Truth of Nature - An open letter Media and the Temples of Science


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Our world is endangered. The increased natural catastrophes both in number and magnitude speak of it. NASA is beaming the pictures of alarming change and instability of earth, solar system and cosmos. Yet the intellectuals are preoccupied with material advancement. It is time for humanity as a whole to awaken to truth that exists next to this skin. Only the truth of nature can save us from impeding disaster and give us knowledge to live in harmony with nature

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Truth of Nature - An open letter Media and the Temples of Science

  1. 1. I am Knocking your Door Again An open letter to TV Reporters, Magazine Reporters, News Reporters and the Media that determines the world This letter comes to you in the back drop of recent Natural Catastrophes that struck various parts of the world and the increasing instability of natural forces well inline with my “Prediction to 2012” If you stand back and observe earth, sun, solar system and the whole cosmos, we note that everything is unstable. The tell tale signs of greater disaster coming our way is very much there before our eyes. Global Warming and Climate Change is hottest topic on earth. But the intellectuals determining our fate fail to explain nature and environment in a sensible manner. Knowledge out have brought order, peace, happiness, control and so on. One look at the modern world shows that it is tending in opposite direction. Modern world lacks the knowledge of interrelationship and oneness of nature. Here I present some key points of my research as freelancer who went in search of “Truth of Nature”. These points can open the door to order and peace and help humanity survive the vitiated natural forces. I kindly request you to give it a patient thought and act to take it to the world for evaluation. It is common sense that when the heat content of a system increases unilaterally the system goes into disorder and destruction peaks. Eventually when the system peaks it goes into a phase change or transformation. It is apparent that when the system is peaking in disorder all the system enclosed in it also is stressed to make a phase change. This accounts for the instability of various ecological systems, instability of human mind at various levels [individual, family, community, nations and so on] manifesting as war and terrorism. My enquiry into nature has pointed that human mind that is in ignorance, and that which is attached to matter and its power, is the pivotal cause for the destruction coming our way. The fundamental cause for the present state of the world comes from human intervention into nature and its functioning without knowing its design and functioning of nature. Earth is designed to sustain herself with two opposing simultaneous cycles. When west awakes to sunlight and goes into disorder, the east simultaneously goes into sleep and order. An ordering and disordering phase works simultaneously to sustain earth from collapsing. When the energy of sunlight causes shredding in one part, the cycle on the opposite converts this energy into matter and thus maintains the balance of energy and matter on earth and in the process maintains the temperature. 1
  2. 2. All life exist in the above day and night energy cycle. All life obeys the law of the energy cycle. They live by instinct and do nothing to disturb the earth’s energy cycle. But humanity is an exception. The functioning of earth is stressed when humans interfere into the night cycle and ordering phase of earth. Human mind is thus the cause of time direction and death to the world. The Global warming and immense climatic changes we witness can be directly related to upsetting the energy cycle and interfering into nature and its functioning to sustain her self. When Natures repairing capacity is decreased beyond a point, the global temperature can rise abruptly and dip abruptly. These are sign of end time, the last breaths of a life. Thus we are witnessing uncontrolled forest fire and instant flooding on earth. These changes also can affect the earth and air leading to huge earth quakes and wind associated destruction. History tells us that nature cools herself through volcanic ashes. Reports say many of big volcanoes are due to erupt. It is time we awaken to truth As you know, humankind, in the ignorance of Truth has already rendered this abode of ours inhospitable. The four forces of nature is already highly vitiated and taken destructive form taking large number of lives and displacing millions families. Now he has extended his ignorance and violence into space by “bombing moon” The transformation of earth and its initialization is inevitable. The transformation can occur smoothly only if human mind is illuminated with Truth of Nature. There should be fundamental changes in human thinking. This realization led author to seek truth from a point of freedom, going to the root of modern world and science and perceiving simple realities of nature and unearthing new thinking on to which one can transform and take guard of our abode to herald peace order and make out earth a heaven. Failing this earth and its forces will, cause destruction beyond human imagination. None of the governments and its machinery can fight nature’s vitiated forces and may not even exist to rule the world. My two and half decades of selfless work, form a point freedom as freelancer is on the net. But keeping it on the net alone will not bring the much wanted change. Change can only come when people of your order, take the message to the world through the powerful media, so that the intellectuals in the higher order, determining our fate and the whole public who puts them into place awaken to the simple realities of nature in which they live. My Site – Awakening to Truth Thanking you Yours truly John Paily 2
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