10 Deploys a Day - A Case Study of Continuous Delivery at Envato
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10 Deploys a Day - A Case Study of Continuous Delivery at Envato



A presentation to the BankWest Solution Delivery team and the Perth DevOps Meetup describing the delivery processes at Envato that enable us to deploy 10 times a day.

A presentation to the BankWest Solution Delivery team and the Perth DevOps Meetup describing the delivery processes at Envato that enable us to deploy 10 times a day.



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    10 Deploys a Day - A Case Study of Continuous Delivery at Envato 10 Deploys a Day - A Case Study of Continuous Delivery at Envato Presentation Transcript

    • 10 Deploys a Day a case study of continuous delivery at envato AT john viner PRESENTATION TEMPLATE from Envato’s Graphic River - http:/ /graphicriver.net/item/karbon-keynote-presentation-template/2580765
    • envato ABOUT US 7 years ago - a designer scratching an itch creates a flash-plugin marketplace and now … ‣ ‣ ‣ 3.2m members 4.6m Items 10 Authors sold > $1m ‣ ‣ ‣ 130m PVs p/m 20M Visits p/M Item sold every 10 sec
    • Envato our marketplace Sites
    • Envato wordpress - our biggest market > 3400+ Themes for Sale > Most Popular Theme has sold 37,500 times and generated $2m in gross revenue > Average price of a Theme is $42 > Average sales per TF author is 2,075 > Provides a Passive Income source ! 19% of the web runs on Wordpress! (4B monthly page view)
    • Envato we’ve grown - and continue to grow > Themeforest is now Ranked ~ #180 on the Alexa Rankings > My development team was 8, 15 months ago and is now 24
    • Envato the marketplace team 40 - in melbourne ‣ 30 - remote around the world ‣ ‣ delivery team - 19 Back End Developers - 2 Front End Developers - 1 Operations Developer - 5 Product Managers and UX Designers 6 Teams ‣ finance, ‣ back office, ‣ front end, ‣ maintenance ‣ search ‣ 10x ‣
    • Envato marketplace tech stack ruby on rails web app ‣ mysql database ‣ elastic Search ‣ rackspace managed hosting in USA ‣ > 90M App Server Requests per Week > Backend Response time of 148 ms > Front end Response time of 2.5sec > 45 Virtual Machines > 4 Physical Machines (DBs, NFS) > Avg 6 deploys a day - Peak of 10 > Average 100 commits a day > Peak Load of 15,000 req per minute > 4 Physical Machines (DBs etc…)
    • Envato pull work, talk to Product, write code, test code deploy code, verify production repeat … about twice a week per developer > Story on the wall > flip or no flip? > Create a Branch > write failing test > write code > Run Local Tests > Run full personal build > create Pull request > advertise pull request (IRC) ! optional > deploy to staging > show product owner > manual test > wait for +1s (code review) > Merge Pull request > Full Master Build Green > notify team in IRC > deploy master to Production > watch System - monitoring tools > rollback if failed > Rinse and Repeat
    • ENVATO in pictures Story Tests Code
    • ENVATO flippin good >Flip allows us to roll out changes to % of users > Something might be flipped off for months > But we Always Deploy It
    • ENVATO quality Code Review CI Build Deploy
    • coordinating reviews and deploys .. by irc You Need Deep Dev and Operational Experience right? > Luke - Graduate with 4 months Exp > Rakesh - Swinburne Industry Student > Ben - Front End Developer > Emmanuel - 2 yrs Dev Exp 4 Other Developers Mentioned Across 4 Separate Teams
    • ENVATO now check the systems New Relic Deploy With Change Traceability
    • things can break … And Do
    • ENVATO deploys gone bad Rollbar Error Logging
    • Envato the post incident review recommends? >1 - Improve our ability to Automatically rollback on monitored 500 errors ! > 2 - NO Recommendation to Improve Preventative Testing ! > Why? - Too Costly and complex to simulate production > Why? - Would slow development flow
    • so who operates this site anyway?
    • Envato 1 developer all developers you build it you run it > 16 Developers on a Weekly Rotation > They come out of their team > They are Trained, have a Buddy for First Week > Supported by a Secondary > They are First Line of Support for 168 hours straight Tooling is: > Scout , New Relic and Pingdom monitoring and generating alerts > Pagerduty forwarding to them On-Call Developer > Rollbar to track Errors > IRC to find out what went wrong > ALL Alerts are also pumped into IRC so everyone knows whats going on and to get Help!
    • Envato we reflect on failures and act to correct
    • Envato but we aren’t great at operations > We are just Good Enough right now, Just > The rotation leaves without a continuous view of system health > We don’t always clean up behind us, root causes often come back > Monitoring, Metrics, Performance insights are all Operational Skills that many developers don’t have > We are hiring Operational Specialists for the first time > Our Single DevOps guy is actively training all the devs - AJs Cafe
    • Envato so what do we not do > No - testing role or formal testing gate > NO - change control gate > No - formal comms of every change > NO - release management > No - separate deployment team > NO - Separate operations team all of these are not feasible at 10 deploys a day
    • Envato how do we solve the problems that these practices solve ? ‣ No Testing Capability > TDD and 1000s of automated tests > Use Production Users as your test team > Flips help us control the rollout > We test major infrastructure and architecture changes in production as well … using Flips > We Fail Fast and Loud ‣ No release management > Releases are SMALL, no need to define or document > Release self-document and radiate through IRC ‣ No change control > Operations (i.e. Developers) know of changes before they happen because they review them as PRs > There are changes we cannot “signoff” as testing in pre-prod environments > A green build is our sign off > Devs have skin-in-game so are incentivised for the code to work! > Small Batch efficiency (small deltas are easier to identify and rollback)
    • Envato OK How did we do it? ‣ it was our startup dNA > The Team started and stayed very small (less than 8 devs) for 4 years > They started with this structure and process and have never changed. ‣ it scales > We’ve tripled the team, and split into 5 streams > We’ve been able to scale this model ‣ but with a lag > But it took 3 months to see the results
    • Envato so do you want to drink the kooL-aid? ‣ it might not be for you ‣ > We have a tolerant savvy users > We have users that come back to complete a purchase if it fails > We are in CONTROL of our full stack ‣ If you want it, you have to change > people ‣ > processes ‣ > assumptions ‣‣ > Tech is the easy part > You can’t optimise your “gatekeeping” processes to 10 deploys a leap is required > Existing processes can get you close, say once a fortnight or a week > A leap is required to get to many times a day
    • Envato distributed collaboration vs central control quality ‣ release planning ‣ deployment ‣ operations ‣ !
    • did I say Continuous Delivery or deployment? meet the real rockstars at Envato …
    • Envato the microlancer team automatically deploy every commit to master … always
    • Envato whats the difference?
    • Envato what our next challenges? continuous automated reactive deployments ‣ flips + split testing and with every product feature ‣ flexibility of our infrastructure ‣ improved operations ‣ !
    • envato THANK YOU @envato @veztek webuild.envato.com