Social media and CRM in sport
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Social media and CRM in sport



Slide deck from Goodform's Sports CRM Summit, 9 June 2011.

Slide deck from Goodform's Sports CRM Summit, 9 June 2011.



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  • A bit about John: “Traditional” marketing & marketing management since 1989 With the addition of online marketing since 1997 Client side both hands on and marketing management/strategic roles to PLC Marketing Director Agency side handling clients including BT, HP, Microsoft, Specsavers, Sport England, Paralympics GBSpecialises in: Working out how to deliver your objectives (business objectives, communications objectives, revenue objectives etc) through your digital activities (web site, online marketing, social media) Planning & implementation of associated campaigns to attract those visitors (email, social networks, advertising, seo, sem, online pr) Online fundraising Online membership systemsMost often heard saying: Why? What do you really mean? Let’s work out how to do that online
  • Credentials
  • 50 speakers 20,000+ worldwide delegates Discussion between delegates & speakers, and delegates & delegates Elearning CPD for attendance etc etc
  • for more on The Conversation Prism

Social media and CRM in sport Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Social media & CRM
    Click introduction for session 1, advanced for session 2 or just continue for all slides
    John Duffy
  • 2. Mandatory #tag
    #sportsCRM (with apologies for confusion)
    Ideas for engagement around matches
    CRM systems which already cope with social media
  • 3. Nemisys in sport
  • 4. Social media & services
    British Horse Racing Authority
    The Football Association
    Rugby Football League
    Sport England
    British Universities & Colleges Sport
    English Golf Union
    Synergy, for Guinness
    England Squash & Racketball
    British Judo
    English Table Tennis Association
    The Children’s Trust
    Ipadio – live audio
    Vodpod – live video
  • 5. Our first ever sports project (!)
  • 6. What is social media?
  • 7. The Conversation Prism
  • 8. Your (social) fans - Generation Y
    Don’t read newspapers
    No landline phone
    Television on their terms
    Trust peers
    Internet experience is social
    Content is going mobile
    Television is for video games
    Want to be heard and self-express
    Email is for parents/work
    On demand content
  • 9. How we got here
    Web 1.0 Company  consumer
    Web 1.5 Company  consumer
    Web 2.0 Consumer  consumer
    Now: Companies/clubs joining the conversation
    If people don’t engage, it’s not social media
  • 10. And what is CRM?
    A business process or system
    For managing interactions
    With customers & potential customers
    Often automated / driven by technology
    Usually sales driven
    Usually “broadcast” – from company to prospect/client
    In other words, the antithesis of “social”
  • 11. Our aims
    Acquisition techniques
    Engagement techniques
    Exercise: content plan
    Fit to CRM
    “Capturing” information from Facebook
    Changing your web site
    Ideas for apps
    Social commerce
    The Holy Grail
  • 12. What we’re not going to cover
    Truly social organisations – I want to be more practical today!
    But do please read Christopher Carfi’s Social Customer Manifesto
    I want to have a say.
    I don't want to do business with idiots.
    I want to know when something is wrong, and what you're going to do to fix it.
    I want to help shape things that I'll find useful.
    I want to connect with others who are working on similar problems.
    I don't want to be called by another salesperson. Ever. (Unless they have something useful. Then I want it yesterday.)
    I want to buy things on my schedule, not yours. I don't care if it's the end of your quarter.
    I want to know your selling process.
    I want to tell you when you're screwing up. Conversely, I'm happy to tell you the things that you are doing well. I may even tell you what your competitors are doing.
    I want to do business with companies that act in a transparent and ethical manner.
    I want to know what's next. We're in partnership…where should we go?
  • 13. Acquisition – competitions
  • 14. On a more down to Earth budget
  • 15. Objectives
    Convert email contacts to Facebook
    Improve conversion rate from visit to like for Facebook page
    To develop comms channel that allows less formal and more frequent contacts
  • 16. Seeding
  • 17. Results
    #3 University behind Oxford & Cambridge
    < £.50 per conversion
    Model successfully applied to Twitter & Flickr
  • 18. Lessons & success factors
    Response peaks quickly – make your call to action page perfect for launch!
    A/B test first if you can
    Ts & Cs
    Make them clear, engage openly with any questions
    Track behaviour on your own web site
    Use campaign tracking URLs in seeding
    Set up goals to track entries
    Set up profile to report traffic from Facebook
    Make entry dependent on a(ny) viral action
    See below for Facebook Ts & Cs
  • 19. Engagement - matches
  • 20. Engagement - matches
  • 21. Engagement - matches
  • 22. Engagement - matches
  • 23. Engagement - matches
  • 24. Engagement - matches
    Photos from previous matches
    Videos from previous matches
    Ask people to predict the results
    Ask for UGC from the match
    Behind the scenes footage
    Key techniques
    Use #tag or Facebook Livestream
    Use Facebook Questions app
    Let’s see if you’re truly social – Tweet more ideas for engaging your users at matches using #sportsCRM
  • 25. Key technique: content plan
  • 26. Your content plan template
    Tweet content ideas about the type of events and activities you have coming up in the next month
    You know by now ... #sportCRM
  • 27. And my stab at your content
    Think age ranges – youth to seniors
    Race meetings
    Ladies day
    Magic weekend
    Wimbledon – tickets?
    Community work
    Transfer speculation
    VIP visits
    Sportivate & summer coaching sessions ...
  • 28. First (next?) steps for CRM
    How can your social media content plan enhance your planned marketing/CRM-based activity?
    Bums on seats
    Friend get friend
    Kit sales
    Use competitions to:
    Acquire social contacts
    Acquire CRM contacts
    LINK social and CRM contacts
  • 29. Simple analytics
    New contacts – CRM system
    New contacts – social networks
    Linked contacts – exist in CRM, but you know their social network user name
  • 30. Assumptions
    You already “do” social media – well
    You know your communications & business objectives for both social media & CRM
    Your web site is well designed for the “social basics”
    Subscribe functionality in place
    Share functionality in place
    Semantic mark up in place (or planned)
    Essentially, you’re ready to step up a gear
  • 31. Semantic mark up
    The visitor sees
    The London Cup
    Richmond Hockey Club
    July 12th – 16th
    Facebook & Google see
    The London Cup This is an event that you can attend
    Richmond Hockey Club I see the coordinates, I can show them on a map
    July 12th – 16th I see that’s a date, I can show this event in a listing
  • 32. Revisit your web site
    Sports teams
    Sports leagues
  • 33. ReachingFacebook information
  • 34. Museum of Me
  • 35. Feedback / ideas
    Idea to encourage early arrival – 1st X people in crowd get a free beer
    Personalised merchandise – email goes to fan showing mock up of their name on shirt in time to order for their birthday
  • 36. Simpler to do – Jibjab
  • 37. Birthday reminders
  • 38. Integrating to your site
  • 39. Video launch + competition
  • 40. Cross-network competitions
  • 41. Capturing Facebook information
    Photos & tags
    Videos & tags
    Religion & politics
    Web site
    Work history
    Friend lists
    As the user, apart from
    Friends list
  • 42. Boring but noteworthy
  • 43. Discussion
    Birthday reminders = perfect use of social graph allied to core offer
    And ideas like this are the key to your social media/CRM success
    Ideas for your sport?
    Tweet them on #sportsCRM
    I’ll curate them later
  • 44. Some more ideas to explore
    Entry systems
    Ticket purchase
    Kit sales (birthday presents?)
    Top trumps
    Match days – mobile apps
    Check in + deals
    Fan  fan banter
  • 45. Success factors
    Simple and compelling offer
    A(ny) viral action
    Like’s best
    Gains permission to the real gold
  • 46. Social commerce
  • 47. Analytics
  • 48. Analytics
    1 simplistic model
  • 49. My (your?) end goal
    Link these elements
    Web site behaviour (pre-registration)
    Web site behaviour (post-registration)
    Social media demographic information
    Social media behaviour
    Response to offers / marcomms channels
    Customer/fan purchase behaviour / lifetime value
    Then act accordingly
    You map user journeys
    For demographic/segments
    Engage with each segment on its terms
    & take each individual on his/her “correct” journey to achieve your objectives
  • 50. Recap
    Have clear objectives
    Make your digital properties “ready”
    Find a way to link CRM contacts with their social presence
    Always, with their permission
    Next conversations
    CRM vendor capabilities & roadmap
    Analytics vendor capabilities & roadmap
    CMS vendor capabilities & roadmap
  • 51. Another recap
    Find a way to link people in your CRM system to their social media personas – with their permission
  • 52. Age issues
  • 53. Hat tips
    Read these!
  • 54. John Duffy, Marketing Director
    Download this deck & others from:
  • 55. Sales spiel
    Obviously we produce web sites, promote events, consult on digital strategy and social media, create mobile & web apps
    In addition to that we have developed some technologies that we can plug in to other peoples’ web sites and CRM systems
    Read on if you’d like to know more
  • 56. Get Active Portal
    This is the London version of our national sports venues, events and activities portal
    NGBs – list all your clubs & events on this platform
    Professional clubs – list your community events (you won’t need us for your league fixtures!)
  • 57. Ipadio
    ANY phone call live to ANY web site
    Or moderated before publishing if you prefer!
    Sports uses
    Pre & post match interviews
    Bring fans closer to players
    Enter competitions
    CRM uses
    Take audio direct to customer record from phone
    Take key stroke data direct to a customer record via customisable “voice forms”
    Take customer surveys using audio and key pad direct to their record
  • 58. Vodpod
    Take input from ANY webcam to YOUR web site or app
    With moderation, of course
    Used by British Horse Racing Authority for The Filly Factor
    Webcam on & have a go