional cleaning services. Hardwood floor cleaningfloor care anchorage
  2. 2. hardwood floors are beautiful, but, they must be cleaned regularly. By taking care of this kind of floor, it will maintain its original beauty for a long time. You can choose to clean this floor on your own, but, hiring the services of a residential cleaning service is an excellent idea. You will avoid getting all dirty when cleaning the floor since the professionals will do it for you. Since cleaning hardwood flooring requires equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, you can hire professional cleaning services to do the job since they will come with their own equipment. The beauty of hiring professionals is that they know which cleaning products are recommended for removing the spills and stains that are evident on hardwood flooring. Some of the manufacturers of the pre-finished floor recommend specific products for cleaning. You can confirm this with the retailer. Stripping and Waxing Anchoragehardwood floor cleaning
  3. 3. There are certain things that you should not do when cleaning the hardwood floor: 1. Avoid waxing the wood floor using urethane finish. 2. Do not use oil soaps or ammonia cleaners on the wood floor since they make the finish look dull. 3. Avoid using too much water when cleaning the floor. What to Do 1. Ensure that the cleaners you use to not leave behind residue or film. 2. Utilize professional cleaning services to get rid of heel marks and occasional scuffs. 3. Ensure that the sticky spots are cleaned using a sponge or damp towel. 4. Minimize clean spills and water exposure. Screening This process entails the process of grinding the polyurethane finish of the floor after which new urethane coats are applied. The end result is a fresh looking rejuvenated floor. Maintaining Hardwood Floors commercial carpet cleaners
  4. 4. 1. Determine Your Needs It is vital to determine the specific kind of cleaning service that you need from the various types available such as hardwood floor cleaning. Some of the cleaning areas include vacuum cleaning, dusting, cleaning the dishes and making beds. Your contract with the cleaning firm should provide details on the scope of work. In case there is need to do some specific cleaning tasks over a given period, it should be clearly indicated in the contract of service between you and the cleaning firm. So, the best approach is to come up with a list of the tasks that you would need the service to deal with. This will help you determine whether you require a professional cleaning company or maid service. Maintaining Hardwood Floors
  5. 5. Anchorage carpet cleaningcommercial carpet cleaners
  6. 6. Location Johnson Floor Care 2411 W 29th Ave #B Anchorage Alaska 99517 907-441-626