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  1. 1. 12 October 6, 2010 Feature Xavier Newswire I Feel Fine A look at driving under the influence By John Schroeck, Features Editor Photos by Scott Holzman ry, I always drive home after this many. I’ve got this.” And oftentimes they have “got this,” arriving at home with- That $10,000 is the amount out an incident. paid by an offender who has Such drunken driving occur- passed out in their parked car rences go unnoticed and unre- with the keys in the ignition. ported when nothing adverse That $10,000 is the base rate. results, and it is these types of Cause damage to person or occurrences that are most ram- property, and that rate typically pant. When peers continually skyrockets above six digits, de- drive under the influence without pending on the situation. a problem and get away with it, On top of the fees directly a mentality eventually emerges: connected to the DUI offense, Maybe it is not quite so danger- offenders pay high-risk insurance ous after all. rates and can even be dropped “A couple of my roommates by their providers outright. do it pretty often,” said another Realistically, most people are anonymous source. “Not when aware of the penalties associated they’re really drunk, but defi- with a DUI offense, not to men- nitely after they’ve had a few. It tion the tragic consequences that was a big deal to me at first, but an accident can cause. Despite nothing ever happens so now I this fact, they find themselves just kind of shrug it off.” driving under the influence. The Certainly Xavier students may come as little surprise to limit. Through no fault of law en- dangers are well known, but thedo not drive dangerously under those who regularly partake in, This perception of what it forcement, students are sim- “I’m fine” and “that can’t hap-the influence of alcohol. Sure, or merely bear witness to, the means to drive under the in- ply not getting caught driving pen to me” mentalities prevail.maybe a late-night trip over to weekend activities of the average fluence remains an ongoing under the influence. While 3.5 The real problem lies in theMcDonald’s after a beer or six, college student. problem. million students drove drunk in fact that most offenders eitherbut nothing out of control. Just “I’m fine” is rarely a true ut- “Yeah, I’ve definitely driven at 2009, less than 110,000 of them fail to acknowledge the fact thata quick drive to Quik Pik to grab terance. The line between feeling times when I probably shouldn’t were caught and arrested for the they are over the legal limit oranother case. “Hey, no worries, sober and being sober is a thin have,” said an anonymous stu- offense. truly believe they will not getI’ve only played like four games one, especially when it comes to dent. “I usually wake up the next When that threat of being caught.of pong. It’s just a minute up the the legal limit on blood alcoholroad. I’m fine.” content. Incidents such as these “The legal limit is .08, whichare common in the Xavier is not very high at all,” said Sgt.community. Kenneth Grossman, sergeant of The “I’m fine” epidemic is crime prevention and trainingnot new, and is certainly not for Xavier Police. “That’s justcontained to the Xavier student two or three drinks for a lot ofpopulation. A survey found that people. You might not feel likenearly 3.5 million students in the you’re impaired when you are.”U.S. between the ages of 18 and Whether or not two or three24 drove under the influence drinks puts everyone over theof alcohol in 2009. While this legal limit is beside the point.number is frighteningly high, it Drinking to the point of in- toxication, the point which most college students aim to reach, re- quires a BAC far exceeding the legal limit. Most individu- als making the “I’m fine” morning and shake my head caught does not feel imminent, The responsibility to solve claim only take about it, but then I go out and do individuals are much more likely this problem lies in the hands of into account it again. I don’t really understand to throw caution to the wind. students, the friends who have the fact that why I do it.” Officials suggest that, the next formerly been too afraid to be they are not This alarmingly nonchalant time the “I’m fine” defense is perceived negatively by speaking yet intoxicated, attitude toward driving after made, students should drop the up and those reading this right disregarding consuming five or six drinks ego and ask whether it is worth now, well aware of the fact that what legally seems to stem from a number of the potential penalties. they drive when they have had a constitutes be- sources. “The average DUI cost is few too many drinks. ing “fine.” There tends to be an irratio- around $10,000,” Grossman Based on the evidence, “I’m Being be- nal overconfidence in individuals said, “and that’s just for a guilty fine” and all other renditions low the level who have admitted to driving un- plea. That’s not even factoring in of the same sentiment must be of intoxication der the influence. They perceive going to trial.” rejected outright, both by the is rarely syn- themselves as being completely That $10,000 is the result of friends hearing the excuse and by onymous with in control of themselves despite a harmless DUI offense that did those drunkenly attempting to being below the influence of alcohol on their not result in accident, injury or make the excuse. Feeling “fine” the legal BAC cognitive processes. “Don’t wor- death. is insufficient.
  2. 2. 12 December 8, 2010 Feature Xavier Newswire The Xavier Community at Christmas By John Schroeck, Features Editor Image courtesy of xavier.edu Newswire photos by Andrew Matsushita I witnessed something special After School League at South 1.on Tuesday. Avondale Elementary. See, I’ve spent my time at She was incredibly humbledXavier doing a lot of things. I’ve by her first experience withpulled all-nighters for assign- Xavier Christmas.ments I refused to stop putting “This is a great way to reachoff. I’ve hit the snooze button for out to the urban communi-two hours straight on a Thursday ties,” Strauss said. “The fact thatmorning (read: afternoon). I’ve Xavier students take the time tospent entire days zoning out in do this is marvelous.”front of a wide variety of glow- As someone who has nevering screens — computer, TV, cell taken advantage of, or even re-phone, etc. ally paid attention to, the many I haven’t exactly learned how service opportunities affordedto spend my time well. by Xavier, Tuesday’s event was The students that volun- quite an eye-opening experienceteered at “A Xavier Christmas” for me.on Tuesday know how to spend Tuesday’s Xavier Christmastheir time well. made me realize what it really In its fifth year, Xavier means to be a member of theChristmas gives students an Xavier community. It’s not aboutopportunity to reach out to greeting friends on the way tothe surrounding communities, class, it’s not about cheering inspreading Christmas cheer to unison at basketball games andunderprivileged children. it’s not about a round of drinks The Xavier Christmas work, ensuring everything went ing to be swung around by their I’m usually thinking about snide at Danas after the game whetherCommittee invited 180 children smoothly upon their arrival. arms. and sarcastic remarks to make we win or lose.from elementary schools in When they finally arrived, the I truly believe this to be the about society. It’s about acting selflessly,communities neighboring Xavier kids were paired up with Xavier result of the overwhelming This is why I found this event about sacrificing time and en-including Frederick Douglass, “buddies.” warmth and kindness of the to be so refreshing. Instead of ergy when it’s easier to just stayHoffman-Parham, Norwood While most of the children members of the Xavier commu- being defeatist and negative in bed. It’s about being men andView, Sharpsburg, South were initially a bit timid around nity involved in making Xavier about societal shortcomings, I women for others.Avondale and Williams. these strange tall people, they Christmas a reality. witnessed people actually doing In this sense, I have failed as a I was thoroughly impressed quickly warmed to their “bud- Now, before dismissing my something about them. They ac- member of the Xavier commu-by the dedication and organiza- dies” after a friendly introduc- observation as overly trite or sen- tively affected the lives of kids nity, but I’m not worried.tion of everyone involved when I tion and a kind extension of timental, understand this is com- they didn’t know, even if only for I’m doing away with thearrived at Cintas Center Tuesday their hands. ing from a tried-and-true cynic. I a few hours of one day. snooze button. Xavier Christmasafternoon. Within minutes, kids were spend my free time making snide I wasn’t the only one who has inspired me. I’m getting in- The kids had not yet arrived, hopping piggy-back rides with and sarcastic remarks about so- noticed. I spoke with a woman, volved with my community.but the staff was already hard at their Xavier “buddies,” and ask- ciety. When I’m not doing that, Mrs. Strauss, lead tutor with Cynicism be damned.4. 2. 1. Volunteers prepare for the impending influx of kids. 2. South Avondale Elementary student runs excitedly toward Cintas Center. 3. Senior Kate Saunders prepares volun- teers for the first wave of children. 4. Junior Tina Black introduces sopho- more Gardiner Bink to his “buddies.”3.
  3. 3. 12 December 1, 2010 Feature Xavier Newswire Black Friday 2010 did not have a list of items to John Schroeck wrestle away from some overly-Features Editor aggressive twanging grandmoth- er. In fact I didn’t even wake up Fairfield, OH – In a sleep-deprived state, I still found the Stories from the front lines before noon. I did eventually wander downenergy to brave sub-freezing consecutive year waiting in line streamed into the store. By 4:05 cally-acclaimed (read: panned) to the North Point Mall area intemperatures at 3 a.m. in hopes at Best Buy for Black Friday a.m. the first people in line were comedy Grown Ups on DVD Alpheretta, Ga. where I saw theof witnessing something excit- doorbuster deals. already leaving with the TVs they and Blu-ray. unmistakable evidence of peopleing, something that would truly The doors of Target were had waited so long to buy. After I jumped between stores un- who had done all those things.embarrass me as an American scheduled to open at 4 a.m. I 15 minutes passed, the line began til around 5 a.m., and while I I headed over to the Old Navy,citizen. spoke with individuals at the to thin and I made my way into did not personally witness any which seemed to be the ground The men camped in the tent front of the line, as well as the the store and it was packed. mentionable insanity, I did hear a zero of the day since its parkingat the front of the Best Buy line police officers present to keep The electronics section was couple of stories from shoppers lot was still completely full evenwere by far the most dedicated the chaos minimized. The peo- particularly filled with people, and employees. as 2 p.m. rolled around. Outside,of the individuals with whom ple at the front of this line had and I found it difficult to go One man told me that he wit- speakers pumped in electronicI interacted. They had already only been waiting for 10 total anywhere. nessed a fist fight at Wal-Mart at Christmas music, a genre I wouldbeen in line for 35 hours, 37 hours — Black Friday amateurs I immersed myself into the midnight when the sales began. be happy to avoid for the rest ofby the time the store opened at as far as I’m concerned. crowd and, for a few fleeting While he did not mention my life.5 a.m.. This marked their 11th As the doors opened, people moments, feared I may never what object they fought over, I Inside, several hundred pairs make my way feel it is safe to assume that it of boots covered the floor. out — that I was something fancy like solar The changing rooms were full was eternally powered oven mitts or an elec- of sweaters and $15 jeans and trapped in tric Snuggie with cargo pockets. staff that just seemed too tired Target’s Black An employee at Old Navy to fight the inevitable pile of Friday black told me that, in the chaos of cast-offs. hole. the midnight rush, one woman It was clear that the economy I sought threatened to punch another had been stimulated and that refuge in the woman’s baby. these people had done their grocery sec- It truly is the most wonderful patriotic share of consuming. tion, where time of the year. Hard. the deals were Emily, the nursing student great and the people were Sarah Wieten from Georgia Southern who checked me and my $5 turtle- Managing Editor neck out (yes, college girls wear few. It was apparent that turtlenecks — I can totally sex it nobody cared Alpheretta, GA – I have a up) had the 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. shift that Pepsi 12- confession to make. I cheated on and was somehow still chipper. packs were Black Friday. Other more disgruntled em- two-for-one. I went shopping of course, I ployees sported pajama pants Everyone was had to for this assignment, but I and bed hair — it was impossible Newswire photo by John SchroeckSome Best Buy customers camped out for nearly 40 hours for Black Friday deals. too busy buy- did not camp out, I did not scour to tell if it was on purpose, in the ing the criti- the ads for the best deals and I spirit of the day or not. season. Doug Tifft Thinking such items might Editor-in-Chief not take as much competition as the Droids and clothing ad- Elmira, NY – Growing up in vertised on everything short ofElmira, a town that is best known skywriting, we didn’t arrive at thefor producing the majority of familiar confines of the Arnotthe world’s fire hydrants and giv- Mall until 7 a.m. — about aning birth to Tommy Hilfiger (so hour too late apparently.we look cool while we get ac- After circling the lot threequainted with the world’s canine times we cozied up beside a cam-population, so the joke goes), I ouflage Ford F-150 full of smil-have always known there was not ing children, two of whom hadmuch to do around town. just bought new hunting jackets Maybe it was the six-hour at Kohl’s. They informed us thatdrives to get a hamburger or the they wanted a fake Christmas treegames my friends and I attempt- too, but the lot was sold out.ed to invent that could be played Ten minutes later, we crossedwhile driving 60 miles-per-hour the TV off the list, as Bestdown an empty country road, Buy was harder to enter thanbut somewhere between age Alter Hall at 10:21 a.m. on a12 and 18, the realization that I Wednesday. Such things happen Newswire photo by John Schroecklived in a town of few diversions when 5,000 people from a town Target’s doorbuster sale on 40-inch Westinghouse HDTVs attracted the masses Friday morning.became abundantly clear. of 20,000 descend on one build- And it appears Black Friday is ing before the sun rises. However, I overlooked a key Mart was open for 24 hours, so and of far better quality than theanother happy example of this. So we just grabbed some free component to the Black Friday all of the lines for doorbusters doorbusters. I am not a Black Friday vet- pretzels at Auntie Anne’s — the shopping experience. People were already inside the store. The I knew my chances of nab-eran by any stretch, choosing in- fuel of Black Friday — climbed camped out for these things. deals, however, began at 5 a.m. bing the TV would be low be-stead to while away my Fridays back in the car and headed away My father and I arrived at Wal-Mart also had televisions cause of the large crowd. Whenwith tryptophan-induced sleep from the mall, back to a place 3:45 am, and a line was already on sale, but the two offered as 5 a.m. struck, however, the crowdand a pleasant few hours dunk- where nothing happens. stretched around the building. I doorbusters were both made by darted toward the cameras anding on an 8-foot rim over a pack was left to wait for the pandemo- Emerson. While Emerson TVs DVDs. The TVs stood virtuallyof neighborhood 11-year-olds. This year I decided to change John Stevens nium to ensue. Target opened its door (sin- are cheap, they also tend to be of lower quality. Thus, I decided to untouched. My dad and I dashed in,course, hopping in the car with Staff Writer gular) at 4:00 a.m., but by the peruse the store, hoping to pick snagged the TV, and made a runmy sister as she attempted to get time I got inside, I faced crush- up something smaller. for the registers.a $400 32-inch flatscreen at Best Cleveland, OH – Looking ing defeat. When I reached the elec- Despite my own steal, I can’tBuy. at the bleak 19-inch TV in my Carts were already leaving tronics department, I noticed help but commend one shopper My mom went next-door for dorm room, I knew exactly what the store with the Westinghouse something. I witnessed at Target. This mana fake Christmas tree for $40 I would go after this year for TVs. Some people even snagged Amid the Wild West stand-off had nearly every doorbuster item— and about $100 worth of Black Friday. two or more. between shoppers trying to nab in his cart. Even though he had agrief from any hearty Elmiran The best deal for an upgrade Dejected, I decided to witness digital cameras, there was a small sleep-deprived, frazzled glare ofraised on hiking into the woods was at Target — a Westinghouse a bit more of the madness at my platform upon which TVs were death on his face, it was clear heand cutting down their own 40-inch HDTV at a dirt cheap local Wal-Mart. stacked. One happened to be a came out a winner on this BlackDouglas Fir for the Christmas $289. Instead of a line outside, Wal- 40-inch TV, severely discounted, Friday.
  4. 4. 8 January 12, 2011 Feature Xavier Newswire Project Levanter A Xavier grad’s cross-country journey for a cause By Kari Peglar, Staff Writer Photos courtesy of Facebook.com ity caught the atten- mistic attitude was challenged in tion of A.G. Lafley, a 2008 when doctors found that successful Proctor & cancer in her leg had spread to Gamble CEO. her lungs and esophagus. More impressive For two and a half years, she than Gibson’s tough has been fighting to regain her mental attitude is health, undergoing three rounds his kind-hearted de- of chemotherapy, radiation and, meanor and giving incredibly, surgery on four sepa- soul. rate occasions. Such qualities led Unsurprisingly, Thompson him to take on his lat- has kept up her positive out- est endeavor, Project look on life. She came up with Levanter, for which the saying “KCA,” which he biked cross-coun- stands for Kicking Cancer’s try alone in order to Ass. Throughout her battle, she raise money for fel- has added to that acronym – low XU grad Ashley “KCAAA”, Kicking Cancer’s Thompson, who was Ass Again and Again, after the diagnosed with cancer relentlessly refused to go Fibrohistiocytoma, a into remission. very aggressive form It is Thompson’s strength and of cancer with ex- friendship that has given Gibson pensive treatment. a worthwhile cause and the in- When Gibson spiration to bike cross-country. and Thompson met “She’s been there for me in in Brockman Hall the rough spots with a little ex- during their fresh- tra push,” Gibson said. “[Project man year at Xavier Levanter] is the least we can do in 2003, Thompson for her. I would only do this ride was happy and for a cause that I personally be- Fatigue was not Gibson’s only struggle. He faced numerous flat tires such healthy. After attend- lieve in.” as this one, which was punctured by a nail.Andy Gibson biked cross-country to raise moneyfor fellow Xavier grad Ashley Thompson. ing classes, going to With that simple concept, countless basketball Project Levanter was born. his progress across the nation. journey. In looking at Andy Gibson’s games and hanging out on the Gibson, with the help of other As those follower saw, while One of his dinners onresume of accomplishments, it is weekends, the two quickly be- XU grads Sarah Kathmann and Project Levanter seemed like a Christmas Day included a rib eyeapparent that he loves to take on came close friends. Emily Ledford set up projectl- small challenge in comparison to steak, four eggs over medium,huge, audacious challenges. While graduation led them evanter.com, a website through Thompson’s fight against cancer, four pieces of toast, a Texas Graduating from Xavier with to take on different careers, which people can donate money it was still a daunting undertak- steak and bacon melt, a doublean entrepreneurial studies major Thompson’s outgoing personal- that goes directly to Thompson. ing filled with challenges of its quarter pound cheeseburger, andin 2005, he was one of the three ity and loving spirit always stayed Donors can choose to either own. two pieces of chocolate pie – afounders of FliX. Now a suc- with Gibson. pledge money per mile or give a After dipping his tires in the dinner any Xavier student wouldcessful brand manager at Proctor “Ashley has epitomized a pos- simple one-time donation. Pacific Ocean, Gibson began his envy.& Gamble, Gibson is not afraid itive, motivating person and has Gibson also created a journey on Nov. 26 in San Diego Finally, Gibson dipped histo work hard and dream big. always had an amazing outlook Facebook page and Twitter ac- Calif. He biked 3,200 miles in 34 tires in the Atlantic Ocean on In fact, while at Xavier, on life,” Gibson said. count for Project Levanter, days, ending his journey in St. Dec. 29, bringing his dauntingGibson’s go-get-em’ personal- However, Thompson’s opti- where followers could track Augustine, Fla. challenge to an end. On average, Gibson biked “[The ride] was arguably the around 100 miles per day, reach- most physically disciplined and ing speeds of up to 40 mph demanding month of my life while battling through the hills and at times never seemed as and mountains of California and if [the end] were never actually Nevada. going to occur,” Gibson wrote Throughout his 34 day jour- on his Facebook page upon the ney, Gibson faced several flat completion of his journey. tires, relentless hills and even a After all was said and done, bought of the flu. Gibson raised over $2,800 for Nothing could stop Gibson on Thompson. his journey to help Thompson, “I am amazed and really hum- however. He kept riding and re- bled by the contributions from lied on the kindness of strangers, everyone,” Gibson said after including a former Iditarod Trail checking the donation total once Sled Dog Race champion, to he finished the ride. help him reach his destination. Not only had he accomplished The amount of physical his dream of biking cross-coun- stress Gibson endured on the try, but he accomplished the big- ride was astonishing. Over the gest challenge of all — making span of one day, Gibson could life easier for a friend in need. burn between 5,000-6,000 calo- For more informationGibson dips his tires in the Atlantic Ocean on a beach in St. Augustine, Fla at the end of his 3,200 mile journey ries, meaning he had an appetite about Project Levanter, visit34 days after doing the same on a beach in San Diego, Calif. as relentless as his cross-country www.projectlevanter.com
  5. 5. 12 January 19, 2011 Feature Xavier Newswire Ciao da Roma A first-hand opinionated account of Xavier’s study abroad to Rome By Doug TiffT, EDiTor in ChiEf photo courtesy of Doug Tifft of Gallagher Student Center. but seeking to identify the true For visual learners, there is nature of modern Rome to bet- no better way to understand ter understand why the things I the concept that the emper- learned in the classroom were so ors wanted to make a state- important. ment of their grandiose power So whether it was something than to stand at one end of powerful, like standing high up the Circus Maximus and imag- on the Vittoriano looking out at ine this quarter-mile long ba- the city, something overt, like sit- sin filled with sparkling white ting in a classroom at St. John’s marble and tens of thousands University in Rome, or some- of Romans watching a chariot thing subtle, like a trip down the race. street to get a panino from the Or, for auditory learners, Piccolo Diavalo, the learning ex- it is hard to beat gaining an perience in Rome was not lim- understanding of Christian ited to brief two-hour spurts in- persecution in a better man- terspersed throughout the day. I, ner than taking a guided tour like the other 17 students on the of the Roman Catacombs for trip, was engaged in learning in a mere eight Euros—or just some fashion—be it philosophi- sticking within arm’s length of cal, historical, cultural, social or the professor’s omnipresent most importantly culinary—for beret leading the tour of the nearly 15 hours per day for seven city every day. consecutive days. Perhaps it is no For me, as a first-time study wonder some of us had trouble abroad student in my final rousting ourselves from a slum- months as an undergrad, the ber in the morning. chance to take Dr. E. Paul Eventually, all of these points Colella’s “Roman Philosophy” come up in the conversations class from Jan. 1 through Jan. about Rome that I seem to find photo courtesy of Calese Cardosi 9 was more than just a conve- myself in at the supermarket, inDr. E. Paul Colella of the philosophy department has led the popular summer study abroad program in Rome for nient and exciting way to fill line at Subway or at the barbermore than a decade. This year, he took students to Rome over the winter intercession for the first time. out the upper-level philosophy shop. By that point the bewil- class that the core requires of dered look is wiped away, but the I have seen the bewildered, learn?” they usually ask. can be learned and absorbed me. It was a chance to experi- inquisitiveness remains.questioning eyes dozens of At which point I launch into during a week in Alter Hall and ence a new culture for seven “Hey,” my conversant willtimes now, all asking the same a three-minute prepared ora- McDonald Library, it seems im- brief days, not merely eating the ask. “When did you say that tripquestion. tion on Vico and Plato and the plausible to absorb an advanced food or hearing the language, was again? “Wait, so you go to Rome for symbols of Christian Rome view of a city’s more than 2,000a week, see the Coliseum and the and Heyden White and Marcus years of history and the intrica-Pope and all that, and you get Aurelius and some crazy theory cies of its hundreds of monu-credit for it?” they all ask. I cooked up called Tourist Rome ments over the course of seven “Yeah,” I say. “I mean, it is and anything else I can slip in be- days.not just like a sight-seeing tour. fore their eyes glaze over. Yet, a funny thing can oftenIt is an actual class.” For most listeners accus- happen when students step onto “Well, I mean, what do you tomed to the limits of what a plane for a nine-hour flight across the Atlantic to spend a week- long intersession class intermittently checking an empty pocket for an ab- sent cell phone and developing inexpli- cable cravings for Chipotle between meals casually con- sidered to be the best of their lives. Students of- ten test the limits of their cognitive thinking, ruminat- ing and meditating on images and con- cepts they have just seen and felt in ac- photo courtesy of Doug Tifft tion, as opposed toStudents took a day trip to the ancient city of Florence. The entirety of the sprawling city merely read about photo courtesy of Ashley Freelandcan be seen atop the dome of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, the largest dome in in a used textbook Jesuit Roots: Rome program students show Xavier pride in front of thethe world. on the third floor Church of the Gesù, the mother church of the Jesuits.
  6. 6. 8 October 27, 2010 Feature Xavier Newswire A New Senioritis 1 Why do seniors feel so “old?” An opinion column by an actual “old” senior There is nothing old about ing like one. That feeling lasted with have had very similar ex- While it can be partially attrib- quite simply, we do not belongme. I am in great physical and nearly three years. periences, admitting that they uted to the fact that each year’s here for much longer. Our timemental health. I go to the gym at Even as I entered my senior too have been feeling “old,” es- freshman class seems to look as undergraduates is almost up.least three times a week. On most year, I did not feel as old or pecially in recent weeks. It turns younger than the last, causing Sure, there are still some things todays, I am filled with life, energy mature as my senior friends of out that that I was not the creepy seniors taking Psychology 101 be learned, some mistakes to beand optimism toward the future. years past. It was not until this old guy at the party. Not yet, at to feel like geriatrics in a kinder- made, some parties to be thrownI am even among the population past weekend that I truly felt that least. garten class, it is certainly not the and some basketball games to beof seniors that still have a few I was no longer the kid at the sole factor. We feel “old” be- attended, but for the most part itmonths left to boast the envied party. cause we are on a natural pro- is time for us to move on. It mayage of 21 years. I am quite liter- I found myself at a party gression toward that day near be hard for some to accept, butally at the physical peak of my being held at a friend’s house the middle of May that every it is true. We feel “old” becauseyouth. Despite being young in on Friday, which was eventu- senior seems to dread. We feel we are “old.”every sense of the word, I, like ally overrun with a number “old” because we have to. Feeling “old” is not a nega-many seniors, feel “old.” of underclassmen. While I While most of us might tive thing as most conversations Some may see this as a com- had almost always felt like the cringe whenever the topic of on the topic might lead you toplaint stemming from a reluc- young kid at the party up until graduation is mentioned, we believe; rather, it is merely antance to accept the responsi- this point in my college expe- are all still preparing ourselves, acceptance of a certain level ofbilities associated with growing rience, some of these people whether consciously or not, maturity associated with being aolder. This is not a complaint; were noticeably two-to-three for the day when we are finally senior.rather it is a statement that I years younger than me. I im- cast out into the real world. It is not that we actually feel Johnknow many of my fellow seniors mediately shifted from feel- One of the first preparatory old in a physical sense, we merelycan relate to. I believe this ap- ing like a normal guy hanging steps is the realization that we feel older than underclassmen, sChRoECKparently irrational feeling “old” out at a friend’s party, to feel- are no longer merely striving as we should considering we areto be a significant and integral ing like some creepy old dude to seem like we are not kids. older than them.aspect of the college experience. crashing a party filled with un- We are not kids anymore; we We are not old; we are seniors.Let me explain. I spent the majority of my derage college kids. It was un- comfortable to say the least. Features Editor have switched roles. Now we are the seniors that we once It turns out that what it means to feel “old” is synonymous tocollege career trying to not seem I know I am not alone in feel- The fact of the matter is that hoped would not perceive us as what it means to feel like a col-like a kid. Regardless of how my ing “old.” In discussions follow- none of us are old by any stretch kids. lege senior. Like it or not, this isefforts affected the perception ing this realization, I found that of the imagination and yet, for This feeling that we are “old” how it feels to be a senior.of others, I still ended up feel- the majority of seniors I spoke some reason, we feel like we are. is directly tied to the fact that, Is it what you expected? Paid advertisement
  7. 7. Xavier Newswire Feature November 10, 2010 5 GET LOUD An inside look at the Xavier Pep Band By John Stevens, Staff Writer Newswire photos by Andrew Matsushita The trip to Sacramento came bilation are mandatory!” mere hours after the men’s team Amidst a swirl of screams and fell in the Sweet 16 to Kansas catcalls from Pep Band mem- State in Salt Lake City. bers, a favorite from the film As fun as all of the traveling Beetlejuice, “Jump in the Line,” can be, missing a month of class started up. amidst midterms is certainly no The game was still 30 minutes easy task. away, the stands have nary a soul, “I went on every single trip, so yet Cintas was already filled with I literally went from the Atlantic sound. Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in “Over the past few years, we the course of a month,” said have really worked hard with the senior Nick Roetting, Pep Band Athletic Department to forge a vice president. “I missed so closer relationship with the fans, much school I thought I would the teams and the cheerleaders.” never catch up.” Westgate said. “The pep band is To those involved, however, beginning to be a more integral the Pep Band is much more than part of the game experience at traveling and watching the games Cintas and I am extremely proud live. of that change.” “When I came to Xavier, I Hours later at the men’s game was set on no longer playing my against Bellarmine, the Pep trombone because there would Band belted out arena favorite be nothing to compare to my “Sweet Caroline” accompaniedThe Pep Band arrives an hour prior to basketball games to warm up and prep the crowd. high school marching band ex- in “BAH, BAH, BAHs” by the There are plenty of things to Westgate said. “Conducting the ‘Sweet Caroline’ and ‘Livin on perience,” Bell said. student section.get excited about entering Cintas fight song after a big moment in a Prayer,’” Westgate said. “[We “I joined PepCenter for Xavier basketball – the game is a huge rush.” will] also be injecting some new Band, not sure whatthe fantastic games, the insanity No matter how much fun tunes by Lady Gaga, Journey and I would find. I lovedof the crowd, the potential to the Pep Band has every season others. I try to update our music it immediately andface the Blue Blob in rock, pa- in the stands or how much of a books every year to make them a found the commu-per, scissors, etc. rush the Xavier Fight Song cre- bit more modern while keeping nity I was looking However, there is a group on ates throughout Cintas, a lot of the old pep band standards.” for and was ablecampus that may be more ex- work goes into the group. Throwing in tunes from Lady to finally adapt tocited about getting excited than Outside of regular rehearsals, Gaga is not just for the enjoy- school,” she said. “Itanyone else on campus. They are the band arrives an hour before ment of the band. has given me friendsusually the first and last in the every game, and begins per- “I really enjoy getting the stu- that I feel will, onearena and make more noise than forming for fans as they file into dent section involved,” Westgate way or another, be inanyone else in Cintas. Cintas before tip-off. said. my life forever.” And they have a cowbell. The band then marches onto Pep Band does not typically Perhaps Roetting “It is a ton of fun getting to the court for a performance of end with the regular season puts it best, call-play the cowbell every night,” the Xavier Fight Song as the team as they follow both basketball ing Pep Band “asaid senior Nick Makley, presi- makes its way onto the floor. teams to each round of the chance for us todent of the Xavier Pep Band. The rest of the game is filled NCAA tournament. live and die togeth-“I got a fever. And the only pre- with cheers and rally songs, such “The tournament schedule er as the team winsscription is more cowbell.” as this year’s newest fist-pump- from last year was probably one or loses. Whatever Dr. Matthew Westgate directs the Xavier Pep Band Makley is not the only mem- ing edition of “Everytime We of the best times in my life,” said we go through, we for his third straight season.ber of the 2010-11 Xavier Pep Touch” by Cascada. senior trombonist Maggie Bell. go through together and as As the timeout ended, theBand excited as the season be- That is not the only new piece Last season, the Musketeers friends.” crowd grews louder than evergins. Dr. Matthew Westgate, en- of music the Pep Band has add- played in Upper Marlboro, Md., As the band prepared to play behind the Musketeers.tering his third season directing ed to the docket this season. Atlantic City, N.J., Milwaukee, before the start of last Saturday’s As their shirts so eloquentlythe Pep Band, is just as invested “We will be bringing back Salt Lake City and Sacramento, women’s exhibition against read, Pep Band is a primary driv-in the student group. some Cintas Center favorites Calif., for both men’s and wom- Bellarmine, Westgate screamed ing force in motivating Cintas to “I really love my job,” like ‘The Blues Brothers Theme,’ en’s basketball. out to the band, “sounds of ju- “GET LOUD.”
  8. 8. 10 February 16, 2011 Feature Xavier Newswire Clooney on Campus Or “When did Xavier decide to house a trailer park?” Headline photos courtesy of The Cincinnati Enquirer John Schroeck, Features Editor Academy Award-winning actor and or not Clooney would film on-location atGreater Cincinnati-area native GeorgeClooney invaded Cintas Center this week Xavier since he made a short visit to cam- pus in early November. 1.to film scenes for his upcoming movie Speculations grew further Thursday,“The Ides of March,” for which he is both Feb. 10 when Clooney was seen sporting adirector and actor. Xavier cap while shooting in Northside. Aside from Clooney, the film features Those speculations were confirmedan all-star cast including Ryan Gosling, early Tuesday morning when a truck wasAcademy Award-winners Philip Seymour spotted in front of Cintas Center donningHoffman and Marisa Tomei, Oscar- an unambiguous sticker reading “Operatednominee Paul Giamatti and Golden By: Ides of March Films, Inc.”Globe-nominee Evan Rachel Wood. The truck belonged to an electric “The Ides of March” tells the story crew there to pre-rig Cintas Center forof Stephen Meyers (Gosling), a young, Wednesday’s shoot.hotshot staffer for Democratic presiden- The electric crew informed pass-tial hopeful, Gov. Mike Morris (Clooney), ersby that the shoot would indeed occur Newswire photo by John Schroeckwho finds himself caught in a whirlwind Wednesday morning in the “middle arena”of dirty politics during his time on the of Cintas. Crew members remained am- 2.campaign trail. biguous about any further details, unwill- The film is an adaptation of the play ing to reveal anything they were not con-“Farragut North” by Beau Willimon. tractually allowed to divulge. The cast and crew have been in Cintas Center will be a closed set onCincinnati for the past several weeks Wednesday and student-athletes have beenshooting scenes in various locations instructed to stay out of the locker rooms.around the city. By Tuesday evening, the truck was gone Sightings across the area have taken a life and was replaced by 10 trailers set up onof their own, spawning “Clooneywatch” the concourse in front of Cintas.on Twitter, where fellow Clooney fans One security officer, freshly houndedspread the word to each other concerning by a group of excited female students asthe whereabouts of the Hollywood star. to when exactly they could meet Gosling Such places include a visit to the and Clooney, told inquirers that the castBlue Wisp Jazz Club on the evening of and crew would arrive Wednesday around Newswire photo by John SchroeckWednesday, Feb. 9., as well as Tuesday’s 5:45 a.m.filming locations in Mt. Lookout and Cast and crew members directly con-downtown on 3rd street. nected to the film could not be reached for 3. Students have speculated as to whether comment. 1&2.) 10 trailers ar- 4. rived in front of Cintas Center early Tuesday evening. Many students Newswire photo by John Schroeck passed by throughout the evening, some ex- - Paid Advertisement - cited for the arrival of the cast and crew, others confused by the addi- Classifieds 2221 Cathedral Avenue Three or Four brd on nic- tion of white trailers to Apt#2, Norwood. est street in Norwood. Apt includes: Full living and Newswire photo by John Schroeck the campus decor. Clean, LARGE 1 bd/1 ba 2nd dining rooms, air, parking, fl duplex w/study, full din- laundry,$960 3.) A truck carrying ing room, central air,gas Available June 1. 604-5159 5. electrical rigging equip- heat, walk-in closet. Quiet street near Fenwick and 4030 Crosley 45212, 3BR, 2.5 ment arrived early Quatman Café. 5 minute car garage, walking distance drive to XU.Water and trash to XU, No Pets, Begins June Tuesday morning. Crew included. No Pets. $525.00 2011 for 2011-2 school year, members worked into a month + security deposit, New AC, bathroom, bedroom, credit check, references. Quiet safe street, $1000/mon, the night preparing non-coin washer and dryer, Cintas for Wednesday’s (513) 519-9050 additional appliances and furnishings, Contact: Dan 513- film shoot. Wonderful apartments 305-9647 dpp97@hotmail. across from campus. June com 4.) Signs were posted or August for summer and/ or NEXT year. ONE bedroom Description: FREE UTILITIES Newswire photo by John Schroeck at the doors of Cin- up to FOUR bedrooms. cin- and only $375 per person! tas, pointing extras as ciVEGAN@juno.com Newly renovated! Large 3 bedroom & 5 bedroom 1 &6. well as cast and crew Available for 2011 school 2 bath apt. only ¼ mile from members in the right year. 5 houses one block campus. This apartment is from campus. 2, 3, and 4 part of a grand mansion that direction. full size bedrooms. Large features: Great kitchen and houses, walk to campus, large private bedrooms, new- 5&6.) Signs were other student housing im- er appliances,new flooring, mediately next door. Laun- laundry room, cable ready, placed around the en- dry, fully equipped kitchens, plenty of parking. These trances to campus and plenty of parking, clean and apts are very big with lots of well equipped. space. Will not last! the C2 lot, directing crew members to avail- 513-616-3798 or email Contact: Seth 513-383-9435 or doug.spitz@cbws.com for Sgdimling@aol.com(Available able parking locations. information. August 2011!) Newswire photo by John Schroeck
  9. 9. 12 November 3, 2010 Feature Xavier Newswire Something Xavier This Way Comes Students get creative with their Halloween costumes John Schroeck Features EditorPhoto Courtesy of Neil Heckman 1 2 Photo Courtesy of Danny Smogor3 Photo Courtesy of Alex Rogers 4 1.) Pandora’s Box: Senior -Paid Advertisement- Neil Heckman channels his inner Na’vi. 2.) “Don’t be such a baby”: Juniors Danny Smogor and Joe Gesick show some Nicktoon love for Rugrats Tommy Pickles and Chuckie Finster. 3.) “I choose you”: Sophomore Alex Rogers catches our hearts with his portrayal of Pokémon Trainer extraordinaire, Ash Ketchum. 4.) Alvin and the Peacock: Sophomores Mike Rizio and Mici Eubanks dedicate them- selves to cartoon and real ani- mals alike. 5.) Heard it Through the Grapevine: Juniors Abby Manning, Sidney Provenzano and Katie Cabrera have a pas- sion for grapes. Photo Courtesy of Mici Eubanks 5 Photo Courtesy of Abby Manning
  10. 10. JTSBrought to you by X-treme Fans