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Truth that can save humanity
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Truth that can save humanity


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Earth and human survival on it is endangered. Drastic climatic changes, restlessness of various ecological systems speaks this. The knowledge we have acquired seems very much wanting to survive the …

Earth and human survival on it is endangered. Drastic climatic changes, restlessness of various ecological systems speaks this. The knowledge we have acquired seems very much wanting to survive the disastrous end to which we are moving. We need to know Truth of Nature and its working in a simple manner and act quickly to survive on earth.

Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual

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  • 1. Truth that can Save Humanity and Earth
    “Seek Truth and Truth Will set you Free”
    Humanity is going to need a substantial new way of thinking if it is survive - Einstein
    By John Paily – Grace New Age Research
  • 2. Slide Index
    • Information and knowledge – The Reality we are facing: Slide-3
    • 3. The Foundation of Modern Knowledge: Slide-4
    • 4. The Principle Failure of Modern Science: Slide-5
    • 5. Black Holes in Modern Knowledge: Slides-6 to 10
    • 6. New leads to New World View: -Slide-11
    • 7. The Key to Know Truth of Nature: Slides-12 to 15
    • 8. The Truth that Can Save the World: Slide-16
    • 9. Comprehending Truth in a Sensible Way : Slides-17 to 18
    • 10. The Principle and Design of Building Blocks of Nature: Slide-19
    • 11. The formation of Systems and Black Hole in Nature: Slides-20 to 22
    • 12. Evolving towards Truth: Slides-23 to 26
    • 13. Re Discovering God and Spirituality: Slides-27 to 33
    • 14. What is happening to Earth and humanity: Slides-34 to 35
    • 15. Will humanity Survive on Earth? Slide-36
    • 16. Simplicity to complexity and Vice Versa: Slide-37
    • 17. Steps we need to take to Survive: Slide-38
    • 18. More Information and a Request: Slide -39
    • 19. References – Slide-40
  • Information and Knowledge – The Reality We are Facing
    • Information and Knowledge is Exploding in our world
    • 20. Information and Knowledge should have brought order and peace
    • 21. Information and Knowledge we are experiencing is bringing opposite results
    • 22. Earth and her forces are becoming volatile and increasingly destructive.
    • 23. The increasing temperature is shearing the environment
    • 24. All the ecological systems are turning increasingly unstable
    • 25. Individual and collective minds are turning restless and self destructive
    • 26. The economic frame work is highly unstable
    • 27. The flow in the system is becoming highly corrupt and strangulating
    This calls for introspection and rethinking of the very foundation of knowledge on which we exist and function
  • 28. The Foundation of Modern Knowledge
    • Modern knowledge is founded on materialistic thinking
    • 29. It is built on predicting and conquering nature than understanding it
    • 30. Here observations from nature is squeezed into certain chosen
    mathematical language - Euclidean Geometry [Newton] , Riemann's
    Geometry [Einstein], Statistical language [Quantum Science] etc.
    • The over all picture of nature and its functioning is built based on the
    the above works. Thus we had mechanical world view based on Newton,
    Relativistic world view based on Einstein, Chaotic or disordered world
    view based on Quantum Science and so on
    • The Life, Chemistry and Non Linear science opened up a concept that
    order can emerge from disorder and vice-versa spontaneously. It also
    gave rise to the information era
  • 31. The Principle Failure of Modern Science
    • The knowledge obtained through mathematical language has not given
    us a sensible picture of nature and life and its working. It has failed in its
    objective. Human quest for knowledge is thus turning self destructive.
    The principle failure exist in our failure to comprehend what is light
    matter, atomic matter and how energy is enfolded in them.
    • It exist in our failure to observe and understand the energy cycle of
    nature in which we exist and exist harmoniously with it
    • We are now left with two sciences – Linear science where cause is
    proportional to effect and non linear science where cause is not
    proportional to effect - Example a can of gasoline exploding because
    of a small spark
    • We are left with a predictable science that describes outer world and
    a unpredictable science that describes the micro world
    We have failed to comprehend its togetherness. It calls us to review and rethink the foundation on which we exist and function
  • 32. Black Holes in Modern Knowledge: Slide-1
    • The foundation of Science was laid by two assumptions of Newton
    1] All system in nature moves in straight line in an uniformly accelerated
    2] All matter has an attractive property . But he did not explain what
    property gives the attractive nature. This property is understood by
    term Gravity and Mass. Together they explained movement of planets in
    circular orbits and led to mechanistic world view
    • The advent of electromagnetism brought another matter that denied
    Newtonian mechanistic view. Einstein came to the rescue by adopting a new
    language, Riemann's Geometry that deals with curvature and brought out a
    vision where property of gravity relates to space-time net [ field] in which
    the system exists. Following it two more new forces strong nuclear and weak
    nuclear forces were discovered. Scientist have failed to unify these forces
    • A big blow to science came when Heisenberg discovered that motion at the
    micro level is not predictable. A New language statistical mechanics had to
    be developed to describe motion.
  • 33. Black Holes in Modern Knowledge: Slide-2
    • The consequences of Quantum Science is that it brought the
    experimenter and observer as integral part of the experiment. The
    mind and life now became inseparable from matter . The term
    consciousness now became an integral part of Science and its
    enquiry into Truth of Nature . However, scientists have failed to
    comprehend it sensibly.
    • Scientific picture of nature cannot be complete unless we understand
    Parallel developments in the concept of energy and the two basic
    laws of Thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics
    implied that no system on earth can be stable. It looses energy and
    tend to collapse to a point in the center in time. The Big Bang Origin
    from a indefinable small point, that is insensible and where all the
    laws of physics break down, came from this reality.
  • 34. Black Holes in Modern Knowledge: Slide-3
    • Later Stephen Hawking discovered that all system should develop a “Black Hole”
    in time, into which all information gets irreversibly lost. This was opposed by
    another school of thought led by Dr. Leonard Susskind. Hawking then came up
    with the idea of two parallel universe[ Ref- 1], in one black hole exist and in
    another black hole does not exists. Parallel Universes and Multiple universes each
    with its own laws of physics, forming in space-time and disintegrating into it, to
    be formed again, as soap bubbles, is what the picture of the universe that the
    modern scientists present us today [ Ref-2].
    • The picture of nature thus has become more complex and incomprehensible to
    common man and even to majority of scientists
    • By virtue of second law of thermodynamics it now becomes inevitable that all
    the parallel universe and black holes unite to form a singularity.
    • The comprehension of singularity, duality and multiplicity of universes and its
    existence in time thus becomes crucial and the key to our understanding of
    nature and our survival on earth.
  • 35. Black Holes in Modern Knowledge: Slide-4
    • If you read through biographies of every great scientist, we realize they were aware of
    the incompleteness of their work and its limitations to explain Nature and Truth.
    Newton said “ I frame no hypothesis” when confronted with question what gives
    property of gravity to matter? Einstein failed to comprehend uncertainty and said
    “God does not play Dice”
    • These great thinkers and their mind brooding over the Truth of nature came close to
    comprehend the simplicity of nature but failed to bring them into mathematical
    form to appease the scientific community. The following quotes from some of
    these great thinkers, calls for attention.
    1] "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used
    when we created them." - Einstein
    2] Humanity is going to need a substantial new way of thinking if it is
    to survive – Einstein
    3] “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind
    this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the
    matrix of all matter.” – Max Planck
  • 36. Black Holes in Modern Knowledge: Slide-5
    4] "Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological
    criminal." - Einstein
    5] “Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is
    because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery
    that we are trying to solve.” – Max Plank
    6] “A new scientific Truth does not triumph by convincing its
    opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its
    opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is
    familiar with it” – Max Planck
    • These statements from great scientist call out to us
    to review the foundation. They were pointing to a fact that nature
    and its Truth cannot be understood in isolation life, specially
    human beings consciousness, his mind, his thinking and his actions.
  • 37. New leads to New World View
    • It is interesting to note that Einstein tried to introduce a second force
    against gravity [Anti-gravity] and Cosmological Constant, to avoid the
    break down of his theory extended in time. He also suggested
    in his auto biography that we need to replace constants of physical
    science with ratios
    • It is apparent that the new world view needs to be developed from the
    premises of these two thoughts. Ratio signify non equilibrium on
    the right and left. A non equilibrium is a necessity for the flow, within
    a system and between systems. It should be the basal design and
    principle on which nature is founded. It should be noted that the
    gravitational theory is founded on the assumption of fundamental non-
    • It is apparent that a second force against gravity should exist that
    sustains the universe against collapse in time. The quantum scientists
    think this as the conscious field. But they have failed to present it in a
    sensible way. We need to discover this force in a sensible way to survive on earth
  • 38. The Key to Know Truth of Nature: Slide-1
    • The key to understanding Nature and life is to understand the
    second law of thermodynamics. It amounts to knowing the birth and
    death and perpetual existence in time
    • The second law of thermodynamics applied to our material thinking
    leads to a inevitable singularity, black hole and loss of
    information, death and so on without any sensible explanation to
    origin and perpetual existence of the system in Time.
    • Let us now leave behind all the schools of thought impregnated into
    our mind and look at nature from a point of freedom, take down
    some key points and try to restructure our knowledge such that it
    gives a simple, sensible and comprehensible picture of nature
    understandable even to a common man.
  • 39. The Key to Truth of Nature : Slide-2
    1] Earth we live in, seems to be governed by cycles of time centered on two basic forces ; the force of sun or fire that unwinds and creates disorder and the forces of earth that winds and creates order. They manifest as 12 unit day and night cycle, 12 month climatic cycles, 12 year cycles and so on to form a universal time cycle. Here one cycle give way to other smoothly over a period of time thus sustaining all the life system on earth. Observation thus point to two opposing cycles that works simultaneously to sustains the system
    2] The system is designed to oppose and withstand time and its destructive force between two critical points. However, the second law of thermodynamics gives it a direction where in all the system looses energy and tends to wind and collapse to a central point-singularity. The released energy, increases the temperature of the environment and thus creating a shearing force on all the enclosed ecological systems. All the systems now turns unstable and violent. Near criticality the climatic forces peaks and fall abruptly and thus causing huge destruction and eventually destroying all the elements that cause the time direction. We are witnessing this destructive power of nature around the world as global warming and climate change. We need to know what causes the time direction in nature to survive on earth
  • 40. The Key to Truth of Nature: Slide-3
    3 ] The instability of human mind at individual, collective levels, manifesting into war terrorism, violence and the self destructive path that humanity is taking could be related to the instability of the ecological system
    4] The most important point here is that we humans by our ignorance are in fact the principle cause for the instability of earth and its environment. To understand this reality all we need to do is to stand back and observe nature. If you observe a plant grow and lilies flower, you note that life by instinct is anti-gravitational. They grow against gravity. The second law of thermodynamics applied to material and living system shows this opposition.
    5] Life is a world which opposes gravity of material world and time directed to death. When sunlight creates disorder, plant life absorbs light and heat and thus opposes it. When night falls it uses this energy and matter to create biological mass that grows against gravity. Thus when time directs to collapse in material world, in living world it directs opposite to it.
  • 41. The Key to Truth of Nature: Slide-4
    6] The energy flow in earth manifesting as day and night and climatic cycle along with plant life is two dimensional. If plant life is not controlled the system can go into anti-gravitational collapse. Thus herbivore control plants and carnivore control herbivore and the whole system is self-sustaining Gaia without any specific time direction. The energy cycle on earth with plants and animals is three dimensional
    7] But when we include adult human beings who are capable of thinking, we see a time direction to the whole system. An adult human mind is self centered and works for self advancement at the cost of others. Unlike other living system which lives by instinct and is intimately connected to the time and change in the environment, adult human beings live by his mind and its power, seeking self. He distorts the design and working of life and nature. He tries to conquer and corrupt the flow of life force in nature. In the process causes instability to oneself, family, community and the whole.
    8] Human mind and its direction of thinking thus takes a pivotal point in the way nature unfolds and enfolds. When the mind is directed to the outer material world and becomes self centered and slave to material world, it moves away from the Truth of life and nature and when it directs to the inner world and becomes selfless it moves towards Truth.
  • 42. The Truth that Can Save the world
    • Human mind and its senses that is directed to the outer space and becomes self centered, sees the outer material world/spirit. It perceives the miseries of life and death as coming form the outer world. It engages it self to conquer the material world and death and attain eternal life. Human mind that is self centered and directed to the outer world becomes slave to material world and creates time direction or fourth dimension of time
    • 43. Human mind that is self centered and directed away from its own center. sees the opposite as enemy and engages in ware fare to gain eternal life. This is a misdirected and illusionary path. The path takes us farther and farther from Truth and Light into darkness and creates self destructive vortex. We are peaking in the vortex.
    • 44. The only way for humanity to survive on earth is to know Truth and Light. We cannot attain it unless we retreat and turn around our mind from outer space to inner space; a space that connects the whole into one
    • 45. The earth and the universe needs to be understood as information exchange between two space-time realities the inner and outer or parallel worlds. [Ref-2]
  • Comprehending Truth in a Sensible Way: Slide-1
    • There are two ways to explore Truth
    1] The mind without self directed to the outer space – this is modern theoretical science that came into existence as an opposition to deteriorated or self centered spirituality
    2] The mind directed to the inner space without self or bondage. This is true spirituality beyond religion
    • The first path is based on the assumption that universe is material. We know this search has led us to complexity, with various concepts and thinking that are self contradictory and fails to bring out the simplicity of nature and life. The developments in science is increasingly forcing scientist to drop their materialistic thinking and adopt a new thinking. More and more scientists are inclined to think in the ancient spiritualistic way, where it is clearly written that the universe is living and conscious being not a material thing. But they have not been able find a foundation on which they can advance modern science and unite it with ancient knowledge. From the back ground thinking presented in this slide, we can explore the universe as a living being that includes all the scientific developments and expose the spiritual Truth known to the ancient but lost some where along time.
  • Comprehending Truth in a Sensible Way: Slide-2
    • The key to understanding Truth of Nature and life is to know how it conquers the second law of thermodynamics and perpetuates in time. In short how nature conquers time and initializes it self. Scientific quest has led us to concepts like big bang, singularity, black hole, parallel and multiple universes , consciousness as a force, intelligence and creativity as means of survival and sustenance and so on. But they have failed to comprehend these concepts in sensible and simple manner.
    • 46. Life we know is bestowed with the capacity to conquer time and initialize it self against time and change by a process called reproduction where a mixing of information occurs between two parallel worlds; male and female. The process begins in singularity, wherein the essence of the male leaves its body and enters the body of the feminine to begin a new creation. The new creation begins as a wave from a point in one chosen cell, which then creates images [multiple universes] of itself to left and right continually differentiating the whole system. Here Information from the dominant collapses into the black hole of feminine but emerges to give new life and perpetuate in time. Understanding the Truth of nature now corners down to understanding the singularity in life and the principle and design on which it works
  • The Principle and Design of Building Blocks of Nature
    • Flow is fundamental to nature and design should facilitate the flow at the level of building blocks and all the system levels formed from this building blocks. A duality and non-equilibrium between the left and right thus is a necessity for the flow to occur. A particle [ building blocks] and all system formed should have ratio relationship between its right and left say 4:3. The quantum nature of the flow now leads to perpetual Quantum Dance between two states 4:3 and 3:4 where the flow direction changes
    • 47. The flow is driven by an instinct to seek equilibrium. The design and the quantum nature of energy transfer denies it and hence when the system is stressed to peak it changes the direction of the flow. You can imagine the fundamental particle as a number 8 with two arms existing in the ratio 4:3. The non-equilibrium gives the cause for the flow and the quantum nature of the flow leads to Quantum Dance between two states 4:3 and 3:4, where flow direction changes. A symmetry exist in the process of flow, but this symmetry is unstable. The symmetry we witness in nature is thus sustained at a price.
    • 48. This particle can be understood as light particle or electromagnetic particle or energy particle. The quantum dance of these particles can create a wave in the surrounding environment.
  • The Formation of Systems and Black Hole in Nature: Slide-1
    • The quantum particle or electromagnetic particle we discussed in the previous page is unstable in space. It is important that we now know what space is. Space can be imagined as eight component system with three right and left frames that are overlapped. To understand it, take an apple and cut it vertically at right angles to one another through the center and once horizontally at right angles to the vertical through the center.
    • 49. The quantum particle we discussed exist as pairs, one with right twist [ A or say positive] and other with a left twist [B or say negative]. When they join in space. They form a system AB. This can be understood as matter particle. Let us assume it as hydrogen atom. But the two particles A and B should exist in 4:3 ratio, such that it can allow flow and communication to occur. Equal and opposite cancels and cannot create the dance and communication. The matter particle so formed is more stable in space they can wind and unwind in space between two limits.
    • 50. The system formed above creates a spiral space within the system that is open for interaction in space. The system AB has preferred right or left twist orientation decided by the twist of the dominant. The System AB is also created in pairs. This means AB has a pair CD which has an opposite twist and exist in a ratio 4:3 with AB. Thus we have Hydrogen molecules. The molecule formation gives further stability to the system
  • The formation of Systems and Black Hole in Nature: Slide-2
    • A higher level of stability in space is formed when a system is formed by the fusion of AB and CD. This results in inert atom [helium]. This atom is stable in 8 component space. It forms a closed mini black hole within it that is amenable for opening and interaction when stressed to critical limit by heat. Inert atoms we know is incapable of any chemical reaction but respond only to heat induced winding and unwinding. It forms an inner space that is closed but is capable communicating with external space when stressed to critical point. The whole of periodic table now can be explained form this point of view of union of pairs or multiple pairs of particles. The systems or atoms formed have more stability in space.
    • 51. These systems resist disturbance of its stability or balance and show creativity as it is stressed to the near critical limit. Thus it leads to formation of chemical compounds. The stress in nature manifest as right winding and left winding force.
    • 52. The inert elements that have fullness in eight component space has unique way of creativity when stressed to near critical limit. It adds matter on to it self to balance as we add weight to balance the balance. We can visualize it as Living Particle or Soul. This gives an explanation to the formation of DNA in biological system and takes our understanding of life to new level.
  • The formation of Systems and Black Hole in Nature- Slide-3
    • This new vision and thinking leads us to review gene and information unit in biological system as not paired one but minimum of four paired dynamic unit in space. Six of them forming a core unit and two forming linking units with other dynamic units.
    • 53. It also means the perception and control of the whole biological system exist in the black hole and the genes are only means by which it sustains the balance of the system.
    • 54. It means life originates from black hole and information contained in it. Life is characterized by an inner space and this inner space plays an important role in life. The life is a struggle to maintain the balance between the inner and outer space and the energy changes [information] in it.
    • 55. This also means at the universal level, there exists a space-time world that is beyond our perception. Scientists are closing on it, by virtue of concepts like dark energy, dark world, parallel world and so on
  • Evolving towards Truth: Slide-1
    • The above thinking has the potentiality of taking our knowledge of nature to higher level by reordering the developments in science in a simple sensible way and uniting it with spiritual knowledge of the ancient. We can rediscover all the developments in science and unite it in a sensible way when we visualize nature form a biological point
    • 56. Life exist in pairs, which are one and is characterized by black holes. The life is a process of interaction of two parallel universes, constantly opening up and uniting and creating new images of itself to sustain against time and survive against time through creativity and reproduction. The material body is formed in the process. It is maintained by constantly breaking it down and renewing it
    • 57. It all begins with information from one black hole [The dominant or the Male] universe collapsing into the black hole of the feminine or recessive. The creation begins with the union of these two black holes and the information contained in it. The first pulse of new life is breathed to the selected cell in selected body, by the Spirit or information from the Father entering it.
  • Evolving towards Truth: Slide-2
    • Creation begins not only with spirits from two worlds and information contained in the black holes, but it involves spirit/matter taken from the external space as it creates images of itself - One cell divides to form two, four, eight and so on to form new world within the old.
    • 58. An important point one should note is that, the creation phase begins when the spirit of the male leaves its body and enters the body of the female. Now we have a organic cyclic reality, where the spirit of the Father is creating new world out of the old. The body of the Father now becomes a feed for the Mother to nourish the Child in the forming. This is singularity state or the state of manifestation. This is followed by the manifested state, where duality and multiplicity comes into being.
    • 59. The creation phase is an ordering face out of disorder. Here the spirit of the Father exist as Unconditional Love.
    • 60. The manifested state is duality where justice and Truth prevails. In the manifested state the spirit of Creator moves between the two worlds sustaining the system. Creator pays constant price to sustain the system.
  • Evolving towards Truth: Slide -3
    • From the back drop of our thinking it is apparent that a conscious and intelligent force exist, which sustains the material universe against time and its deteriorative influence through constant process of creation and dissolution.
    • 61. This gives credence to the spiritual knowledge of the ancient, which clearly says universe is conscious and intelligent and that we are only the individuated consciousness and intelligence, born from it in space-time. This means there exist a Creator spirit that creates and governs the universal existence or the universe has a Father and Mother spirits that are one and forms the conscious and intelligent beings, which creates and sustains the whole system.
    • 62. The process of formation of a body, involves creation of new world in its own image taking matter and spirit from external world.
    • 63. Living universe is not beyond time. This means the universe is sustained by constant price being paid by the Creator to maintain the balance in the system. The Creator Spirit moves between the two worlds giving life and sustaining life. It opposes the time direction in the material world. This could be comparable to light giving way to darkness forming day and night cycle, climatic cycle and has a time direction to disorder and collapse to a point in the center [death]. Creator, works to maintain order and give life to the system by opposing it by paying a price.
  • Evolving towards Truth: Slide-4
    • Eventually , the spirit of the Father [the higher information or knowledge] by virtue of second law of thermodynamics or time shrinks to a point that it becomes embedded in the Mother and goes into creation mode.
    • 64. It is apparent that when the light and knowledge that creates order goes into creation mode the disorder peaks in the world. But nature is designed such that as the disorder peaks the order emerges spontaneously. When the Spirit of the Father gets embedded in the Mother or conceives, it conquer time. Eventually, the light that Creates emerges from the darkness of the womb to lead the system again. This could be understood as initialization of time to start a New Time Cycle
    • 65. The universe needs to be understood as the consciousness and intelligence of the Creator enfolding and unfolding to sustain the whole system in a predetermined path.
  • Re Discovering God and Spirituality: Slide-1
    • The great ancient spiritual book of knowledge, the Vedas , write that the universe was created through the self sacrifice of the Creator and this was done by His own people or demi gods. [Yajurveda VS : 30- 31]
    • 66. If you care to study Bible we can conclude that this Truth is manifesting through Christ and His Calvary Sacrifice. If we can grow beyond the religions, we can see the basal reality in spiritual scriptures as a science of higher order.
    • 67. Gods consciousness and intelligence through Christ is unfolding within and supporting the deteriorating world. This is the only hope for our survival and evolution back into the golden period of humanity.
    • 68. We are called to be a participant in the process of restoration of Kingdom of God or Dharma yuga, where justice and Truth prevails.
  • Re Discovering God and Spirituality: Slide-2
    • I am not supporting any organized religion, but I am speaking the Truth of nature. Jesus is real, but the reality of Jesus reveals when we analyze the act of Christ at Calvary. “Self” is real and it is life. The whole system works to protect and advance self or life and defeat death. To accept death, as means of life is beyond the comprehension of any human mind.
    • 69. Being in a human body Christ did an act that no human mind can comprehend, he rooted himself in his consciousness and intelligence, connected to His Creator and did His Fathers will to accept death and become a sacrificial lamb, surrendering all His power. Through Christ the God the Creator Spirit, conquered time and has ensured new order emerges in the peak of the disorder to start a New Time Cycle.
    • 70. The crux of this thinking is that, universe is living conscious and intelligent being. We humans are only individuated cells born from it in space-time to its left and right. Our self, has no true independence. Our self and independence is an illusion that emerges when our mind discontent from our inner space-time reality and becomes slave to outer space-time reality.
  • Re Discovering God and Spirituality: Slide-3
    • This distances us from Truth or the Creator spirits that sustains life. We loose the knowledge and light that helps us live in peace and order with Nature and Her Master. Beyond some point, we get lost in to total darkness and lead the world to destruction or death. This calls for recreation and restoration. This process of recreation and restoration is in progress with Christ and His Spirit.
    • 71. No wonder much of spiritual knowledge, speaks of Faith in God and gives a call to grow beyond once own mind and self to know the Truth.
    • 72. The Biblical Creation when understood from this point of view makes sense and exposes the Truth of Singularity. The statement that God gave Adam the dominion over His creation invariably means He gave humanity the knowledge and Truth to sustain and rule over it. The forbidden tree/fruit at the center, is the gravitational point or death point to which matter and its force directs. It was a call to humanity not to forget the Creator [Father and Mother] and become slave to matter and its power
  • Re Discovering God and Spirituality: Slide-4
    • Christ and his philosophy and teachings, does not strike down any spiritual scriptures, philosophy and religions, but actually brings life to it.
    • 73. It is the pinnacle of all knowledge, a knowledge that gives life and sustains it . It is the Unconditional Love that transforms and gives life back to everything. This transformation is the only way for humanity to evolve to know Truth and enter the Golden Age of Truth and Justice. Unless humanity awakens to Truth, we would never see peace and order. Misery and death will have its dance over humanity.
    • 74. We humans have our root from one single base. We are created in Pure Love of the Creating Entities manifesting as consciousness and intelligence. This force is anti-gravitational and sustains the material body of the Living Universe.
    • 75. Every word of Bible is a living force. It is a potential spark that can kindle fire of life and take us from darkness to light.
  • Re Discovering God and Spirituality: Slide-5
    • The only way for humanity that is deteriorating under material bondage is to know Truth beyond all religions. The Good News of Christ stand as a simple science and only this understanding can break the barriers of religions to awaken humanity as a whole and lead it from darkness to light.
    • 76. I was not believer in God, but my conscious approach to science led me through the narrow path, leading to an enlightenment at the foot of Calvary. Since then, within my limitations and adversities, I have been responding to my inner call to advance science and call the attention of the world to the simple Truth of Calvary Sacrifice that reveled to me.
    • 77. Spiritual scriptures of the east also speaks of God manifesting on earth [Eg- Lord Rama and Krishna]. This reality can be understood from the two basic realities of the Creator – The process of Creation and the Sustenance of the created. In the former case God manifest as Unconditional Love giving freedom to humanity to recreate and restore. In the latter case God manifest as protector of justice and Truth.
  • Re Discovering God and Spirituality: Slide-6
    • Bible says “Seek Truth and Truth will set you Free”. In the absence of Truth we exist in fear, live a self centered life with corruption and end in strangulating the flow in the system of which we are only a part. We end in visualizing the opposite as enemy and develop a conquering motive, creating a society that is built on war, terrorism and self destruction. Our partial knowledge and lack of Truth, is leading us even to break down the very abode called earth that is supporting us.
    • 78. Our “self” and the might of the material power we have gained is not helping us to survive on earth. It is leading us into a vortex of self destruction. We are deteriorating at individual, at the family, community, national and the whole level. The society is promoting individuals who are spiritually dead/deteriorating and thus causing the fall of the family, society and the world.
    • 79. We need to change our thinking and thoughts. We need to surrender our evil “self” and awaken to our reality and our unity with God. The spirit of God and the life giver is hovering over us. It is a matter of we opening to surrender to God gain New Life and order.
  • Re Discovering God and Spirituality: Slide-7
    • I am convinced that, the world will see light and awaken to Truth, but I am not sure how much more price humanity has to give before he awakens to Truth and takes guard of earth and enter the Golden Age.
    • 80. The temples of science and its occupants, Temples of Gods and its occupants needs to awaken beyond religion and barriers to save earth and humanity and bring order to the world.
    • 81. The ancient spiritual culture and practices have immense depth. It needs to be rediscovered and brought forward for the well being of humanity.
    It is time to awaken to Truth and take guard of our life and our abode
  • 82. What is happening to Earth and humanity: Slide-1
    • Earth is going fragile and its forces are turning violent. The forces of nature are peaking and falling abruptly causing huge catastrophes, all the ecological systems are turning unstable and human mind is becoming restless and taking self destructive approach. Fear of earth and Humanity collapsing is becoming increasingly evident – The question arises what is happening to earth?
    • 83. The earth is designed as a double pump and primarily works to sustain the temperature of earth within certain limit to sustain all life on earth just as life functions to sustain its temperature to maintain life. We saw that an ordering and disordering cycle coexist. When unilaterally pushed the system is designed to change the direction of the flow. We saw this reality in the energy cycle on earth which manifest as day and night cycle and climatic cycle that sustains life.
    • 84. Time is inevitable reality of nature. We saw that all life works against gravity and second law of thermodynamics and thus against the collapse of Kingdom of God. It is designed to self sustain without a time direction. The only exception is adult humans, who becomes self centered and distances from the Creator to come to live by his mind and its extensions. Humans who becomes slave to material world, creates a time direction to the system. God the Creator resisted this tendency of Humans by the First Law or First forbiddance.
  • What is happening to Earth and humanity: Slide-2
    • Inevitable nature of time makes humanity forget and becomes slave to material force and takes the world to a collapsing point or death. This calls Creator to recreate and restore new order. When the Creator goes into creation mode, with free will and unconditional love, what predominates is the mind of the created that became slave to material world. Consequence is that the system slips into greater and greater disorder and destruction. His unilateral intervention exploiting material nature and its force, increases the temperature of earth creating disorder. Human intervention into the night cycle of nature hinders the inherent capacity of earth to create order.
    • 85. The consequences of this disorder is quickening of time, leading to huge peaks and fall in natural forces. We are experiencing this fact as huge, global warming and climatic aberrations threatening the very existence of life and humanity on earth.
  • Will humanity Survive on Earth?
    • The present state of the earth raises fear of possible large scale destruction of life and humanity. [Ref- 3 and 4]
    • 86. However, from the perspective of mind that has turned spiritual there is hope for the world in Christ and His Calvary sacrifice. As the earth is unfolding to collapse, the spirit of Christ is supporting it from with in to lead us back to new order. The singularity is only a passing state in quantum collapse and reorganization process, the reality is duality. Time directed to material thinking is time directed to disintegration and death in singularity, but out of this singularity emerges the duality and birth of new world.
    • 87. This reality and hope is best understood from order or light emerging form peak of disorder or darkness. Universe needs to be understood as true information [consciousness and intelligence] unfolding and enfolding to sustain the life and the universe. We are due to enter the Golden age where Justice and Truth prevails
  • Simplicity to complexity and Vice Versa
    • Our quest to understand nature and Truth through mathematical language and our materialistic thinking has led us to complexity of Knowledge. It has led us to incomprehensible big bang theory, black hole and loss of information, parallel universe and multiple universes, certainty and uncertainty, singularity and multiplicity and so on, where God has no place
    • 88. A simple change in our thinking from materialistic to biological makes sense, giving a simple and controlled picture of the world that incorporates everything, including God.
    • 89. The explosion of knowledge and singularity we speak of today is an extension of our materialistic quest, which is destroying the fabric of space time . The Good News is that New fabric of space-time is already in shape to sustain the world and give it life. As the old reaches its end the new emerges to life. From the singularity a duality and multiplicity emerges. It is the birth of new time and space. We on our own cannot visualize anything beyond singularity. From the premises of what is happening around the world, scientist and intellectuals, see a horrific end, but for a new born in God, the future appears promising. It is journey into Golden Age or the Coming of Dharma yuga, where justice and Truth prevails.
    • 90. Both light and darkness are the created fields of the Creator. He sustains them through His spirit moving between them. You and me have no right to judge.
  • Steps we need to take to Survive
    • First step is to awaken to Truth and spread the light, such that humanity and his thinking and way of life changes at all levels.
    • 91. We cannot go on adding more heat into the environment and interfere into the functioning of earth to maintain its temperature. We need to regulate the reckless burning of fossil fuels and any industrial expansion that adds heat into the environment. We need to cut down on our intrusion into night. I know, it would have serious implication on economical powers built basically on oil and warfare. It is up to us to decide whether our life and our future is precious than money and power.
    • 92. The fears of energy crunch and collapse is unnecessary. For nature has many clues to energy generation and its utilization. Think of this, heart the size of our left fist, pumps blood, carrying more than 50 trillion cells along 100.000 km, that is equivalent to encircling earth twice, 20 times/minute. Body does so many other functions simultaneously and does this on few pieces of bread and water and yet releases very little heat. It means we have huge potential for technological innovation and applications to be discovered sustain the world. All that we need to do is to bringsome fundamental change in the foundation of our thinking on which we exist and function.
  • More Information and a Request
    • The knowledge shared comes to you by Divine Grace, by a life in surrender and in search of Truth for the last 2 and half decades after author gave up lucrative career in biotechnology. The following link and sites there off gives greater insight into the matter.
    • 93.
    • 94. I have done my best within my limitations, I would appreciate, if some one transform this slide show into video format and post it to “youtube” and such media so that the world awakens to Truth and take concrete action to save human life and earth.
    • 95. References
    1] 16] Hawking Paradox or Information Paradox
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