Why We and the Universe Exist


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Why We and the Universe Exist

  1. 1. Chapter – 5 Why We and the Universe Exist? Knowing the “Mind of God” "Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal." Albert Einstein 5.1] Introduction If you read the book “A Brief History of Time” By Stephen Hawking, the most acknowledge Theoretical Physicist; you would recognize the above heading. He ends his book saying that answer to the above question as the only way to know the “Mind of God” The same Physicist gave a call to the world to “Abandon Earth or face Extinction” [ Ref Video – 5A]. It rounds op the situation of our planet earth and reveals the reality to which modern science and its thinking has led us by trying to seek “Mind of God in Matter!!!!!!” Erath is our abode; it was given to us with all requisite knowledge and information to live in harmony with her. We have lost it becoming slave to matter. It is the responsibility of temples of science and religions to unearth it. These temples of science and its occupants are paid and pampered for this single cause. Science came as savior of Humans to liberate us from the clutches of religions, which were ruling humanity amassing wealth hiding the Truth from Humanity, but some where along they too became slave to material power. This failure of religions and science has left humans both spiritually and bodily weekend and the whole system is collapsing! I respected Dr. Hawking for his mind power and the way he struggles to advance science in spite of all adversities. I am surprised to hear such statements from him. To me it is the cry of desperate Human Mind that is separated form Creator. Where do we go from here? Can any scientist assure us how long other planets can sustain humans with a polluted mind? Forgive me if I am wrong. The question “why we and he universe exist?” can never be answered sensibly by any one, who focuses his mind on to the external material world and holds an ego and “self” and is slave to material world. I do not deny the large amount of information developed by these cosmic researchers, but what is the use of it, if they cannot put them into order such that it could be of some use to humanity. 1
  2. 2. Mind of God also cannot be answered by researcher who break into the atoms and seek the truth in particle world. Today we are spending billions of dollars to build accelerators to seek God particle. Scientist would continue to ask for bigger amount for bigger accelerators to discover God and His Mind. I am reminded of a quote by Einstein "Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing". All scriptures say that “God and His knowledge” is a free commodity available any one who seek it with good intent. Are we making mega blunders? The answer is yes. One must note that all the multi billion dollar projects that modern science proposes is based on a foundation that is collapsing. There is too much of dust and loose soil hidden beneath carpets of temples of science on which we rest and construct our dream empires. We will know it, if we retreat in freedom and good intent. Max Planck said “Scientific discovery and scientific knowledge have been achieved only by those who have gone in pursuit of it without any practical purpose whatsoever in view”. The effects of fallacies of science that is bonded to matter are becoming evident everywhere. Knowledge should have brought order, peace, happiness, health, life, and so on. Modern knowledge is giving the opposite results. The individuals, communities and nations are restless. Humanity has turned against humanity. Forces of nature which other wise supported life have turned against life. We have seen flash floods and fire as never seen before. We have seen earth quakes increasing in number and magnitude. All the volcanoes are turning active. Earth is designed to sustain herself. History gives evidence that earth cools herself by volcanic dust. We have unearthed civilization buried under earth. History suggests that Earth has seen 5 mass extinctions and we are heading for big one. [Ref – 9A]. It is inevitable we find answers to the above question as quickly as possible if we have to survive on earth. Albert Einstein said "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." The solution to the above question and our survival exist in making a “U turn” in our thinking. We need to turn and focus our mind inwards. We need to search our “self” and discover our selves to know “Mind of God”. 2
  3. 3. The Path to God’s Mind The truth does not exist in the material world. The two unflinching laws of science, the first and second law of thermodynamics denies this. The first law says that everything is conserved and second law implies a time direction and continuous change. This means every material object revolving around should collapse to some point. This is known to science. The concept of singularity or Big Bang Theory relates to it. All the laws of physics break down here. Nature cannot be explained with single force called gravity that points to a center. Nature consists of two forces gravity and anti-gravity. Einstein once introduced anti-gravity and then retracted it. I am not sure why, probably he feared facing another battle that gave birth to quantum mechanics. From common sense point of view, Nature cannot be explained without a second force that acts against gravity. It means there should be an unseen world and force that supports all the matter of the universe and sustains it perpetually in time. This calls for review and change the very premises of our thinking. A simple answer emerges as you look out of the window and observe a grass grow or lilies flower. The world of life is anti-gravitational. There is a world of energy and matter that works against the gravity and its force and sustains the universe. The only sensible way to understand the universe is to view it as a living system. When Newton built a gravitational law, he assumed the existence of non equilibrium. Logically this means life has some form of equilibrium and it struggles to protect this equilibrium. It siphons energy in and out of it, thus creating motion. As early as 1991 and 1992, I had concluded that even the existence of one single cell denies the gravitational collapse. It was constructed on simple logical arguments. I did send them to all the reputed temples of science. But no one responded to cooperate. Life obeys both the laws of thermodynamics and it has origin in time and end in time. When life departs the body collapses. Life starts from a point and collapses back to point and leaves the body. But the interesting thing is that it is designed to conquer time and perpetuate in time. Having discovered this fundamental reality nearly two decades back, I believed that God opened the path to His Mind. The rest was only details of my journey to meet Him and reorder all the pooled up information into order. 3
  4. 4. But one question remained how this could be applied to the Universal Level. For life conquers the time and initializes time because of two distinct worlds; a male and female. From 1992 to 1996 my mind was visualizing the universe as living tree, but the question of higher life remained. By then my mind was too tired and body was sick, I was feeling close to knowing the truth and yet it was eluding me. Like a dog trying to catch the tail I was going round and round. By this time, having realized the fallacies in the foundation of science, I was open to all religions and the concept of God. I was seeking Truth. It did not matter to me from which way it comes, from religious scriptures or from science. Beyond doubt, I found depth in religious scripture. I found it more important to human survival than knowledge that science is giving to humanity. But the question is how God functions. I could see corruption, violence, and negativity of human increasing at huge rate. When carefully analyzed the seat of them seems to exist in these very Temples of God. My experience in Life had shown that I can find many good persons in a sample collected in market place, than in the community of priests. The people at market place, however much they quarrel for their bread, in condition of necessity they do not think, they simply act humanely. But the community of priest seems to be trained to think and rule the public. They only think in terms of their advantage and furthering their institution and churches. Thus we have built bigger and bigger lifeless temples in competitive manner. The occupants seem to work on peoples mind so that, they perpetually remain a slave. They fear liberating people, for they seem to fear for the source of their material inflow. Just as political parties, these religious institutions work on numbers to establish power, than acquire quality. I visualized a serious problem in our education, be it in churches or in schools. Einstein once said "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education". I also remember a philosopher [Osho] saying “Thousand and Thousands emerge from our university educated, hardly few emerge educated and yet intelligent”. These philosophical words do carry the root cause for the present state of the world. The influence of science suppressed religion, gave freedom to humanity to think and explore. But some where along science also seem to have failed. The temples of science instead of seeking truth became more engaged in developing technologies to 4
  5. 5. exploit nature and people. It is apt to remember the words of Einstein "Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal”. The condition of human thus has turned more deteriorative than before. It is this state of criminality that needs to be first addressed if we need to survive on earth. This cannot be achieved by being bonded to a religion or by being part of any schools of thought in science. Looking back I noted that science erred at its foundation when it assumed, that Truth exist in matter and division is the method to seek it. Science it self has evolved to know the truth that some how mind and consciousness of humans interfere in the movement of matter. But they resist adamantly reviewing their path and changing their thinking and methodologies and advance towards truth. I see no scope for truth in religious institutions, nor in science. But I see it slowly emerging in individuals in different sections of the society. The earth can survive only when this movement picks up. I am just another part of these common people. Doing my bit for Earth and human survival My Awakening to Truth Truth or Mind of God and Divine Plan reveled to me in a Golden Moment in a flash. It was in a Christian Retreat Center, which is known for many miracle cures. I was still a researcher; I had developed a possible explanation to the process of “Miracle Cures” that is taking place in such retreat centers. I wanted to go there once to observe it myself. But it had never materialized. However, when I was seriously sick, my wife, a steadfast Christian believer, cajoled me to visit it. I decided to attend it. I was there observing, when I suddenly remembered a philosophical point – An observer is inferior to a participator. I decided to participate in all earnest. And then in a glorious moment, when I surrendered unconditionally to God and sought His Truth “I heard a voice seek me from the mind of the heart”, then I saw two mirrors, in which every information I collected from nature and my partially processed thoughts unfolding in one mirror and in another I saw the words of spiritual scriptures that I read, but failed to comprehend. These mirrors were arranged at an angle, such that what was unfolding was rolling towards a point - It culminated in the cross where Christ was sacrificed. It was an out of body experience, which words cannot explain. 5
  6. 6. At that moment the scattered thoughts and information in my mind arranged effortlessly revealing the “Theory of the Living Universe”. I had answer to “Why we and the Universe Exists”. The Normal tendency of any who experience it is to work to recreate the situation, or stay in the environment which elicits such experience. I would have become preacher with Bible in Hand, If not for another distinctive call “speak the science”. I resisted this call for quite some time, because of my sad experience of communicating with temples of science. I don’t know the language these physicists speak and they never stop to listen to any one who speaks any idea out side their language. In a competitive world I realized that co operation is distant reality, and I cannot imagine it happening when I am an ordinary farmer. However, in 2001 when I saw the twin towers fall and people jumping form it, I could no longer resist it. I realized that my life is not separate from the world and that I am erring living a content life. Internet was already in town where I studied and I explored it as means of writing and keeping it open to the world. It too has been a painful experience so far, for scientist tend to call me with “four letter word” for bringing God into science and spiritualist call me with a “five letter word” for bringing science into God. But I carry on with my inner call and gain strength looking at the cross. Max Planck once said “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it” 5.2] Mind of God, Divine Plan, M-Theory and Multi Universes The truth is very simple. Universe is living conscious and intelligent system. It consists of Living Spirit and Material Spirit. The matter is formed from the collision of these spirits. They possibly form the two membranes of M-Theory. The matter that is formed is supported by the Living Spirit. The universe is the Living Spirit enfolding and unfolding in time. These Spirits exist as pairs in space. We the living entities are of different types or cells of one living body. Vedas describe this very beautifully. We have no independent existence separate form one universal consciousness and intelligence. Our self and independence is an illusion that arise form distancing form the root force or creator. We the individuals are the multiple 6
  7. 7. universes, each with its own laws of physics, that M-Theory and modern theoretical physicist have discovered. According approximation there are 75 trillions universes, working to sustain the whole system. Much of these universes are recycled to create new one periodically. We have originated form one single cell. The two cells formed from one, in time, cannot be equal. Between the First Breath and second breath, there is some loss of power. This manifests as second law of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics can be understood as loss of intelligence and information or knowledge. There are two living spiritual worlds, one dominant the other recessive. These two worlds are separate yet are interconnected instantaneously, and in time, to form one. They exist in two phases and support the material world from collapsing to “G point” or singularity in time. In short they can conquer time and perpetuate in time. The two phases of the living universe are 1] Manifesting or Creative phase – Here the dominant Living Spiritual world exist recessive to the recessive world – Here we can visualize Father existing in the womb of the Mother. Only the Spirit of Father enters the womb of the Mother to create a new world out of the old. The new world takes material and energy from the Mother’s body, and Mothers body in turn is fed by deteriorating body of the Father. This forms the organic cycle that supports the inorganic energy and matter. There is free will in creation phase. The Last Supper and the words of Jesus Christ takes Life in this context. The Bible, Vedas, Koran can be interpreted as a living science. This needs to be interpreted as spiritual awakening and transformation of the whole body. 2] Manifested State – Here the male and female world are separated and exist as two polar opposite that are connected spiritually and materially. In short they are communicated instantaneously as well as in time. The communication in the spiritual level is instantaneous and the communication in material level takes place in time. I have tried to express it in the following Fig - 11, 11A, 11B 7
  8. 8. I have chosen to write the manifested state by taking figure form Chinese philosophy. If I am to represent it as day night cycle of energy movement, or breath it could be expressed as below. The Mind of God or the Mind of the Father or Higher knowledge and information, reveals when the womb breaks. From a cellular point, it is the emergence of radiating object called centriole, which marks the division and separation of one cell into two. 8 Manifested State New Manifested Phase Fig -11 Manifesting state Fig -11A Fig -11B Manifested State – perceivable as day a night cycle Fig -12
  9. 9. Now we can write a triangle with in this or imagine tetrahedron in three dimensional space and visualize a positive negative and center point where these triangles or tetrahedrons meets. See Fig – 13 Now if you have fallowed Nassim Haramein’s work a “G point” develops when these two triangles are compressed See Fig below [Reference Video – 18B. and 37 series]. I suggest that if you are looking to comprehend nature truly one must go through it] This figure above we know is reflected in various cultures in various forms. My vision of the universe and its functioning at particulate and at all levels is slightly different. It is not visible but has great consequence in understanding nature. This is expressed in the following figure [Fig-15]. This speaks of existence of pairs and non equilibrium in the ratio 4:3. Non equilibrium is the foundation of nature, because 9 Positive Negative Event Horizon Fig- 13
  10. 10. equal and opposite cancels. We cannot compress the two tetrahedrons to form the above figure with “G point”. The paired existence is not evident to the external world. The external reality thus appears symmetry, but this symmetry is maintained by constant expenditure of energy. This manifests as breath, mitotic and meiotic divisions in life. In nature it manifests as day and night cycle, climatic cycle and Universal Time Cycle. 5.3] Three Key Flaws of Human Quest to Understand Nature The 3 key flaws of human quest are 1] Assuming that universes as material 2] Not differentiating the manifesting state and manifested state. 3] Assuming a non existing symmetry We already discussed the first flaw and argued how universe should be living. We also discussed the second one. The male and female are spiritually and materially connected but are independent entities. They are opposite and yet are one. The sustenance exists, in this opposition and oneness. However, when the Father is conceived in the Mother, there is no opposition, which means the system begins to collapses in time. But this process is accompanied by recreation. The cells formed in 10 Fig -15 Quan6tum Dance The Reality we Experience
  11. 11. the Childs body experiences an entirely different world, but is fed by Mothers body and which in turn is supported by deteriorating body of the Father [assuming simple organic cycle]. When time ripens, all the cells of Mother’s body and Child are stressed and eventually the womb breaks and the New World emerges with new breath to start a New Time Cycle. Information and knowledge as Time Cycle We can understand creation and life as a process of information or energy enfolding and unfolding. Information is lost gradually in to “G Point” or “Black Hole”. From material perspective it is irreversibly lost. But from the perspective of Life, it is not irreversibly lost. I could conceptually understand Stephen Hawking’s “Black Hole”. But I do not know how Dr. Leonard Susskind and his mathematical concepts argued that information is not irreversible lost. I am not sure whether he was inspired by Life. If information were to be lost eternally, then there is no meaning to the existence. So Dr, Sussskind is right But time direction is inevitable both form material and living point. This means there should be a process by which information is retrieved from the “Black Hole”. When we visualize universe as living being, the loss of information comes when “I” of the cells of the one whole system manifest. The Higher “I” resists this. The law put on Adam and Eve was a resistive factor against Loss of information and deterioration. The whole truth of spiritual scriptures can be reinvented from this perspective. When human seek self, the Kingdom of God is weakened by information/energy loss. God thus has to pay a the price to sustain it. Beyond some point the creator, enters the “Black Hole” such that the whole information can be retrieved and the kingdom is restored. Post Calvary is creation process and we are due to see the rebirth of true information. It is the emergence of higher Information and Knowledge or Living Light. When the superior knowledge or information goes recessive to the inferior knowledge or Light, the collapse begins into “G point”. This fall however is not drastic but is slow and controlled. It is the collapse of multiple universes into “Black Hole” to be reformed by Free will. The biggest fallacy of modern science and its thinking appears to be, symmetry. There is no symmetry in space. Symmetry denies, flow and life. The symmetry we perceive in nature is passing state, which is maintained by constant expenditure of 11
  12. 12. energy or spirit. If we replace symmetry and put asymmetry and ratios into our thinking, then probably much of the complexity in comprehending the universe vanishes. Einstein suggested it in his autobiography, where he said the constants of physical science needs to be replaced by some sort of ratios. I am not a mathematician; the best thing I could do in the situation was to build models in mind and figure out how nature works. Nassim Haremein’s work can take new dimension if he takes into his vision, the non equilibrium and ratios I discussed in the previous chapters. It is time that intellectuals shed their self come together in Love to discuss the reality. We are in the edge of transition only truth can facilitate the smooth transition. Holographic picture of particle, atoms and system in nature The following picture gives the picture of a quantum particle or electromagnetic particle. This is nothing but expanded version of quantum dance visualized in Fig -15 What we visualized above is a single particle that because of non equilibrium makes quantum dance and is the vibrant reality of nature. This particle is a light particle or electromagnetic particle. It is important that we must under line the basic instinct of nature. The instinct of material nature is to seek equilibrium in space. But by design it is impossible to seek equilibrium. Energy is transferred is in quantum manner, this leads to quantum dance. However, there is moment in the transition when the 12 4 3 3 4 Fig:16 - Anatomy of Quantum Dance
  13. 13. system has external symmetry. The spirit thus works to maintain this equilibrium. This reality is evident in biological system. It spends energy to maintain the equilibrium. It does so by information processing or exchange. Life does this process, by breathing, mitotic, meiotic division and reproduction. This reality is also true for nature. Nature mixes information during day and night cycle, climatic cycle. The only question to be addressed is how it does the meiotic division and reproduction by which it conquers time. We discussed this in the previous chapters. Formation of Soul When two particles discussed above pairs [not equal but exist in ratio 4:3] they give rise to atoms. [See Fig - 16A]. When two pairs of them join [not equal but exist in ratio 4:3] they form a dynamic system in three dimensional spaces that can communicate and interact with other system energetically and show creativity. [We have discussed them in the previous chapters]. By virtue of non equilibrium design discussed previously, it creates a vacuum in the center that can spin clock wise or anti clock wise. This probably gives rise to the well formed “Black Hole”. We can also view these dynamic systems as soul. Two such dynamic systems one directed to clockwise and another directed anti- clockwise forms a “super dynamic system”, or male and female systems which can conquer time and initialize time. The instantaneous communication occurs through these vacuums that connect them. See Fig – 16B 13 4 3 Fig:16A - An Atom A B C D A/B = 4:3 C/D = 4:3 AB/CD = 4:3
  14. 14. The 8 component dynamic system [soul] we visualized [formed from 2 pairs of the above particle] can wind or unwinds in 3 steps and collapse to new order turning inside out. A second level of dynamic systems can be formed when 8 pairs of particle surround the inner dynamic system. They actually give rise to four dynamics system around internal one. A third level of dynamic system is formed when 16 pairs of particle form giving rise to 8 simple dynamic systems around the central dynamic system. Now we note that the “Third Level Dynamic System” has no freedom in space. 8 dynamic systems surrounding the inner one, together can act as another single dynamics system. We now have internal simple dynamic system and external complex dynamic system. This is 64 celled state or 64 four tetrahedral matrixes, with another 8 tetrahedral matrix within it that is well described by Nassim Haramein [Ref –37 J and K]. We should note that here an outer world is formed which can independently process information coming form the external world. 14 Second Level of Dynamic System Third Level of Dynamic System Fig-17 Super Dynamic System Fig -16B
  15. 15. The above thinking could account for differences in plant, animal and humans. It can explain the difference between human brain and animal brain. Human thinking and animal thinking – we have wrong notion that we humans are most intelligent beings. We the adult human beings live a mind centered life, disconnected from the central soul and thus are the least conscious and intelligent beings. We fail to adapt to change in time. This drawback of humans is going to become vital, when the time cycle changes in 2012 - Only collectively awakening to consciousness and intelligence and knowing truth can save us from disaster. Some astonishing points of this design Now we can imagine a pair of the third level dynamic system in 4:3 See Fig. [The non equilibrium is not shown in the fig] 15 Positive - Male Negative - female Event Horizon Even Horizon - within Fig -17A Third Level super Dynamic System Positive - Male Negative - female Event Horizon Fig -17A Third Level super Dynamic System
  16. 16. Now imagine these system as the left and right or super imposed to form one system. We now see two 64 tetrahedral matrix along with an internal a pair of 8 tetrahedral matrix. The system is fractal in nature. Each system consist of an outer 64 tetrahedral structure [8 × 8], with one internal 8 tetrahedral structure it makes 72 and together the whole system is made of 144 tetrahedrons. This is the minimum for super dynamic system of third order. [Please bear in mind they are founded on non-equilibrium design, which means it actually takes spiral nature]. Some interesting point stands out 1] The 8 simple dynamic systems forming the cover around the central core actually exist as pairs. These individual dynamic systems have a “hole” in the center which alternate as “White Hole” or “Black Hole”. Thus the outer core has 4 black hole and 4 white holes that alternate along with a central hole that can be black or white. The system as a whole has nine black holes and 9 white holes together forming 18. [Note these numbers have relevance in various scriptures] 2] In addition to this, the 8 dynamic systems around the central dynamic systems, together creates a “10th special point” to which the energy of the system gets concentrated and shine brightly. This becomes visible to any one who exist on the surface of the all the dynamic systems. Concealed within the internal core there is another “11th special point” where the energy of the inner core gets concentrated and radiates, which actually sustains the system. This however becomes not visible. These two special points form the “Brain point” and “Heart point” respectively or possibly the two membranes of M-Theory 3] The external 8 system communicates instantaneously through these Holes. The communication of external 8 independent dynamic systems takes place in time. The 10th special point forms the gate way for the energy or information to come in from external world and go out to the external world. This information flow helps maintain the equilibrium of the system. The processing of information that is coming in and takes place in the 11th Special point that exists in side the core of the internal world. 4] By virtue of non equilibrium design and inevitable quantum dance, the 8 external core around the central one, creates a stress on the internal core. This stress goes in three steps. The internal system opposes this, but eventually when it leads to third 16
  17. 17. critical point, the internal system reacts by turning inside out dispelling the force. The black Hole turns into white hole and vice-versa. This manifests as two waves, which is transferred to the outer core leading to a spinning and spiraling wave like motion in the eight outer systems. The wave direction in the central core and external are in opposing direction. 5] Now by the non equilibrium design, the central core of the system is actually displaced from the center and the center is taken over by the 10th special point created by the 8 external systems. This now gives the design of living system with heart that is off centered center and mind that becomes the pseudo center of the system connecting the external world with internal world. This design is also reflected in the solar system, where earth takes the off centered center and the sun takes the center. See fig – 17B Important Note – I wish I could, present them in 3D motion picture of he whole system. But I do not have the expertise to express these thoughts in such technologies nor do the resources to buy it. If you have seen the video talk of Nassim Haramien you would come across a Torus creating black hole that is the closest representation I have come across. [Reference 18 B and 37 J and K]. Now you will also note why I appreciated His work. However, behind the apparent symmetry there is asymmetry of spirit every where. The foundation is non- equilibrium a ratio 4:3. I have been calling the attention of the world to this fundamental reality for the past two decades. The symmetry we visualize emerges by winding one component in to the system giving 3+3+1[invisible]. Every particle, 17 Sun Earth Fig -17B
  18. 18. every system and the whole universes in nature should have this ratio relationship. I am not sure whether my thinking has any relationship with string Theorist inventing 6 new internal dimensions and Edward Witten adding another new dimension leading to total 11 dimensions to the universe [Including 4 dimensions known to the world]. Some how I feel the models that is going in my mind is what they are trying to describe. Out thinking again point to a fact that universe could only be a living one. The internal core of earth has a point that processes the information and radiates energy that is moving from earth to cosmos and actually supports the cosmos. We see the energy coming to us but do not see what is going away from us. Our thinking and actions thus plays an important role in the action reaction. Our negative action in the ignorance of truth is calling upon us self destruction. The modern science may detest it; but the fallacies of modern science are increasingly becoming aware. In fact any one who studies history of conceptual evolution of science will note that science has evolved, breaking its own conceptual visions of nature. With quantum science it has come one circle back to its foundation to realize that some how universe is conscious and intelligent system. [Reference -10 and 11] Recently with the discovery of M-Theory by Edward Witten, the theoretical scientist have begun to see the universe as multiple one that is born as soap bubbles, each with different laws of physics and die out to be reformed again. It is matter of time now for the materialistic vision to completely break down to give way to vision of universe as living being and understanding ourselves as responsible co-creators who have turned into irresponsible destructors. As of now all of us are irresponsible destructors of the world. There will be grand moment when we realize the truth and that would lead a Quantum Leap in Evolution and save the world from disaster and take humanity into golden age. The world speaks of huge disturbance calamities and destruction coming to earth from outer space, sun and so on. [Reference 2,3,4,5]. These disturbances are not coming to us from outer space but are simply the reflection of our action or reaction to out action. It is the result of us being separated from nature and God the Creator. The solution to it is awakening to the consciousness and getting illuminated to Know God 18
  19. 19. It should be underlined that symmetry is misleading aspect of nature. Asymmetry is the foundation of nature at particulate, atomic and system level. An external symmetry comes into being when the spirit or energy flows. But this symmetry is sustained by a constant price. Thus God the creator resisted, human from eating form the tree at the center. It was a resistance for human from seeking self, being corrupt and becoming slave to material force that directs to gravitational collapse. But time is inevitable and adult humans seek self. God then has to work relentlessly to sustain His body. We human beings form his body. We are Adam and Eves who have fallen from Kingdom of God to Black Hole. We had the information of the whole system and its functioning. But when we began to express our self, we began to loose the information into “Black Hole”. The Good News is that God is working to retrieve the information and restore us back to Kingdom of God to start a New Time Cycle. Every soul is called to participate in the process. It is inevitable that we become conscious and see the living knowledge, if we have to survive on earth. The earth is wreathing in pain to deliver, what humanity lost - his consciousness and intelligence. It is vital this happens and infiltrates the intellectual world ruling us as quickly as possible to stop the increasing natural catastrophes and alleviating the destruction coming our way by 2012. Singularity and Intelligence I don’t understand the language and the thinking that gave rise to 11 dimensions and vision of Multiple Universes and each having different laws of physics. But the statement that that came from Dr. Neil Turok, Paul Steinhardt and Burt Ovurt, that time existed before and that at singularity time just pierced the singularity to emerge to form a new world stuck me. Instantly, I found another proof for living universe - When life conquers time and initializes this is exactly what happens. Much of the modern thinking came form the philosophy of Rene Descartes who stated “I think therefore I am”. This appears quite wrong. One enters the realm of heart and living world of God when all our thought seizes. This is the foundation of Eastern Philosophies and their education system. Yoga and mediation are aimed at keeping human being ever conscious and intelligent. Modern man focused on material world and is dependent on material force and power, is the least intelligent 19
  20. 20. life on earth. He works basically based on the left brain. It is now known that this part is made for logical and analytical reasoning. The right part of the brain is creative intuitive and more intelligent. But our education system resists unfolding of intelligence. There are still higher realms of intelligence. This belongs to the Brain of the heart. You have to lower your self to enter this realm. One who has experienced the love of God experiences this realm. This is the world of true spirituality and intelligence. Thus intelligence is a four phase journey to the beginning. This is shown in the following Fig -18 As long as we exist in left brain looking to the outer world, we actually grow unintelligent and lead ourselves to complexity. Intelligence grows when we reverse our direction. The Truth and the whole reality emerge when we reach the end of this inward journey for it returns to the starting point. One has to stop thinking, die to once own mind if we need to know the Mind of God. No mind focused on material world can ever find Mind of God and Truth. In fact the 20 Right Inner brain Left Outer Brain Right Outer brain Outer brain realm of mind body Inner brain or real of heart or soul body Left Inner brain Outer Space Inner Space Fig -18: Intelligence Cycle
  21. 21. more you focus on material world the more you fall, to go to the depth of hell. We have created hell on earth by this approach. The Mind of God and Truth cannot be sought by studying any religious scriptures. Studying religious scriptures is like speaking of love, with out experiencing the Love. I am not speaking of the Love that comes from chemistry of body and mind, but the Love of God the Creator that is obtained by retreating to once own home. It comes from conscious awakening. It comes from mind death to experience the inner realm. Here the “Mind of God” reveals, in time, for a purpose [Divine Purpose]. The purpose is to sustain the Kingdom of God and give it New Life. I am just a cell in his whole being, called on to participate and do my function, without self for the well being of the whole. It is in the well being of the whole, my own well being exist. This is the truth. If sun, the solar system and distant cosmos is violent then this violence is the reflection of the violence in earth. It is the violence of that exists within each individuals and our collective existence. When humanity awakens to truth, this violence seizes and order begins to return. The time ahead to 2012 could be very critical. The answer to the question “Why we and the Universe Exist” is simple. We exist because universe exists. The universe exists because it is designed to exist perpetually. We are simply cells of the one universal system. We are created in space and time in relation to the one Universal soul and are programmed to co create and exist eternally in relationship with central Soul. The system begins to fall when the created individual individuals begin to seek self and fail to function coherently with the Creator Soul. By second law of thermodynamics information loss is inevitable and thus God resisted Adam and Eve form eating form the tree at the center. This law was a resistance to humankind from becoming a slave to material force that directs to the “G Point”. The Creator resists this by giving a price. But when the criticality is reached and the ratio is upset the creator soul is forced to go into recreation mode. The act of Christ and His Calvary sacrifice Hold a Great Secret in “History of Time”. It is very much supported by Vedas [Yajurveda Vs 30-31]. I am not supporting a religion called Christianity, but the Truth behind the act. Christ or Gods consciousness and mind is working to awaken us to truth and lead us back to glorious period or Kingdom of God or Dharma yuga. We are given Free Will and a life 21
  22. 22. time opportunity to advance and take new position in the whole being. The human intent here plays an important role. The “karmic theory” of Vedas describes this eloquently. We are now in the edge of an evolution into New Age. The Universe is struggling give birth and bring new order. Chapter 6 Conclusion - Light Emerging – Awakening of Consciousness and Truth Comprehending the Theory of Everything I am tempted to write this conclusion in relation to the work of Huping Hu and Maoxin Wu of “Scientific God Institute” Titled “THE PRINCIPLE OF EXISTENCE: TOWARD A SCIENTIFIC THEORY OF EVERYTHING” December 21 2009. Article could be found in the following address http://scigod.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=17 I honestly admit I do not understand the mathematics of it. But the following figure attracted me. 22
  23. 23. 23 4
  24. 24. The conclusion is simple. The universe is living conscious and intelligent system. It is made of two types of Fire [energy or light] which are opposing. One is the Living Fire and the other is Material Fire. One radiates form inside to the out side and the other radiates from out side to inside. The matter of the world is formed by the collision of these Two Fire or Light. They can be compared to membranes of M-Theory. The matter formed can be of two types, one that has non equilibrium in space [Material matter] and another that has a form of equilibrium in space [Living matter or soul]. The matter that has non equilibrium works to seek higher equilibrium and thus stresses the matter that has a form equilibrium [soul] forcing the system to protect its equilibrium. The soul thus shows creativity building information and a complex body which is then sustained by fire and matter taken from the external world. It takes up the fire and matter and siphons it back thus sustaining the living system. Chapter - Why Climate is changing and The Creation secret - the Future of Earth and Humanity What is happening to Earth? Why Natural Catastrophes are increasing? Is Time/Energy Cycle breaking down? Addressing climate change from basic perspective Some thing is happening to earth. It is evident to every one. Climate change, disturbed climatic patterns and increased natural catastrophes speaks it. If you look back on the past ten years, you would see an alarming increase in number and magnitude of natural catastrophes. The question is what is disturbing nature? Why the four forces of nature, which smoothly changed supporting life have now turned destructive? The leading nations of the world, who exist on material and money 24 4 3 3 Fig:16 - Anatomy of Quantum Dance
  25. 25. power, may play down climate change to protect their economic interest. But nature and its forces are not ruled by our economic interest and cannot be bought by money. It is designed in indestructible and non conquerable way. We are edging to a time period, where if we do not awaken to the reality of nature we would end in paying a heavy price. [Ref - ] Modern science tends to speak climate change in terms of CO2 emission and industrialization. This is very much true. But the problem needs to be addressed from more fundamental way from the perspective of heat and energy cycles. In short it needs to be addressed form dynamics of space-time and energy flow. Our earth is super dynamic system of the third order in space. I do not wish to confuse you trying to explain it. [This part is explored under the article “Dynamic of Nature” where various dynamics system are discussed in depth]. Let me try to bring this vital fact from the premises of some simple realities of nature. Stand back and observe the day and night cycle in which we all exist and from which we take the vital energy and food for sustenance. Also spend a minute to think of the four forces of nature manifesting and changing to the give climatic pattern that sustains life on earth. Here is what we see 1] When west awakes to sunlight and energizes [heats up], expands and goes into apparent disorder, the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness, de-energizes [cools] and goes into new order. When the sunlight peaks up in the west it gives way to darkness and simultaneously darkness peaks in east and gives way light. This means the west and east is instantaneously communicated and designed to flip and change directions. This flip happens between two points spontaneously and this spreads into the system as a wave in time. The cyclic process of day and night cycle takes place in a slow manner that comprises of 4 steps of 3 units forming 12 unit cycles. Two units of 12, completes one day and night cycle or disorder and ordering cycle. Earth is designed to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter ratio and thus temperature of earth by this design. 2] In addition to the 12 unit cycle where heat peaks and gives way to the opposite we also note 12 month climatic cycle where we experience a peak in heat which gives way to the opposite. This is a vital cycle. We will discuss this later 25
  26. 26. 3] There are other cycles such as 12 year cycle and so on to form what we call Universal Life Cycle or Time Cycle. Let us not bother about them here. What we call global warming and climate change is natural phenomenon that exists in all cycles. It exists in day and night cycle in a subtle way and becomes evident during the climatic cycles. When dry heat [summer] peaks and life is stressed for water, the clouds begins to form leading to wet heat or warming. Eventually the situation give way to cooling forces and it manifest as rain. The Warming is a good sign here. Most plants and animals sense the change coming and even make physico-chemical changes in their body in anticipation of life force coming. This is a stressing period that has great importance to life and its evolution. Lot of weeding and destruction occurs in this transition. The problem of global warming thus needs to be understood, not just from CO2 cycles but from much deeper level of design, energy and forces of nature. If you closely observe nature, you note that nature function by virtue of two forces, a force that is moving upward and force that move down ward. The force from sun seems to unwind earth and force from earth seems to protect earth from sunlight, by winding it self. The system is designed such that when one peaks it gives way to the other. What we are now visualizing is action of material worlds and its forces. The problem of understanding global warming and climate change cannot be complete, unless we look at our role or the role of life in general in the climate change. The role of Life in Climate Change Now let us look at plant life and how it influences the climatic cycle. Plants absorb light and heat. In this sense it actually works against, sunlight and its unwinding principle. It supports earth and its forces. When night falls, the plants use the absorbed energy and uses matter to create biological mass that grows against gravity. Now I should call your attention to the most fundamental reality of science on which modern world developed – Gravity. Gravity is considered as a centripetal force directed to a center. There are only two unflinching laws to science. They are first and second law of thermodynamics. According to second law of thermodynamics, everything that revolves should loose energy and eventually collapse to a point. Here in plants we are witnessing a second force that instinctively 26
  27. 27. works against gravity and supports the world from gravitational collapse. This opposition is proven fact in science, but its implication is over looked by scientist. We are discovering a second world where time is directed in opposite manner to material world. More than a decade back, in the early part of my search for truth, this led me to state that what we call Big Bang is impossible even when one living cell exist. The earth with plants becomes a two dimensional system. Time in plant life has potential to lead the world to anti-gravitational collapse. But then this is controlled by the existence of herbivore that feeds on plants, the herbivore is controlled by carnivore and thus forming a self sustaining and self organizing system. It is a Gaia. The earth with plant and animals is three dimensional. Now let us visualize earth with children’s. It is still self organizing. Let us go one step ahead to imagine earth with adult humans who live a mind centered life, “seeking self” and become salve to material force. Suddenly we see a time direction to the whole system - A time direction that is aligned with gravity and leads to gravitational collapse. Thus human and his activity that is disconnected from heart and consciousness create a situation where disorder increases at the expense of order and eventually lead to a collapse and reorganization. Real Cause for the Instability and Increased Natural Catastrophes The real cause for the instability and increased natural catastrophes is our intrusion into day and night cycle or energy or time cycle and its functioning to maintain certain energy to matter ratio and there by heat of the system. Now think about the pre industrialization age before the advent of electricity. Probably humans used to sleep early and used get up with day break. The nights were pristine and nature used to get more space and time to gain new order. Compare those periods with the modern time, where human activity and industries that are working round the clock. It is very clear that the ordering phase of the energy cycle is shortened, disturbed and weakened. The disordering phase of the cycle is expanded and strengthened creating a time direction. Nature and its energy cycle are being disturbed in following principle ways. 27
  28. 28. 1] The reckless exploitation of fossil fuel and industrialization that is increasing atmospheric CO2 levels. 2] The Forest and green cover that actually use up CO2 and release Oxygen and thus support all life being decreased thus disturbing the balance of system. This is the traditional broad frame work thinking of scientist and this is very much true, but I have tired it to reduce it down to more fundamental level of heat and energy cycle. 1] The plants actually absorb light heat and thus works against time directed disorder in the material world. 2] In the night they convert the energy absorbed into biological mass that grows against gravity, thus creating opposition to disorder, destruction and collapse. In short it opposes the time direction to gravity and gravitational collapse. 3] When we intrude into the night cycle, the phase in which earth works to create order is decreased and earth is stressed for space-time for creating order. Thus we hinder earths working to maintain certain balance of energy to matter and there by the temperature of earth. 4] The earth and all the life in it would have collapsed if not earth’s ability to unwind and thus creating new space-time to sustain the system. Note - this means, the earth and cosmos is enfolded space-time. This aspect is discussed in the site by reviewing the foundations of science and visualizing the universe as living thing not a material thing as modern science thinks. The earth and cosmos is conscious and intelligence field of the Creator that has enfolded dynamically in time. This is discussed and argued all along my site. Read article “Dynamic Nature”. Let us not bother about it, because what I try to convey to you can be understood with out going through this ground breaking thinking and vision. When human intrudes into earth’s functioning, it survives this intrusion by unfolding herself. This helps her maintain the energy to matter ratio or the temperature. But there is a limit beyond which, the system cannot unfold and is prone to implode on it self, thus destroying everything to start a new journey. In short the big collapse destroying every life becomes inevitable if humanity does not awaken to simple truth of nature. 28
  29. 29. When the unfolding stops, the fabric of space-time through which the climate changes gradually becomes constricted and get disturbed. The symptoms of this disturbance and approaching implosion and destruction should manifest as sudden peaks in heat, in various parts leading to huge fire bound disasters. The earth we already noted is designed to oppose the rise in heat. This means on the opposite side of earth the earth forces produces huge rain or snows falls [dramatic increase in precipitation per unit are in unit time]. This leads to flash floods, mudslides and so on. Fire is associated with wind and water is associated with earth. This means we also would have huge destruction through hurricanes and earth quakes mud slides and so on. All of this we are witnessing on earth in unprecedented manner. The world connected by media is seeing this reality almost everyday. Theoretically scientists are aware of this. Second law of thermodynamics applied to cosmos says that the in time energy lost to space will begin to create a shearing force on all the system enclosed init. The matter that is loosing the energy seems to wind to collapse to a point. If, stand back and observe we area actually observing this reality happening on earth. The increasing heat of the environment is stressing every system in nature. This includes even life. The instability individual and collective mind of humanity taking destructive path could be related to break down of energy cycle. The time ahead will be highly destructive with four forces of nature taking a huge toll of humanity. The winding of matter could lead to huge earth quakes and eventually this should end in volcanic burst turning earth inside out. Earth is known to cool herself from volcanic dust. History speaks of 5 previous mass extinctions [Ref - ]. Archeologist have unearthed many civilizations beneath earth and sea. So the forces earth and its ability sustain herself cannot be questioned. Do we have hope of Surviving 2012 My answer is yes. Provided we become conscious and awaken to truth of nature and its functioning. Nature is stressing us to become conscious and intelligent and awaken to our true nature. We would awaken to truth but I am not sure how much more destruction humanity has to bear before he realizes the Truth. We need to change the very foundation of our thinking. Modern world is constructed on material vision of nature. This is fundamental fallacy of modern world. The universe is living and it is conscious and intelligent as written in spiritual scriptures. 29
  30. 30. There is immense depth and force in spiritual scriptures to sustain the world and give it new life. But with in the frame work of religion they are inaccessible and in fact this spiritual force can potentially be more destructive than nuclear bombs. We need to evolve scientifically from material to living vision of nature and at the same time discover God beyond religion. The dynamics structure of time or energy movement The earth and the whole universe appear to be designed as a “super dynamic system of third order”. The flowing figure speaks to you about the 3 possible super dynamic systems Simple super dynamic system We can imagine the two cycles a superimposed to form a dynamic Torus as described by Nassim Haremein [Ref - ]. The system is instantaneously communicated through the Black and white Hole. The system’s functioning is facilitated by a non-equilibrium design based on ratios, which leads to quantum dance leading to spin and displacement of the system in curved manner. This discussed in previous chapters. One can relate this to the inert helium atom that responds only to heat induced winding or unwinding. Super dynamic system of second order 30 Second Level of Super Dynamic System Fig 16D Super Dynamic System Fig -16B
  31. 31. The second level super dynamic system has a central core of simple super dynamic system covered with 4 more simple super dynamic systems. The central core is not actually centrally placed by virtue of non-equilibrium design. This is explored in previous chapters. Now we can visualize an instantaneous communication as well as time bound relative communication between the 4 simple dynamic systems forming the cover. By the non equilibrium design they tend to form a spiral DNA like structure. The two cycles actually form the pairs of chromosomes that come together to exchange information periodically. Super dynamic system of third order It is important note here 1] 8 denotes completion of or filling in space. Recall the periodic table 31 Positive - Male Negative - female Event Horizon Even Horizon - within Fig -17A Third level Super Dynamic System
  32. 32. 2] Each part is 64 tetrahedron structure, with central 8 tetrahedron [64+8=72] together they form 144 and its importance is well described by the work of Nassim Haramein [Ref 37 series] 3] The 8 simple super dynamic systems around internal one together form another simple super dynamic system which communicates within them selves in time. 4] By the non equilibrium design they tend to form a spiral DNA like structure. The two cycles actually form the pairs of chromosomes that comes together exchange information periodically. 5] By virtue of non-equilibrium design and ratio relationship the central core becomes off centered. See Fig- 17B 4] Now by virtue of second law of thermodynamics, energy lost from external simple dynamics systems focuses on to a point to form fire ball which radiates energy. I will call it a “sun point”. See fig -17B. Similarly a point develops within the central core which radiates energy. I will call it “Earth Point” Now we see two radiating points that are opposing. The reader should note we have a picture of our solar system. 5] A vital conclusion is that heat and light is not only coming to earth from the }sun point”, but form heat and light is also moving from “earth point} to sun. This has great implication and calls to redefine the very picture of the universe we hold. Note - Our survival on the planet earth, our evolution in to next stage exists in this critical understanding. This cannot happen unless, intellectuals existing in temples of science and religion, break their shell and come together in love, for the sake of survival of humanity on earth. I have limitation to express my ideas and visions 32 Sun Earth Fig -17B
  33. 33. which I developed as a small farmer, after I gave up a lucrative career in biotechnology. I humbly request you to give some serious thought into it. Earth as a Heart The moment I broke loose form Plato’s chair of science [Ref – 38], Nature appeared very simple to me. We are so much attached to a school of thoughts and so much bound to mind and its extensions that we fail to see simple realities that exist next to our skin. If you observe nature, we note that when west awakes to sunlight and material matter goes into disorder [expands and energizes], the east simultaneously sleeps to darkness and goes into new order [contracts and materializes]. When the sunlight peaks in the west and gives way to darkness, simultaneously east peaks in darkness and give way light. The east and west are instantaneously communicated. The system is designed to maintain certain ratio of energy to matter on earth. In short it is designed to maintain certain temperature. This functioning of earth and the energy flow in it resembles the functioning of a heart in a living system. The Breaking of Time Cycle The day and night cycle thus becomes the breath of the living universe. It is governed 12 unit cycles and 24 unit completes one cycle. Look at the clock to understand it. This 12 hour cycle is embedded in 12 month cycle, which manifest as climatic peaks. This 12 month climatic cycle is embedded in 12 year cycles and so on to form a great universal cycle. The ancient seemed to have understood this truth with clarity compared to modern scientists, who have bonded existence [Ref -38] and end in singularity with out a cause for origin and perpetual existence. The second law applied to the universe according to them leads to loss of energy leading to increased heat in the environment leading to shearing of the environment, there by destabilizing all the system in it. The matter that is loosing energy begins to wind leading to contraction tending to collapse to a point. Now I ask the reader - Are we not experiencing this reality on earth? In last 10years we have seen some of the worst, fire disasters. When one side is burning, by design the other side tries to condense. This is leading to flash floods. These sudden peaks of expansion and contraction have relationship to the wind bound destruction and earth quakes. There is time ahead, when we may not be able to handle any 33
  34. 34. inflammable substances for they begin to catch fire without any reason [negligible changes in temperature]. The winding earth can lead to eruption of volcanoes. Earth is known to cool her self with the volcanic dust. History speaks of 5 large scale mass extinctions and we are due for big one. [Ref 9A]. The cause is break down of time cycles. Now recall Fig 17A – super dynamic system of third order. See below Each of the 8 dynamic systems is a clock by itself. 4 being dominant turning clockwise and the other being recessive turning anti-clockwise. They change direction of the flow alternatively. The clock continually transmits energy in quantum manner to the next level. The transmission happens when the clock is wound to the third critical point. Imagine a ring cut and stretched or compressed. I have discussed this in chapter 3. The clock thus consists of 4 units of 3 and has two alternating cycles. In addition to this external clock the system has an internal clock, which works opposite to the external clock. It is here the importance of two clocks of Mayan culture and their calculation of time and its interpretation appealed to me. We can call it “heart clock” or “spiritual clock” and “mind clock” or “body clock”. Cause for the break down of the clock and its Reorganization The break down of the clock is inevitable by the second law of thermodynamics. But what is important to our survival is how this clock is sustained and perpetuated. 34 Positive - Male Negative - female Event Horizon Even Horizon - within Fig -17A Third level Super Dynamic System
  35. 35. In the above design we must note that each of the outer 8 systems, have representation in the inner system and just as the outer configuration has a pair of system the inner system also has pairs. The pairs of system in the outer configuration are separated in space and they can only communicate in time. But the inner system is designed to communicate instantaneously. Before we go any further to discuss the matter, we need to understand the instinct of the system that creates flow and motion. The flow and motion is created by an instinct to seek equilibrium but equilibrium is death. Life, flow and motion are based on non equilibrium. In the above structure the It stems from upsetting the energy to matter ratio of earth. Earth is designed into two parts west and east, when west awakes to sunlight and energizes or unwinds, simultaneously the east sleeps to darkness and winds or materializes. They are designed dynamically to maintain certain balance through quantum dance. A simple super dynamic system [simple soul system] and its dance is shown in Fig -16C. This manifest as 12 hour day and night cycle, 12 months climatic cycle, 12 years cycle, eventually a huge universal cycle, spoken by the ancient people, probably best understood by Mayans and interpreted as consciousness cycle. To understand earth and its dynamics we need to understand its design. Earth appears to be Third Level Super Dynamic System. The following figure expresses it 35
  36. 36. From the above figure we can make out that 1] What we call day and night in fact are 8 different clocks [simple dynamic system] covering a central clock or simple dynamic systems. Out of the external 8, four are dominant at any moment and four are recessive. When day peaks in one cycle and slowly begins to give way to the opposite, the night peak in the other cycle and it slowly give way to night. The left and right of the system are instantaneously 36 Second Level of Super Dynamic System Fig 16D
  37. 37. connected. [Note- The figure does not express the basic non equilibrium in the design which is essential for communication and sustenance] 2] The whole process creates dynamic wave around the central system. The central system does create a wave which actually initiates the wave. The wave direction in the central core and external are in opposing direction. 3] The 8 simple dynamic systems forming the core around the central one actually exist as pairs. These individual dynamic systems have a “hole” in the center which alternate as White Hole or Black Hole “white hole”. Each system thus has 4 black hole and 4 white holes that alternate along with a central hole that can be black or white. The system as a whole has nine black holes and 9 white holes together forming 18. [Note these numbers have relevance in various scriptures] 4] In addition to this, the 8 dynamic systems around the central dynamic systems, together creates a “Black Hole” that becomes visible to all the dynamic systems. 5] The external 8 system communicates instantaneously through these Holes. The communication of external 8 independent dynamic systems takes place in time. They form gate way for the energy from external space to come in and go out. The gate way to come in is the “Black Hole” that it creates between them. What comes in is related to what goes out through it. Remember the drill. The drill is operated from central system. 6] The system is fractal in nature. Each system consist of an outer 64 tetrahedral structure [8 × 8], with one internal 8 tetrahedral structure it makes 72 and together the whole system is made of 144 tetrahedrons. This is the minimum for super dynamic system of third order. [Please bear in mind they are founded on non- equilibrium design] Important Note – I wish I could, present them in 3D motion picture. But I do not have the expertise to express these thoughts in such technologies nor do the resources to buy it. If you have seen the video talk of Nassim Haramien you would come across a Torus creating black hole that is the closest representation I have come across. [Reference - ]. Now you will also note why I appreciated His work. 37
  38. 38. However, behind the apparent symmetry there is asymmetry of spirit every where. The foundation is non-equilibrium a ratio 4:3. I have been calling the attention of the world to this fundamental reality for the past two decades. The symmetry we visualize emerges by winding one component in to the system giving 3+3+1[invisible]. Every particle, every system and the whole universes in nature should have this ratio relationship. I am not sure whether my thinking has any relationship with string Theorist inventing 6 new internal dimensions and Edward Witten adding another new dimension leading to total 11 dimensions to the universe [Including 4 dimensions known to the world]. Some how I feel the models that is going in my mind is what they are trying to describe. Now let us imagine the left right part of the Third order super dynamic system as super imposed one above the other - This leads to some astonishing points. Astonishing Points that can topple the foundation of modern thinking The model figured shows that 1] What you assume as real is actually unreal. It is founded on something that is more real – The world of spirits 2] Because of the non equilibrium design, Central pair of dynamic systems [pair of souls is actually displaced from the center. They form a dynamic double torus of first order. This off centered central torus now is enclosed in 8 simple toruses, which together forms 10th torus. This 10th torus is different by the fact that its black hole is visible. See fig – . This gives rise to the picture of our solar system with a sun in the center and 9 planets around it. 38 Sun Earth Fig -20
  39. 39. 2] Assuming that the displaced central one has given rise to earth. Some one who exists on earth can see the event horizon or what is happening in the external space between the 8 toruses. What this means our sun is a Black Hole and Black Hole is the source of energy. 3] The most important realization is that actions in the solar system and else where is related to actions on Earth, the more disturbed earth is, more disturbed is the sun. The earth and its forces are disturbed by our in coherent activity. Earth actually is the displaced controlling center of the whole system, as heart is the center of displaced center of living being. We the human being enquiring into nature our thinking and our action thus plays an important role in the way universe unfolds and enfolds. Thus, again we come to the point that universe could only be a living one. The internal core of earth has a back hole that radiates another form of energy that is moving from earth to cosmos and actually supports the cosmos. We see the energy coming to us but do not see what is going away from us. Out thinking and actions thus plays an important role in the action reaction. Our negative action in the ignorance of truth is calling upon us self destruction. The modern science may detest it; but the fallacies of modern science are increasingly becoming aware. In fact any one who studies history of conceptual evolution of science will note that science has evolved, breaking its own conceptual visions of nature. With quantum science it has come one circle back to its foundation to realize that some how universe is conscious and intelligent system. [Reference -] Recently with the discovery of M-Theory by Edward Witten, the theoretical scientist have begun to see the universe as multiple one that is born as soap bubbles, each with different laws of physics and die out to be reformed again. It is matter of time now for the materialistic vision to completely break down to give way to vision of universe as living being and understanding ourselves as both responsible co-creators who have turned into irresponsible destructors. As of now all of us are irresponsible destructors 39
  40. 40. of the world. There will be grand moment when we realize the truth and that would lead a Quantum Leap in Evolution and save the world from disaster and take humanity into golden age. The whole universe seems to dance and its dance is controlled by a single energy particle within the Father soul and its dance in relation to its pair that exist in opposite world [Mother soul]. The dance of these particles creates two spiral waves which manifest the motion in all the system around it. We can call it parental wave or Alpha wave or Creator wave. The 144 celled, double Torus is a critical state to universal time cycle. Breaking of this cycle would cause havoc in climatic cycles. In our quest that is totally material centered and is directed to the gravitational collapse, we have actually disrupted it and this is manifesting into climate catastrophes. The forces of nature which other wise distributed in space and time, now is peaking suddenly causing fire bound disasters, simultaneously in the opposite side it causes huge precipitations per unit area causing flash floods. This also could lead to winding of earth core leading to earth quakes and volcanic eruptions. All of these we are experiencing. The collapse and reorganization is inevitable. However if we awaken to truth, we can alleviate the pains and destruction and smoothen the process. Jesus Christ compared this period to pains of pregnant woman. This means Jesus understood universe as living system. Every cells of the child within and in mother’s body is restless and groaning in pain, seeking that one route form which it can emerge to glory. 2012 could be the gate way. Which means the period before it would be a time to awaken. The natural catastrophes can increase as never before. It is happening in a predicted tendency of the living system. The hard core Christians may not accept the knowledge of Mayans, for it is written in Bible that the time hour of His Coming is only known to the Father. The Mayans may be predicting an event to occur that is visible. This event should have occurred in spiritual world before for it to manifest in the material world. So both are true - if only we have the heart and mind grow beyond the constraints of religions and escape from bondage to Plato’s chair of science and become humans then the truth reveals itself. The dance of the parental particle on earth manifests as day and night cycle, climatic cycle and universal time or energy cycle. There are three levels to it. 40
  41. 41. Three Levels of Energy or Time Movement The three levels of energy movement can be understood from breathing, mitotic and meiotic division and reproduction. They can be understood as day and night cycle, climatic cycle and universal time cycle. Living System Universal System 1] Breath – First level of Information Exchange and renormalization Day and Night cycle – First level of Information Exchange and renormalization 2] Mitotic Division – Second level of Information Exchange and renormalization Climatic Cycle – Second level of information exchange and renormalization 3] Meiotic division and reproduction - Third level of information exchange and renormalization ? Re normalization is an essential process of the universe, and all living systems. This is necessitated by inevitable second law of thermodynamics. In other words this is the means by which it works against time and conquers it. Let us now understand these processes. 1] First level of renormalization of time – This manifest as breath in living system and day and night cycle on earth. It is a wave that revitalizes the system and keeps the system in motion by balancing the left and right. The spirit of the Father moves to the opposite and returns to the original state to start a new cycle. When the light is hidden in the darkness, renormalization or ordering process takes place 41 Sun Earth Fig -20
  42. 42. 2] Second Level of renormalization – A second level of renormalization in biological system occurs when the periodic mitotic renewal of cells and information occurs. This could be compared to climatic cycle peaking and giving way to another. Here the 8 component soul in the center unwinds and winds to create new soul and whole new worlds in its own image. Recall the cell division here. In the process two different worlds exchanges information and renormalizes. I have tried to express this in the following figure. 42 Positive - Male Negative - female Event Horizon Even Horizon - within Fig-21
  43. 43. The following figure tells us about the cell division process 43
  44. 44. Note the above figures speak of division of one fertilized egg. This goes to form the complete structure with as many as 50 - 75 trillions cells with different functions. Recall modern theoretical physicist imagination with minions of universe with its own laws of physics[Ref - ]. The life or breath to the whole system comes at birth. The actual manifested life cycle starts at birth. This Process of cell division and renewal of information is continues process of life to sustain the system. This means in a given body billions of cells die and billions of cells are formed. Only the nerve cells seems to last a life time and even they die out, thus reducing the functional capacity. Life is multi universes within one universe forming like bubbles and dying out to be reformed. Each cell has complete information and potential to form the whole, but the information is truncated to fit a specific purpose. On earth, it manifests as climate change, where sun’s and heat peaks creating upward forces that dries up and stresses life. A form weeding out process occurs during this time. Then the peaking heat gives way to earth and it’s down ward forces manifesting as clouds, warming the earth and eventually raining water, which give new life to earth and all life. Sun and rain, fire and water are fundamental to life. This process in life and earth by virtue of second law of thermodynamics cannot be continuous and it should reach a point at which it should collapse back on it self on to a point. In life it manifest as death. But life is designed with a process called reproduction by which it conquers time and perpetuates against time and its force. This is the third level of renormalization 3] Third level of renormalization – A third level of renormalization occurs when Fathers essence leaves its body and enters the feminine to create new body out of the old. This was beyond my comprehension till I accepted total surrender of mind, body and soul to higher power. These are the points that revealed in the process of enlightenment. • The whole universe that we see with our five senses is sustained by spirits moving within - The Spirit of the Father and Mother. The division is occurring in 44
  45. 45. spiritual levels. What we witness in the outer world is what has already occurred in the spiritual world. There is two parental spiritual world which are one and in love. When the Father spirit goes recessive to the Mother spirit the creation begins and when it emerges completing the act of creation time is initialized. This needs to be understood as superior knowledge or the Knowledge of Life deteriorating and giving way to recessive or inferior knowledge or light only to emerge to give new life. Vedas understood universal life cycle and explained it in terms of deterioration of truth and justice in certain ratios only return to the glorious period. It relates the deterioration of knowledge and manifestation of human “self” that separates him from “Higher Self” that gives Life. It is related to human losing connection with his consciousness and spiritual reality and rediscovering it. This is third level of renormalization. The question is how this third level of renormalization occurs at the universal level. We discussed this as the simple organic cycle. Where in the Father Essence, leaves its body to become embedded in the feminine world to form the child. The child is fed by mother and the deteriorating body of the Father becomes a feed for the Mother thus forming an organic cycle that supports the inorganic matter. In short the deterioration that we witness in nature is the deterioration of spirituality within individuals and collective whole. • Scriptures says we are born in the image of Father and Mother. If we trace back we actually are one family. We are brothers and sisters taken birth from a single source. Bible traces us back to Adam and Eve. The act of creation takes place in the realm of spirits first. The Father and Mother are two spirits that rule the universe and on which the whole material world we visualize is constructed. Each individual possess the original spirits. Just as a piece separated from magnet is still a magnet we hold this information deep within. However, the material matter and spirits, by which our body is created subdues it in time. Material matter and its spirit are centripetal in nature, but the Father and Mother spirit is centrifugal in nature. Bible says Adam and Eve were created in His image out of mud and He gave breath or life to it. Bible says he gave them dominion to rule over the world, but they lost this dominion when they broke the law and eat the forbidden fruit. This means we had the knowledge of superior order. It was actually lost in time. 45
  46. 46. The law was resistance to the deterioration of humans under time. History clearly speaks that ancient people did posses superior knowledge. • The second part of Bible gives us the message that God does not make His creations responsible for collapse. Thus, He sends His only son as sacrificial lamb, to restore us back to Kingdom of God. To me this is the creation secret. The writings in Yajurveda vs 30-31, speaks that creation occurred through the “self” sacrifice of the creator. This makes sense because the whole world is deteriorating because of our “self” and lack of understanding of oneness. By virtue of our religion we are divided and fail to know the truth and oneness. Science came with a hope of liberating humanity from the clutches of deteriorated religions. However, by virtue of their bondage to Plato’s chair of science, they resist the Creator and are enslaved to material force. Both religious leaders and scientist take the highest position in the society. In fact they become directly responsible for the world we live in. They are the intellectual source that should guide the administration and administration becomes responsible for the well being of the humanity and the world. In the phase of liberty all of us as individuals and collective peoples of nations are seeking “self” at all cost. We are deteriorating very fast. We forget our relationship and oneness. We are driven by fear and view the opposite as enemy and struggle relentlessly to conquer or destroy the opposite. Today science strives not to understand nature but conquer it. Religions work not to liberate humanity but keep them in bondage. Ignorantly we are digging our own grave. We have lost connection with our consciousness and the light within and have come live on mind and material power. Consequently the material heat that burns is increasing in the environment and the matter is collapsing – we are edging to gravitational collapse. • The truth is that there are two heats/energy and two types of matter, one that resist disorder and other that creates disorder. When our consciousness awakes, we perceive universal love; we grow beyond matter to the field of life and understand oneness. In this state we dissipate heat that creates order. When we lack consciousness and seek self and exists slave to material world we dissipate heat that creates disorder. Much of the world now exists as slave to material world. The consequence is that heat that creates disorder is increasing at the cost 46
  47. 47. of heat that creates order. Thus every system is experiencing a shearing force. This is manifesting as fire bound destruction of many ecological systems. Since we are part of the ecological system it is also stressing individual, community and the whole society. The death forces are dancing every where. The mind fails to comprehend it and is becoming restless. Unable to see the truth, we seem to blame others for the cause. This is manifesting into war and terrorism. The material world that is losing energy is rapidly condensing causing flash floods, huge earth quakes, mudslides. The earth is going fragile. This would culminate in volcanic outburst. Earth is known to cool herself by huge volcanic out burst. History of speaks of many great extinctions. Nothing can stand against, Mother Nature and Her fury – the only way for human to survive is to know truth and make rapid change or transition in thinking. • Earlier we noted that a simple dynamic system or a soul system is formed in pairs, each consist 4 particles and they have specific ratio relationship AB, CD, EF, HI. Particle AB has two parts “A” and “B” they have ratio relationship of 4:3. Similarly C/D also has ratio relationship 4:3. A material system is born form the union AB/CD the relationship AB with CD also has ratio 4:3. This is shown in fallowing table - The male and female. They also exists in 4:3 ratios. This ratio relationship is critical to communication and stability. Male A B C D E F G H Female I J 47
  48. 48. K L M N O P • The universe as a living system has a manifesting state and manifested state. All spiritual scriptures do make this classification. But seems to emphasize on the maintenance of the manifested state in peak order. This is reflected in all cultures. But the manifesting state is not explained with clarity. In the manifesting state humans get the freedom or free will to seek what he wants. It is an opportunity to know the God and Hear His voice and take an appointed place in the New Time Cycle or the body being formed within. Vedas describe this secret in terms of Law of Karma. • The universal time cycle is nothing but a Light cycle. Not the light from the sun that sustains the body of our being. It is the cycle of Living Light or Knowledge that liberates us from the clutches of darkness leading to deterioration and death • The climate catastrophes are occurring because; the time clocks are breaking down to reorganize its self. The Truth and Living Light The truth is that the spiritual body actually sustains the material body. The spirit is Light, Knowledge and information of higher order. It is the masculine aspect of the body that sustains the life. The second law of thermodynamics is real and thus life is sustained through a constant price. Some information is lost, when the system divides. [Not in the initial division, but in subsequent divisions]. The initial division is spontaneous. This is because the reality of nature is not singularity but duality. Singularity is only passing state, when the masculine exist in the feminine creating order out of Disorder. The singularity is a phase that is forced on it by incoherence of the body and the loss of information or light [spiritual knowledge] into the Black Hole. 48
  49. 49. Black hole is nothing but he “self” of humans which form the body of the living universe. The “self” of humans begins splintering the system. The Father and Mother pay the price to sustain it. This means the system becomes weak. Eventually it comes to point collapse and death under the material force becomes inevitable. We are going through the peak of this phase, where the system has turned highly turbulent and disordered. The Good News is that Creator has ensured that His creation does not collapse. A selected seed of His world is already implanted in the “Black hole” it is working retrieve all the information and bring humanity out of slavery to material force and bring every thing hidden from humanity to light such that humanity becomes self realized and become true worshiper of God - A God that lives in each one of us and also out side it and is approachable to everyone, than one that exist in the four walls of a Church, Mosque or Temples and approachable by priest. The secret to approach it was reveled by God Himself in Calvary. It is this realization that can bring order to the world. If not for this we will fight in the name of God and lead to self destruction making the churches, mosques and temples desolate with no body left to worship, no temples, no churches, or mosques, no scriptures or science and libraries to retrieve information’s. I am not against any religions or Churches or Temples and Mosque, I just call for filling life into it. As I write this I read a Pastor planning to Burn Koran on September 11, 2010. Such people should be condemned, by all. It is much better for him to burn himself, than burning a scripture that billions of people believe. Bible says very clearly, remove the stick in your eye before you speak of dirt in a brothers eye. One must take into consideration, here the west that believes in Christ actually filled the world with weapons of mass destruction and developed economy built on war. Christ stopped Peter, his disciple, when he drew his sword to resist His arrest. In fact he healed the person whom he hurt. Where are we Christians standing and trending as we speak of Jesus Christ? It is time to self search ourselves. We must accept the reality that the present world filled with weapons of mass destruction is the creation Christian populated nations. Scriptures, cultures are mirrors left behind to see our face and discover our true nature by ancient enlightened people who knew of time and its deteriorative 49
  50. 50. influence. If not for their resistive and intelligent acts, these would not have been left behind for us to awaken. It is time we march ahead, coming out of “self” and religions and integrating knowledge and awakening to truth. I had great respect For Dr. Hawking. But I don’t do not approve his call to “abandon Earth or face extinction” or his statement “God is not needed for creation”. I feel he should introspect who is the cause for the present state of the world and what we have created in out of our Free Will. His statements reflect the desperate end of Human quest to know the “Mind of God” through once own mind. It probably goes into “History of Time” as great moment. “I say Bow to God and get enlightened and discover your human and Divine Nature”. Our mind focused on material world can never find truth. “Face the Truth that evil exits not outside us, but within us and we on our own have no control over it”. Our “self” is an illusion created by the mind. It can only lead us to self destruction. Much of Eastern Philosophies thus speak, technique and technologies to conquer mind, such that man exist closer to truth and work form the realm of truth and justice. Our self has to die if we have to come to life. The multiple universes that came out of Edward Witten’s M- Theory are only another level of grand illusion. This illusion can disappear, if we visualize universe as a living one. We are the multiple universes within one single universe. It should be noted that Einstein, a believer in God, could not comprehend, uncertainty and disorder. Ilya Prigogine and others working with nonlinear science have shown time direction exist even in disorder and that order can emerge from disorder spontaneously. The biggest problem of modern science is that they have not been able find the cause that set everything into motion. The linear scientist, need to have hand of God that gives mass ands sets everything into motion, non linear scientist need had of God to cause that initial perturbation. The M-Theory may have brought the vision of universe as soap bubbles forming and disappearing to form continually. Here too we need a hand that stirs to create the soap bubble. Truth is subtly hidden in all spiritual scriptures. If you carefully study spiritual scriptures you note that they speak of manifested state and manifesting state. Much of religious leaders speak of manifested and the laws to maintain and sustain it. But they never stress on the manifesting state. The reason is very simple – The fall of 50
  51. 51. the system begins with them. They are the torch bearers of the world, responsible to lead the people in right way. Their positions are above that of the King. The fall of kingdom begin with their fall. They are supposed to be the most active participants in the well being of the world. It is there responsibility to lead the society and the world in right path. The fall of true spirituality in individual, community, collective levels are actually reflecting as disorder and destruction in the world and the cause can be traced to people who exist in temples of religions. They collect money from people and build bigger and bigger temples. They work relentlessly to work on gaining quantitative and monetary advancement and growth in their religions. This is achieved at the cost of neglecting the qualitative aspect of the religion. If one were to ask me to a point out a single cause for deterioration of the world, I can point to the qualitative deterioration of spirituality. Most religions and their leaders fail to accept this reality and they mask it up and lead the people in wrong way. All religious schools exist actually unconcerned about the deteriorated state of the world. If you look back the God’s of history have led from the front not from the back. Lord Krishna led the war for Justice and Truth leading the war. Jesus set an example of how a priest should exist. We have made a religion out of it, but lost its qualitative essence. Today much of the religions practice dead exercises that lacks life. This is also true when it comes to science. Science broke the back bone of religion hoping to liberate humanity. But some where along, they also became victims of their material nature and “self” and became slave to the leaders who became increasingly dependent on material power to rule the world. In Copenhagen when the great minds joined in 1920’s had they not fought to win, but concentrated on why the uncertainty exist the world would have been different. Every scientist who is truly a scientist, actually knows about the skeletons hidden the cub boards. But only few show the courage to speak of it. Those who speak it are actually dubbed out by the system. Most try to fish in the troubled waters. They are bothered about their means of food and sustenance. This basic instinct of the body is leading to hiding the truths and building a world around lies. Thus, biologist speaks of designer babies and genetic engineering, cloning and so on even when they know that genes are not stable units of biological information’s. They speak of bigger and bigger projects and seek big financial requirements to find God particle and know the truth. They frighten 51
  52. 52. humanity as religious people once frightened people about punishing God. They speak of abandoning earth and building homes and cities in outer planets or face extinction. Every one of these people internally feels that truth is simple and cannot be complex as it reveals in their complex equations. It is worth reading few quotes from great scientist who laid the foundation for the modern Science. Their words speak a lot of truth and expose mind of these people. First one I wish to share with you all is famous allegory of Plato’s cave and a statement I read in some book long ago “Scientist are like prisoners chained to the mouth of the cave. They only see the shadows of moving one the wall. They have learned to construct the image of the object out of shadows – but this image would be very inferior to the one who is free and went around to see the real world” I enclose a reference video that describes it [Reference - ]. This cuts difference between an enlightened and unenlightened. “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.” Galileo “And who can doubt that it will lead to the worst disorders when minds created free by God are compelled to submit slavishly to an outside will? When we are told to deny our senses and subject them to the whim of others? When people devoid of whatsoever competence are made judges over experts and are granted authority to treat them as they please? These are the novelties which are apt to bring about the ruin of common wealths and the subversion of the state.” “We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves” “It vexes me when they would constrain science by the authority of the Scriptures, and yet do not consider themselves bound to answer reason and experiment.” It is very pious to say and prudent to affirm that the holy Bible can never speak untruth -- whenever its true meaning is understood. But I believe nobody will deny that it is often very abstruse, and may say things which are quite different from wha” 52
  53. 53. “The Divine intellect indeed knows infinitely more propositions [than we can ever know]. But with regard to those few which the human intellect does understand, I believe that its knowledge equals the Divine in objective certainty.” “This most beautiful system [The Universe] could only proceed from the dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.” Newton To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.” “No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess” We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.” “The system of revealed truth which this Book contains is like that of the universe, concealed from common observation yet...the centuries have established its Divine origin.” "Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it." Albert Einstein “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." Albert Einstein “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein "Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." Albert Einstein. "My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind." Einstein 53
  54. 54. “Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.” Max Planck “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it” “Scientific discovery and scientific knowledge have been achieved only by those who have gone in pursuit of it without any practical purpose whatsoever in view” “Anybody who has been seriously engaged is scientific work of any kind realizes that over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: 'Ye must have faith.' It is a quality which the scientist cannot dispense with.” “If we do discover a complete theory, it should be in time understandable in broad principle by everyone. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people be able to take part in the discussion of why we and the universe exist” Stephen Hawking “Abandon earth or face extinction” Stephen Hawking “God is not needed for Creation” Stephen Hawking These words from great minds speak of struggle of minds and their failures in understanding the reality of nature and truth. A truth that exist next to our skin and remains beyond of our comprehension because of the bondage of the mind that enquires in to. The scientist are bonded to the “Plato’s chair of science” and cannot focus their mind inwards to life, and spiritualist are so bonded to their religions that they fail to see the truth out side it. In fact the world is being endangered by religious ignorance than weapons of mass destructions Each have strived competitively missing the truth. The truth is that universe is living conscious and 54
  55. 55. intelligent. It is constructed on Love and peace. It is working on forces that generates from within and flows and returns back to it in never ending cycles. • It actually is the union of Father and Mother spirits to create two new world out of one. Let me express it in terms of single particle picture I presented to you. • Time is inevitably reality. God resisted, time by virtue of a law not eat form the tree at the center. We are supposed to act centrifugally one with Father and Mother Force or Life force within. The law was a call to humanity not to become slave to Matter and its force that is directed to the center or gravitational collapse. This was a call to Love each other and understand the universe as one family. Not to forget once own Father and Mother and thus his roots. Yet in time humans forget, they begin to express his “self” and slowly they become salve to material world. God resists this by dividing two worlds into four and so on thus creating 55 4 3 3 4 Material energy being sucked to create duplicates Quantum Dance and Creation
  56. 56. disorder. Yet time direction exists in disorder. We are in the peak of slavery, disorder and Gravitational collapse. • The slavery of humanity to matter and its force and the death approaching is perceived by the parental particles separated in space-time. They then should unite to recreate. Since the Creation came forth from the Father, it is natural that this recreation process should come from the dominant spiritual world. World of light or knowledge. At some critical point, when the ratio of material to spiritual goes in favor of material, the spiritual Father of the whole world should leave its world and enter the world of feminine to meet its pair to start a new creation. Earlier we noted that a simple dynamic system or a soul system is formed in pairs, each consist 4 particles and they have specific ratio relationship AB, CD, EF, HI. Particle AB has two parts “A” and  