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Paul revere’s ride

Paul revere’s ride






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    Paul revere’s ride Paul revere’s ride Presentation Transcript

    • Paul Revere’s Ride
      By John Martyn
    • General Gage’s Dilemma/a soldier who hated war
      General Thomas Gage was a British officer who had been present in some of the bloodiest conflicts of the 18th century. In Flanders, Scottland, and in the Ohio valley during the French and Indian war. After each defeat, Gage was promoted.
    • Gage’s Dilemma/the Imperial quarrel begins
      General Gage was heavily invested in the colonies. He had acquired 18 thousand acres in New York, a large pice of land in Canada, and a plantation in the west Indies.
    • Mounting Tensions/Inevitability as a choice
      The British infantry occupied Boston in 1775. The British soldiers were often at loose ends and the cheap rum killed many.
    • Paul Revere’s America/the mercury of the revolution
      After the Boston Tea Party, Boston became the center of a network of commities and congresses throughout the congress. Paul Revere played priminent roles in many of these commities.
    • Paul Revere’s America/the Boston Massacre
      This is a well known engraving made by Paul Revere of the Boston Massacre, 1770. The drawing by Henry Pelham was widely copied.
    • The Alarm/Awakening New England’s Institutions
      Paul Revere had a knack for networking and knew how to find the other resistance leaders. He was good at thinking on his feet. Paul Revere covered thirteen miles in two hours, alerting leaders in key wig circles. Revere rode west of Boston and sent other messengers in other directions. Most of them had longer journeys than Paul Revere.
    • Paul Revere’s America/the two callings
      Paul Revere was an artisan. He was a silversmith, goldsmith, and a mechanic. He was also a busy citizen and townsman. He had a wife, Sara Orne, and 8 children. Sara died in 1773.
    • The Warning/The midnight ride as a collection
      Signs of movement from the British fleet in the Boston harbor were communicated and reported to Paul Revere and Joseph Warren. They were among the few wig leaders remaining in Boston at the time. Dr. Warren had a source near British command who told of a plan to seize Samuel Adams and John Handcock, who were in Lexington, and burn supplies in Concord.
    • The Muster/The rising of the militia
      Within moments of Revere’s arrival, the militia assembled.
    • The first shot/The fight on Lexington green
      “I saw, and heard, a gun fired, which appeared to be a pistol. Then I could distinguish two guns, and then a continual roar of musketry.” Paul Revere, deposition, 1775.