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Brandmovers capabilities
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Brandmovers capabilities


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Brandmovers are the global leaders in digital engagement.

Brandmovers are the global leaders in digital engagement.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.The GlobalLeader inDigitalEngagementEstablished In2003Offices inAmericas,Europe &Asia
  • 2. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.What is digital engagement?
  • 3. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT IS…Connecting withmore customers,more frequently,more personally,through more channels,in a more meaningful way.© Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.
  • 4. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.What impact can digital engagementreally have on my customers?
  • 5. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.DIGITALLY ENGAGEDBRANDS ARE…• 86% more likely to be purchased• 9% more likely to be repurchased• 115% more likely to berecommended to othersSOURCE: Harvard Business Review, May 2012© Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.
  • 6. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.Are my customers digitallyengaged with my brand?
  • 7. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.THAT ONE’S A LITTLETOUGHER…Answered honestly, mostmarketers would say “no.”PEOPLE TELL US…it is too complex!there is too much data!there are too many platforms!there is not enough ROI!© Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.
  • 8. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.THESE BRANDS CAN SAY “YES:”HERE’S HOW WE HELPED THEM…
  • 10. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.
  • 11. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.Great results begin before the first imageis created or the first line of code or copyis written. They begin by asking the rightquestions.We want to know what your customersare currently thinking, what moves themtowards purchase and what can keepthem coming back for more.Our specialties include:• Digital Mindshare Research• Strategic POVs• Online Brand Positioning Strategy• Customer Modeling• Channel Spend AnalysisDIGITAL STRATEGY
  • 12. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.In-house development and design teamsallow Brandmovers to create and deliversolutions faster and more efficiently.Our team is able to turn insights, ideasand strategies into web and mobileexperiences that compel, inform and feedcustomer desires for engagement withyour brand.Our specialties include:• Opti-View™ Brand Platform• Promotional Microsites• CRM/eCommerce Integration• Mobile/Tablet Applications• SEO Optimisation& StrategiesDEVELOPMENT & DESIGNSuperdry
  • 13. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.To us, social goes way beyond a type ofmedia. We believe social allows us toengage in two way conversations to openthe door to more engaging, profitablerelationships with your customers.We start by understanding the collectivedigital voice of your customers. Then weuse data-driven insights to reach yourcustomers in a more meaningful way.Our specialties include:• Online Brand & Profile Management• Facebook, Twitter, Instagram &Pinterest Promotions• Influencer Outreach• Online Conversation Analysis &Customer Purchase ModelingSOCIAL ENGAGEMENTPaultons ParkPeppa Pig World Instant Win
  • 14. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.Simply fitting your assets or websites within amobile screen isn’t enough to move the needle.To reach and engage with your customersregardless of their device, we’ve pioneeredtechnology focused on using mobile websolutions and promotions for informationcapture, retail conversions and revenueenhancements.Our specialties include:• Mobile Applications• Responsive Web Design• Mobile Promotional MicrositesMOBILEUniversal StudiosDespicablimp Command Center
  • 15. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.Coupons. Contests. Prize Draws.Brandmovers is who the worlds’ leadingbrands rely on to ideate, execute andfulfill their online promotions.Whether it’s consumer or trade marketingpromotions, our goal is to continuallyinnovate new ways to engage customersthrough multiple channels and devices.Our specialties include:• Contests, Prize Draws & Games• UGC Promotions• Strategy, Design & Execution• Legal/Indemnification• FulfillmentPROMOTIONSMyFerryLinkWin a taste of France
  • 16. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.Loyalty platforms have to be more thanfunctional. They have to inspire andcultivate revenue-generation opportunitiesfor your brand to be worth the investment.Our approach is to build loyalty throughcustomer modeling and by incentivisingbehaviours that activate your audience infun and unexpected ways.Our specialties include:• Brand Loyalty Programs• B2B/Sales-Force Incentives• Point-Based Incentive StructuresLOYALTY PROGRAMSSafilo Group/Giorgio Armani,Frames To Rewards Loyalty Program
  • 17. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.At Brandmovers we don’t just plan and buymedia. Our Digital Media and Planning teamis led by members of Google’s originalsearch algorithm team.What this means is that Brandmovers clientsreap substantially greater returns on theirmedia investments.Our specialties include:• Media Buying & Planning• Display Ad Design & Development• Search Engine Marketing• SMS & Text AdsPAID MEDIAPrincess CruisesBanner Ad Flights
  • 18. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.CONTENT CREATIONOk, so we’ve got what it takes to build it but do we havewhat it takes to sustain it? You better believe it.Our in-house team of copywriters, graphic designers andcommunity managers eat sleep and breathe content.Bringing humour, wit and value-added information for yourcustomers is not only an honour, we think it’s a heck of a lotof fun.Our content specialties include:• Content Calendars• Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Blog Management• Instagram Feeds• Social Media Customer ServiceMission
  • 19. HOW WE DO IT
  • 20. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.WE TAME THEDIGITAL CHAOSWe can take thecomplex, interconnected, fragmented worldof your digital data and package them into asolution that works for your brand.Our in-house team simplifies the process andget you to results faster.
  • 21. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.OUR PROPRIETARYTECHNOLOGYOrdinary solutions power ordinary results. We custom-code and program our own solutions allowing us to domore and achieve more for our clients.Here is just a sampling of the solutions we’ve built thatpower our services:• Opti-View™ Responsive Design Platform• U-Rewards Loyalty Framework• Social Influencer Platform• Triggered SMS & Email Distribution• Gaming Engine• CRM Solution• Promotions Platform© Copyright 2013 Brandmovers, Inc.
  • 22. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.WE ANALYTICSIf you think our work is beautiful, wait until you see what’s under the hood! We’ve created customdashboards that measure and track the performance of your solution from launch to close andbeyond.We overlay SEO data and online conversation monitoring in weekly, monthly or quarterly KPI reportsthat tell you what’s working, what your customers are responding to and identifying real-timeopportunities to increase engagement.Brandmovers Analytics Dashboards &Online Conversation Monitoring Reports© Copyright 2013 Brandmovers, Inc.
  • 23. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.We’re kind of thesuperheroes of thedigital engagement.© Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.
  • 24. © Copyright 2013 Brandmovers Europe Ltd.Let’s Get Moving.John LyonsManaging Director, (0)20 7636 2303