3 wp plugins to leverage from podcasting


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3 wp plugins to leverage from podcasting

  1. 1. 3 WP-Plugins to leverage from Podcasting Podcasting is a new age way for connecting with the audiences. Not every blogger is a writer, and not every online visitor is a reader. In the present age, where everyone seems to be running ahead of time, podcasting is an impressive way to connect to the audiences. These are easily viewable and downloadable video or audio files, often published in a series of episodes, which allows the users to listen and/or view the content while on the go, with the help of their very own latest handheld devices. For a blogger, this means new and innovative way to connect with the audiences. If you do not have the time to draft a write-up and post, talk instead. And now, if you happen to be a WordPress blogger, you can easily exploit the benefits provided by podcast with the help of these 3 WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins for Podcasting:
  2. 2. PodPress For the podcasts, this is one power packed and most widely used WP-plugin. Get acquainted with the features of PodPress below: - Easy feed generation – the feed generation is completely automatic and has complete feature support such as RSS 2, iTunes and ATOM and also Bit Torrent RSS. - It gives a brief preview of how the podcast would appear on iTunes. - Provides the podcast download status with lively graphs. - Allows the podcasters to add new podcasts very easily to the posts. - At the time of posting, the plugin allows you to view MP3 files and ID3 tags etc. - Full control over displaying the player on the posts and controlling how it would look. - Full support to various formats, including video podcasting etc.
  3. 3. - Plugin supports an in-exhaustive number of media files. - An automatic media player for YouTube, MP3, MP4, FLV, OGG, MOV, AVI, ASF, SWF, and others, along with full support for inline and Popup windows. - A preview of the images for videos is also generated. - Integration with Podango hosting. - Complete support to feature separate category products. The plugin can easily be downloaded from the plugin library, much like one downloads other WP-plugins.
  4. 4. PowerPress With the latest Apple iTunes podcasting specifications included in this yet another revolutionary plugin for Podcasting, you should not lag behind by not using it. Even if you are currently using PodPress and wish to migrate to this feature-rich environment for podcasting, the switching can be done with a blink of an eye. All you have to do is to enable PowerPress and disable PodPress and that’s it. However, the question arises why would you switch? Of course we understand that you have taken so much of an effort to install and get a hang around PodPress, and hence there has to be impressive perks in order for you to make the switch. PowerPress has no under-the-table
  5. 5. bribe to offer, just its set of compelling features, which would drive you towards making the switch. The features which PowerPress comes jam-packed with include: - Flexible User Management – If more than one user is involved in creating and posting the podcasts on the blog, you can manage the same with User Role Management. - Create multiple podcasts and arrange them either by category or by format. - Full video support of HTML 5, which allows you to add both mp4 and webm media files and maximize platform compatibility. - Full support for iTunes, which enables the users to add iTune compliant podcasts to their blog. - HTML 5 and Flash Media Player elements are included in this plugin, which also contains the embed support from various sites, such as YouTube and Ustream.tv. - Media modifiers which make it rather easy for bloggers to add modify or remove the podcasts from their pages.
  6. 6. - Easy migration – with the availability of migration tools, it is now easy for bloggers to make the shift from PodPress, Blogger etc, with no loss of previous episodes. - Multiple language support – lastly, this plugin supports multiple languages, such as English, French, Italian, Danish and Simple Chinese. - An extensive support to various media files such as mp3, mp4a, mp4, pdf, flv, avi, asf, m4b, m4r, epub, torrent, webm, ogg, ogv, oga, swf, wmv, wma, mov, 3gp, aa, midi, divx, 3gp. The list of features is quite intensive, and if you are serious about using plugins to leverage your business from podcasting, this is the plugin for you.
  7. 7. Audio Media Player Plugin from WordPress The ultimate option in creating and broadcasting a podcast on the WordPress blog is by using the Audio Media Player plugin. It is the most light-weighed options amongst what all we have just discussed and if you are just starting up with the world of Podcasting, do not have much of an experience in handling the same, this one plugin is best suited to match your requirements. Simply record, upload and share the podcasts with the help of this plugin.
  8. 8. If you intend to give a better leverage to your business, opt for WordPress development outsourcing, and get customized and bespoke and niche-specific solutions for your blog or the website. Also, let us know if you used
  9. 9. these WP-plugins for podcasting and how your experience was, in the comments section below.
  10. 10. these WP-plugins for podcasting and how your experience was, in the comments section below.