Riots Timeline


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Riots Timeline

  1. 1. Thursday 4th August 18:15 Mark Duggan is shot dead by the policeSaturday 6th August Before IPCC provides support for Mark Duggan’s family as they identify the 17:00 body 17:00 Around 300 people gather outside Tottenham police station after marching from Broadwater Farm estate. They say they want "justice" for Mr Duggan and his family. Officers are forced to close the High Road and put traffic diversions in place. Eyewitnesses report that the protest begins peacefully. 20:20 The violence begins as bottles are thrown at two patrol cars close to the police station. One of the vehicles is set alight, while the other is pushed into the middle of the road before also being torched. Unconfirmed reports say the incident was sparked off by a confrontation between a teenage protester and a police officer. Riot officers from the Territorial Support Group and police on horseback are deployed to disperse the crowds but come under attack from bottles, fireworks and other missiles. 22:25 As the violence continues, a double-decker bus is burnt out and more petrol bombs are thrown at police and buildings. Shops set alight in the area include an Aldi supermarket and a carpet shop. Looting is reported throughout the night and some thieves take the opportunity to load up car boots and shopping trolleys with stolen goods. Vision Express, Boots, Argos and JD Sports are among the shops affected. 20:45 The London Fire Brigade receives its first calls to attend and by 04:30 BST the following morning has dealt with 49 "primary" fires in the Tottenham area and received more than 250 emergency calls from the public. No firefighters are injured in the disturbances but some are threatened by rioters, according to the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.Sunday 7th August 12:00 Fire crews have all the fires under control but are still damping down some burnt-out buildings. Scenes of crime officers begin investigating and gathering evidence. Police say 26 police officers were injured in the riots and two remain in hospital. In total, 55 arrests have been made.
  2. 2. Local MP David Lammy tells reporters the community has "had the heart ripped out of it" by "mindless, mindless people", many of whom, he says, had come from outside Tottenham to cause trouble.Sunday 7th August 16:20 Police announce the launch of Operation Withern to investigate the riots in Tottenham.Sunday 7th August 18:28 Police are called to High Street Enfield after reports shop windows are being smashed. A police vehicle is damaged.Sunday 7th August 18:30 Three police officers are injured after intervening in an altercation in Brixton, south London. Missiles are thrown.Sunday 7th August 19:45 Around 100 hooded youths gather outside Enfield Police Station.Sunday 7th August 21:30 21:30 BST -The Guardian newspaper quotes a source as saying a bullet found in a police radio after Mr Duggans death was police issue.Sunday 7th August 22:00 More reports of shop windows being smashed in Enfield. Riot police and mounted police patrol the streets.Sunday 7th August 22:30 Reports on Twitter of a police presence at Oxford Circus in Londons West End. Police later say a mob of around 50 people damaged property in the area.Monday 8th August 00:45 Six fire engines and 30 firefighters are despatched to a blaze at a Foot Locker store on Brixton Road, after it is set alight. Three officers are injured after being hit by a vehicle in Chingford Mount, Waltham Forest. The officers had been making arrests after a shop was looted. Police say a police vehicle windscreen was smashed during a disturbance in Islington and a Tesco store in Ponders End has
  3. 3. been vandalised and looted. Scotland Yard says police are responding to copycat criminal activity across London. In a statement it says "small and mobile groups" of looters have been have been targeting areas of north, east and south London. Police say gangs of youths are continuing to attack officers and shops are being targeted in Waltham Forest. In Enfield, the High Street remains cordoned off after disorder in the area was contained. The situation in Walthamstow is said to be under control after some 30 youths - many in masks - vandalised and looted shops there.02:38 The London Fire Brigade says firefighters have been called to a number of fires as a direct result of disturbances in the Enfield, Brixton and Walthamstow areas. Six fire engines and 30 firefighters are fighting a blaze at a shop on Brixton road.06:15 The Metropolitan Police say a further 100 arrests have been made and 16 people charged in relation to disturbances overnight on Sunday.17:19 Skirmishes break out between police and groups of young people in Hackney. The trouble reportedly started when a man was stopped and searched by police, but nothing was found.17:39 Spokesman for Mayor of London Boris Johnson says he is interrupting his family holiday to return to the capital to deal with the situation.18:42 Transport for London says a bus has been set on fire in Peckham, south-east London.18:45 Video footage from Lewisham, south London, shows a fire burning in a street where at least one vehicle has been set ablaze.
  4. 4. 20:07 West Midlands Police say some shop windows have been smashed in various locations, with property stolen.20:58 Aerial footage is now showing several fires burning in Croydon, south London.21:33 - The Prime Minister is to cut short his holiday because the situation has "demonstrably worsened", it is reported.21:50 A BBC correspondent reports seeing a fire burning in Clapham High Street but he cant see any police besides a police roadblock further up the road.22:42 Essex and Suffolk Police confirm they have sent officers to London to assist Metropolitan Police colleagues.23:05 A BBC producer reports that phone shops are being looted in Woolwich High Street. He says there are several hundred youths involved, but there are no police around. There is also a burnt-out police car.23:27 Rioting is taking place in Ealing, west London, where the windows of a Tesco supermarket have been put out, a car is on fire and rubbish is strewn in public areas. There is also a fire in Haven Green park, opposite Ealing Broadway Tube.23:30 About 40 vehicles were damaged in a night of violence in Nottingham described by one senior officer as "motivated" by the London riots. Most of the incidents happened in the St Anns area, but police foiled an attempt to break into the Victoria Centre in the city centre. The trouble lasted about three hours.
  5. 5. 23:49 Labour leader Ed Miliband is returning early from his holiday in Devon because of the riots, it is reported. He is due back in London on Tuesday morning.Tuesday 9th August 00:45 West Midlands Police confirm that a police station in Holyhead Road in Handsworth, Birmingham, is on fire. 00:59 Merseyside Police confirm they are dealing with a number of incidents in South Liverpool, including cars being set alight. 01:05 BBC staff member reports hundreds of youths ransacking a Panasonic store in West Ealing - no sign of police. 01:21 The Metropolitan Police issue on their current operations across London. It includes the following bulletins - Hackney: 250-300 people gathered in Pembury Estate, setting alight cars and throwing petrol bombs. Businesses in Mare Street were looted and officers contained the situation. Three officers injured but their condition is not believed to be serious. Newham: Looting in Stratford High Street. Lewisham: Roaming groups of youths were involved in disorder. Bethnal Green: More than 100 people looted a Tesco supermarket. Two officers were injured. Croydon: Fires burning at a number of premises, including a very large blaze at a sofa factory. 03:06 London Fire Brigade lists the major blazes is it fighting in the capital: 1. Timber yard fire ongoing in East Ham on Plashet Grove. Four fire engines and 20 firefighters on site. 2. Shopping centre and offices of four floors fire on Woolwich New Road. Whole of the ground floor is alight. 20 firefighters attending. 3. The fire on Lavender Hill now has eight fire engines and 40 firefighters at the scene. Most of the ground floor and part of first floor alight. 4. 40 firefighters at a fire in a warehouse on Solar Way in Enfield. 09:43 London Fire Brigade says it faced its busiest night in recent history. The brigades 999 control centre answered 2,169 calls between 18:00 BST on Monday and 07:19 BST on Tuesday. This is around 15 times the normal rate of calls the brigade would expect on an average day.
  6. 6. 09:55 The Football Association confirms that Englands friendly against Holland at Wembley tomorrow has been called off because of the rioting in London.11:06 David Cameron makes his first statement outside Number 10 after cutting short his holiday to return to London. He announces a massive increase in police numbers and the recall of Parliament.14:15 Prime Minister David Cameron visits Croydon to view the devastation from Mondays violence and looting.14:45 London Mayor Boris Johnson visits Clapham Junction to thank volunteers for clearing up the damage and apologise to those who have lost their businesses. He is heckled by angry residents who say there were inadequate police on the streets.15:24 Scotland Yard says 525 people have been arrested in relation to the riots. Ninety-nine people have been charged so far - of those 63 face burglary charges.17:29 The Independent Police Complaints commission says ballistic test results show no evidence that a hangun found at the scene of the fatal police shooting of Mark Duggan had been fired.17:46 Reports of rocks and stones being hurled at police vans by gangs of youths in Salford, Manchester.19:28 Manchester police appeal for calm following a number of attacks by rioters on shops in Manchester city centre and Salford. There are also reports of trouble in Birmingham and West Bromwich where there have been confrontations between police and gangs of youths.22:36 A police station in Nottingham is firebombed by a group of rioters.
  7. 7. In the Bootle area of Merseyside a man is arrested on suspicion of vehicle theft after allegedly using a dumper truck to break into a Post Office.Wednesday 00:24 The Metropolitan Police say 685 arrests have been made in connection with the riots across London. Of these, 111 people have been charged - 69 with burglary. Greater Manchester Police say they made 47 arrests, Merseyside Police 35 arrests and West Midlands police 87 arrests on Tuesday night following trouble in Birmingham, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton. 04:00 Avon and Somerset Police say four people have been arrested following disorder in Bristol city centre. 05:37 A murder investigation is launched in Birmingham after two men are killed and one critically injured in a hit and run incident. The third man later died in hospital. It is not known if the deaths were linked to the rioting. 09:13 A 21-year-old man is arrested on suspicion of starting a fire at the House of Reeves furniture store in Croydon - destroyed during Monday nights rioting in London. 11:15 Prime Minister David Cameron makes a statement from Downing Street, paying tribute to police and the emergency services. He warns that more people will be arrested and charged. He said: "We will not allow a culture of fear to exist on our streets." Mr Cameron also said there were contingency plans for water cannon to be used at 24 hours notice. 13:43 1Ministry of Justice statement says there are enough prison places for all those sentenced to custody. The Met Police release a second tranches of images of people they would like to speak to about the recent disorder. Greater Manchester Police release a batch of CCTV images of suspects wanted in connection with the rioting and looting. 14:44 Scotlands First Minister, Alex Salmond, says 250 police officers
  8. 8. have been dispatched from Scotland to the Midlands and the north of England to help combat the rioting.16:31 The Association of Chief Police Officers - which is co-ordinating the transfer of police officers, dogs, horses and other riot equipment - says six forces have requested assistance tonight. They are: Avon and Somerset, Gloucestershire, Greater Manchester Police, Metropolitan Police, Nottinghamshire and West Midlands. Fifty-one forces across the UK are helping supply the extra officers and equipment.17:59 In London, the number of people arrested in connection with violence, disorder and looting rises to 805, with 251 charged, Scotland Yard says.18:19 Greater Manchester Polices twitter feed confirms that two men have been sentenced to 10 weeks and 16 weeks over rioting.19:36 Tariq Jahan, whose 21-year-old son, Haroon, died after he was run over by a car in Birmingham, has called for people not to resort to vigilantism against rioters and asked his community to stand united".21:51 Scotland Yard has named the 26-year-old man who died after being found shot in a car during riots in Croydon as Trevor Ellis, of Brixton Hill.22:03 In a statement, West Midlands Police say the situation across the area is calm at the moment as 1,000 officers parade the streets.23:55 Magistrates courts in London, Solihull and Manchester among others stay open through the night to fast track those already in custody for disorder related offences.
  9. 9. 01:50 A candle-lit vigil held in Birmingham at the spot where three men were killed on Wednesday night when they were hit by a car passes off peacefully. About 250 people took part. Police have been given more time to question a 32-year-old man on suspicion of murder.06:27 The Metropolitan Police say the total number of arrests in London is now 888 in connection with the rioting and looting - and of those, 371 have been charged. London and other cities affected by the recent rioting have remained largely calm overnight.10:00 MPs have been recalled from their summer break for an emergency debate on the riots.10:57 Housing minister Grant Shapps says 100 families have been made homeless following the disturbances. He says he is looking at measures to prevent rioters from being given social housing.11:15 The Premier League match between Tottenham and Everton at White Hart Lane, scheduled for this weekend has been postponed, amid fears of further unrest.11:30 Prime Minister David Cameron makes a statement to MPs in which he admits there are questions to be answered over the shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham last week. He calls the rioting "criminality, pure and simple" and says the courts will continue sitting for as long as necessary to deal with the extra cases. He says police will be given powers to force people to remove masks and scarves covering their faces where there are reasonable grounds to believe they are planning criminal activity. Mr Cameron also announces a £10m recovery scheme to make areas safe and clean again.11:55 Labour leader Ed Miliband calls for an inquiry to look at the deeper causes of the "wanton vandalism and looting". He says the riots have been a "stark reminder" of the need for police on the streets and he calls on the government to rethink cuts in police spending.
  10. 10. 17:02 MPs are continuing their debate in the Commons - it has now been extended until 20:00 to ensure everyone gets their say. 18:09 Scotland Yard says it has arrested a 20-year-old man on suspicion of robbery, in connection with the attack on Malaysian student AsyrafHaziq. West Midlands Police says it has arrested three men over the deaths of three people in the Winson Green area of Birmingham. A 32-year-old man arrested earlier over the case is released on bail. 19:38 Summing up for Labour in the Commons, shadow education secretary Andy Burnham says Parliament has spoken for the "majority" in the country in condemning the violence of the last few days. 19:48 Concluding for the government, Education Secretary Michael Gove says a "culture of rootless hedonism" has taken root in some parts of society but the last week has shown the "worst and best of our country". 20:04 The debate concludes and the Commons adjourns. It will re- convene next month. 21:50 Metropolitan Police now say 1,009 people have been arrested in connection with the riots - and 464 have been charged so far.Friday 00:22 The Metropolitan Police say 1,103 people have now been arrested in connection with the riots and 654 people have been charged. Greater Manchester Police said they had so far made 147 arrests and more than 70 people had already gone through the courts. Merseyside Police said they had made 77 arrests and charged 45 people. West Midlands Police said 445 people had been arrested and Nottinghamshire Police said they had arrested 109 people and charged 69. The night passes off peacefully - with officers still on the streets in
  11. 11. large numbers.