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John Poast Named Senior Vice President of Key Mortgage Services, Inc.

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Chicago Agent Mag

  1. 1. John Poast Named Senior Vice President of Key Mortgage Services, Inc. 31 JULY 2011 NO COMMENTIn June of 2011, John Poast moved to Key Mortgage Services, where he took on the role of senior vice president.Poast, a DePaul University graduate with an MBA from Illinois Institute of Technology’sStuart School of Business, started his real estate career in 2005. After living in Chicagofor a few years for school, Poast moved to New York City to begin his professionalcareer as an options trader. He moved back to Chicago after several years, missingracing his sailboat on Lake Michigan. “And, to be honest, Chicago is a much prettiercity,” he says with a laugh.After returning to Chicago, Poast began working as a lead trader at Goldman Sachs.There, Poast began “looking for a new opportunity to help people,” and found ChicagoBancorp to be the perfect opportunity.Having worked at Chicago Bancorp for five years, Poast was actively recruited by KeyMortgage Services. After much deliberation, he decided that the transition was the bestfor all those involved. He was drawn to Key Mortgage Services because of their strong customer service. “We are able tohold the client’s hand throughout the entire process,” he says. For Poast, one of the “neatest things” about the company isthat it is a finance firm that was set up by Baird and Warner.As Senior Vice President, Poast is responsible for determining whether or not a client is eligible to purchase a home orcondo. He discusses with the client what loan product best serves their needs. For Poast, the best part about his job is beingat a closing and watching the keys to a house being handed over to the new owner. Another favorite aspect of his job is whena client personally thanks him.“Sometimes I receive a thank you note from a client a few weeks after the sale is finalized. It is such a great feeling to knowthat just doing my job meant so much to someone,” Poast says.Managing people’s expectations is the most difficult aspect about his job. When he determines someone is not lendable, heshares in the disappointment.But there are things he loves about his new position, as well; Poast believes that understanding guidelines and rules andregulations of banks helps best serve his clients. He was able to successfully negotiate a loan with jumbo mortgage for aclient who did not look that great on paper by understanding the ins and outs of his business.He says his goals for the future are two-fold. Personally, he would love to have children. Professionally, he strives to growKey Mortgage Services into the best mortgage service in Chicago.
  2. 2. Poast receives most of his new clients from agents’ referrals. He says the best way to earn referrals from agents is to gaintheir trust by attending their open houses and supporting them as much as possible without being “pushy.” He also says hereceives a lot of referrals from past clients.While a very hard worker, Poast admits that there is someone he could not get through a typical workday without. “Myassistant, Bari Rubenstein,” he says.