Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development & Marketing


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Reasons Why Lawyers and Law Firms Should Use LinkedIn to Initiate and Cultivate Relationships

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  • Presentation is ultimately about LinkedIn, but before we get to the What, I want to talk about the WhyThese TRUTHS apply across the board, but have particular importance in our online, digital age.
  • To understand the use of websites, social networks, and LinkedIn for business development and marketing, we should first talk about how people go about hiring an attorney.Takeaway – hiring an attorney for a personal matter involves a personal investigation to find things that click personally. And the investigation now takes place at least in part ONLINE.FACEBOOK, too.
  • For businesses, the process is largely the same. It’s about connecting on a personal level on the basis of skills, expertise, experience, background, and other key indicators.Legal OnRamp, and other social networks, too.Takeaway – websites and LinkedIn are vetting and selection tools, and attorneys have to optimize those tools accordingly. Consumer or business: they want learned counsel and trusted advisors, especially when the stakes are high.
  • If you believe that every one of these constituencies can bring you business, then it requires you to keep in regular contact with them to identify needs, remind them of your abilities, introduce new ideas, etc.Meetings, phone calls, email, mailings, etc. – still important in the mix, but what kind of time, energy, and expense does that take?ALL of these constituencies are represented online and probably on LinkedIn, and if they’re not, you can be a hero to them by getting them on LinkedIn. Leveraging LinkedIn is EFFICIENT.
  • Two ways that people find you…general subject matter research: search engines, publications, information portals, etc. that point to your contentfinding you by name: bios, profiles, directories, listings, etc. that point directly to youYour online strategy needs to capitalize on both of these avenues, converting eyeballs to engagement – SEO, linking, content marketing
  • Website attract and invite people in, rather than window-shoppingAttorney bios – 40%+ of time spent on law firm websitesFresh content – blogs, publications, news, SEO value, engagement value; NO MORE BILLBOARDSRegular care and feeding – AnalyticsMultilateral, but not good for managing relationshipsLinkedIn & Social MediaImproves search engine rankingEnhances website bio information and presenceMany business development and marketing usesDemonstrates tech- and web-savviness
  • Distinguish BD from MarketingMarketing is primarily institutional, unilateral, sometimes indirectBD is personal, bilateral, and can exist without marketingNew business origination AND retention and expansion of existing client relationships - 80/20 ruleKey to managing a network of relationships – stay VISIBLE, RELEVANT, and INFLUENTIAL in between direct personal interactions.
  • So why LinkedIn?
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development & Marketing

    1. 1. Hello!Hello! Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development and Marketing John Reed, Esq. © 2013 Rain BDM
    2. 2. Legal Marketing Truths 1. People Hire Lawyers, Not Law Firms 2. Marketing Creates Opportunities to Engage 3. Business Development Is Managing Relationships © 2013 Rain BDM
    3. 3. Legal Services Are SourcedOnline 1. People Hire Lawyers, Not Law Firms For consumers… • 46% seek information about an attorney from friends, family, or colleagues • 34% contact an attorney they know or have used before • 65% of those who sought an attorney within the past year used the Internet • 53% visited law firm websites and social networks to validate information about or selection of an attorney Sources: “Perspectives on Finding Personal Legal Services,” (ABA, February 2011) “How Today’s Consumers Really Search for an Attorney,” (Lexis-Nexis, February 2012) © 2013 Rain BDM
    4. 4. Legal Services Are SourcedOnline 1. People Hire Lawyers, Not Law Firms For in-house counsel… • 77% rely upon referrals (internal or external) • 100% refer to law firm websites in the process of selecting outside counsel, with the majority of their attention devoted to viewing attorney bios • Up to 70% use LinkedIn each day, depending on age and need (professional or personal) Source: “2012 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey,” (Greentarget, InsideCounsel, & Zeughauser Group, January 2012) © 2013 Rain BDM
    5. 5. Legal Services Are SourcedOnline 1. People Hire Lawyers, Not Law Firms Every constituency of your target audience has the ability to direct business to you… • Current, Former, and Prospective Clients • Referral Sources • The Legal Community • Potential Hires • Business Partners • The Media and Other Followers © 2013 Rain BDM
    6. 6. Aligning Interests & Needs Online 2. Marketing Creates Opportunities to Engage Your online marketing strategy should… • Make it easier for your target audience to find, relate to, and connect with you • Educate your audience about a particular subject and your comparative knowledge and expertise in that area Your website and LinkedIn presence are the most effective means to meet these objectives. © 2013 Rain BDM
    7. 7. Aligning Interests & Needs Online 2. Marketing Creates Opportunities to Engage Social networks, particularly LinkedIn, can… • Provide another way to meet your online marketing objectives • Help you to grow and manage your personal network • Serve as an effective business development tool © 2013 Rain BDM
    8. 8. Building Relationships Online 3. Business Development Is Managing Relationships Business development… • Includes originating new clients and, perhaps more important, retaining and expanding your footprint with existing clients • Requires the attorney to cultivate personal relationships using a variety of tools and tactics More than your website, LinkedIn helps you remain visible, relevant, and influential to your network. © 2013 Rain BDM
    9. 9. Why LinkedIn? What’s the Big Deal? • 200 million members in over 200 countries and territories, including executives from all Fortune 500 companies • More than 2.7 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages • Two new members join LinkedIn each second • Users performed more than 5.7 billion professionally-oriented searches on LinkedIn in 2012 • Among lawyers, LinkedIn is the most popular social network Sources: LinkedIn Press Center - http://press.linkedin.com/about “2012 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey,” supra © 2013 Rain BDM