Seed A Wonder Tool for Applied Research


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Seed is a wonder tool for applied research. When subjected to stress they have immense capacity to dedifferentiate and differentiate its information. This potential can used for producing stress resistant plants very easily avoiding the complicated cell and tissue culture techniques in many cases. They also can used to successfully introduce selected genes in to plants in natural way and can avoid the complex approaches that is being followed

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Seed A Wonder Tool for Applied Research

  1. 1. Seed a Wonder Tool for Applied Research A simple way to manipulate biological information to human advantage Introduction The knowledge of life that we have accumulated through observation is flimsy. The modern knowledge of life is far away from the truth of life and is much inferior to that existed before science came into existence. Before science came into existence the knowledge of life was obtained by observation of the whole life in its environment. It has its origin in minds journey internally into the spiritual realm. The knowledge of life that science obtained is by killing the life and dissecting it into parts. It is thoroughly inferior and is actually against life. This statement is not superficial. The author was a researcher who took to research from a mind based on consciousness and hoped to contribute something to humanity. He has spent many years in the field of biotechnology and even shown the will to quit a lucrative field and Job that is based on illusions to live as small farmer and seek truth of life. Life is dynamic system surviving in time or energy cycles. Life originates form a single cell. The control of life and its perpetuation goes beyond to a point in the information 1
  2. 2. system, form where the wave emerges to cause the cell division and growth. A wave is always associated with a particle. The life thus is the manifestation of interaction of this particle and wave [energy] with the wave that is acting on it from the environment. Life works to maintain order or symmetry. This means behind life there is a particle that has some form equilibrium and this particles struggle to maintain its equilibrium. In the process it develops information as means of survival against time/energy change. An organism thus is the result of interaction of the living particle with the environment for millions of years. What this means is that information is not stable and is subjected to change randomly. It changes in relation to random changes in energy in the environment and also time directed change. The system can make quantum changes in its information as well as qualitative changes. Genetic studies have shown that a set of genes or part of chromosomes switch places during the cell division in extreme cases. What this in turn means the whole of biotechnology, which takes the maximum investment in terms of research, is founded of a wrong base. Biotechnology is founded on the base that life is based on the information and that exist in DNA as pairs of gene. It is founded on the assumption that information is predictable. Nature has its own way of doing things and it does in a perfect manner. When I try to break into it, or grow in artificial medium, I am subjecting it into conditions, which are unnatural. I am putting the system into stress. After some time, the survival instinct of the system does make random changes to survive in the particular environment and grow. We must note that when a selected and fit sperm meets an egg, in the fist three moments the information for the whole future is determined. What is predetermined in these three moments is what enfolds through a whole life time. Any further stress is a stress on the enfolding of information system and becomes impediments in the enfolding or growth. They are carried as backdrop information to cause changes when the system unfolds the information to perpetuate in time cycle. Thus life carries information as whole. Life struggles to dispel this stress through three fundamental process, breathing, mitotic division, and meiotic division and reproduction. As biotechnologist observing thousand and thousands of culture, I have deeply felt that the biological information is nearly impossible to predict. My work in biotechnology spoke this truth to me. I am sure biotechnologist working around the world also has felt this. But they seem to fail to express this reality for it is their bread and their self promotes them to hide the truth and speak everything in favor, so they can get continued investment and support. I have comes across reports of immense stability in cloned plants in paper, but in reality and in field these cloned plants showed unimaginable variations and included sterile plants. Few years after I left my research, I even came across an agriculturist who planted tissue cultured banana plants and found the yield of fruit foul smelling and had to cut the whole plantation. But the industry down plays such reports and observations to survive. 2
  3. 3. I am not against biotechnology but there is necessity to set right the foundation of biological thinking and review how best we can use the biotechnological techniques to human advantage. My work to review the foundation of biological science and physical science and visualizing the simple design and principle on which nature works, led me to conclude that that many of the complex and money and time consuming work that the biotechnology aims can be achieved by simpler nature compatible means. Here, I present to you one of them, actually the first off beat work done out of curiosity. This work changed the way I think, the way I experiment and led me to design sucesful experiment in tissue culture and develop simple methods to clone plants. Before I go further let me briefly write the fundamentals of life that reveled to me. Fundamentals of life 1] Life is a process of enfolding and unfolding of an entity within the living system against time or energy change. In other words there is something in life that perceives and survives against time and energy 2] To the world this manifest as Enfolding and Unfolding of information that life has built through its creativity over millions of years. Creativity comes into effect when the system is stressed to its limit. The information build up could be visualized as as balance balancing it self with addition of weigh. This means life is not information, information and body is built up against time and energy that goes in cycles. 3] Life constantly takes matter and energy to grow and maintain its body and the symmetry. 4] Life conquers time/energy by three essential process, breathing [maintaining the body] , mitotic division [ growth] meiotic division [ conquering time and time it initialization] 5] There are five phases to life. • Conception to birth [ creation and restoration phase] • Child hood [ Golden age] • Early adult hood [ silver age] • Late adult hood [ bronze age] • Old age leading to death. [ iron age] All life if you closely observe, strives to maintain certain equilibrium. The material world we know is gravitational and its force is centripetal directed to the center. Gravity we know is built on the assumption of non-equilibrium, so we can logically assume that life is basically built on some form of equilibrium. There is a particle and wave behind life that survives and develops information and works against time and energy, through breathing, mitotic division and meiotic division. Mind has nothing to do with Life. It is an entity developed in time. This means life is four dimensional image of nature. These aspects are discussed in site Awakening to Truth and links there off. The Foundation of Biotechnology and its Fallacy Biotechnology assumes that life is an expression of information and that information is predictable. This wrong assumption is the basic of failure of biotechnology. [This is the truth that is not known] Our understanding of life and its information should be dynamics 3
  4. 4. that is related equally to dynamic nature. If we can bring this shift in thinking, we can develop many wholesome and simple and nature compatible techniques, in place of complex approach the modern world practices. There are innumerable observations that I accumulated during past two decades. I hope to upload them, if time and His Grace permits. Here is one of them. Seed as a wonder Tool This was an accidental discovery - a path nature revealed to my questioning process. It occurred during the initial period of my research career when I was trying to clone some highly difficult commercial plants. I had failed to elicit any results and I was totally frustrated. I had no body to fallback for support and guidance. I found my guide wanting. Just when I was about give up, Mother Nature called me. I developed a strange form of communication with nature that led me to reviewing everything I am doing. Looking back on my work, I found that what I am trying to do in the lab is to find the internal secrets of plants system. They dedifferentiate and differentiate information periodically against time cycle. My interest in Time Cycle began here. The perquisite to my success lies in developing a media and microenvironment that supports the plant system in hand. In nature, I could clearly sense an instinct among living system to survive. I realized that I am trying to exploit this survival instinct. Once in my farm, my searching senses landed on a germinating Cashew seed and I was astonished at the rate of growth it produces once the germination was induced. I also noted the immense power in it to handle the stress force. This observation is related to stored food and hormones in the system to facilitate growth. This led me to conduct a curious experiment. I cut off the shoot, root meristems in germinating seed of cashew, and maintained it in a moist environment. My argument was that since the plants are toti-potent, the circumstances should lead to a situation where some cells with in the system should regenerate, shoot or root meristem or dedifferentiate to form embryoid which in turn would give rise to shoot and root meristem. My argument turned right. Within in few days large number of shoots emerged from the axil of the cotyledons and a ring of roots appeared at the cut end. See fig. Its known that leafs are the primary source of production of hormones and cytokinins and Auxins. The auxins produced in the leaf move towards the earth to the root tip and cytokinins move against it to the shoot tip. So naturally my second childish question was, can the shoots produce its own root, I tilted the glass so that the axis of the shoot stand apart from the axis of the mother seed. I was expecting the plants in the corner of the axis to produce roots at its base. My thinking turned correct and I could isolate many plants from the seed and 4
  5. 5. transfer them to soil. Later it was found that these shoots could be easily rooted in the in the lab or can be made to root directly in soil in a controlled glass house conditions. 5
  6. 6. The section studies showed that they emerged from single cells. The initial development showed a tendency to form embryoid, [ See third slide above] such that a complete system can be formed to survive stress. But quickly it realizes the similar process around and yields to axially force of the parental system and its survival instinct, adding new shoots and roots to the whole system see fig. This curious manipulation and observation was a turning point, which led me to explore the dynamics of individual living system and community and changed my vision of life 1] It was noted that the number of roots and shoots appearing on the left and right axils of the system were never equal and there appeared a relationship with the shoot and root formation in opposite way. That is if the shoots formation was good in the left axis then the root formation is good in the right side of the cut end of the hypocotyls end suggesting a balancing aspect going on in the system. Finer observation showed that this is true in root and shoot distribution and its branching pattern in space in the plant systems nature. 2] In the above seed model when I tilted the axis against the axis of the gravitational force the tendency to form a ring of roots appeared disrupted and it split up and the shoots began to fuse as if a spiral wave force exist in the column. Thus this seed began give me physical vision of biological system and force. This is the foundation which later made me propose that force in nature is spiral not directed entity and thus it should exist in four pairs. This intern led me visualize the quantum mechanical process that proceeded in the system before the observed action takes place. Note - this picture arose form large number of experimentations. The wave dynamics of the system is sensitive and influenced by many factors. Reader would understand this statement when we understand the life and is functioning discovered from the system point of view 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. Most of these experiments were conducted out side the laboratory. Later I shifted the model as a tool to evaluate the influence of various chemicals on the system, so that I could develop an appropriate medium for tissue culture of the plant. The observation was elaborate, from a birds eye view of it, they also begin to speak some tendency - a definite non linear phenomenon within life. 3] Use of hormone reduced the tendency to form roots at the hypocotyl and the tendency to form embryoid and independent plants increased. In other words the chemical were showing the physical phenomenon that resulted in complete plant - the distancing of the axis of the mother plant induces the newly differentiating cells to go the independent way of embryoid formation. In short my observation led me to discover two principal forces that control the plant system. One is against gravity [anti-gravity] and the other with gravity . See fig I noted that all living system by instinct is anti-gravitational. This becomes evident when we apply second law of thermodynamics to living system and material system. Even our common sense observation tells us this truth. When all material systems tend to wind and become compact in space, life unwinds growing out into space. 8
  9. 9. From the observation, I started to visualize two spiral waves moving in opposite direction one being dominant the other being recessive. At first I thought anti-gravity is dominant and gravity as recessive. Very quickly from nature I realized that they exist in two phase, in one phase anti-gravitational force exist as dominant and the gravity as the recessive. In next phase gravity exist as dominant and anti-gravity as recessive. This change in phase relates to day and night cycle and form the basics on which the system survive against time. Against time direction of nature the system is always anti-gravitational and here lies the secret of information building. It is an evident fact that shoots and flower growth occurs during the night and maximizes with dawn and the opposite is true for root. In other words against the cyclic change day and night cycle a flipping in the direction of flow occurs in plant system. In all the different type of plant seeds I explored, I observed the principal force that is first expressed is the Anti gravitational force that is manifests as shoot meristems growing against gravity. The root meristems have a supporting role. The growth of shoot is supported by a phase of root growth. In other words the root and shoot growth alternates. I started to visualize my experimental tool as double spiral axis, which is capable of producing many double spiral axis cohering into one or differentiating into many. Thus a seed of "Physics of biology" or "Biophysical Reality" began to take root in me. This was supported by observation in nature, where I was seeing spirality every where. It was suggesting some fundamental double spirality guiding the whole phenomena of nature. I began to visualize dedifferentiation which, I was attempting in order to clone plants as simply a process of compression of the system to certain near critical state and holding it there giving the system time to react and survive [ differentiation] The traditional tissue culturists speak of a unique medium arrived at by permutation and combination as the secret way to differentiate a system. From the random design approach I adopted to clone coconut later adopted for all tissue culture work , I realized there are different paths [combination of medium] to the same goal. Everything in the end becomes deducible to appropriate stress. This meant that the whole process of dedifferentiation and differentiation can be induced by many other mechanical means than total dependence of hormones. Everything should in end should transform and translate into some winding force. Back tracking my experimental tool [the seed] to its root stage [embryo] and beyond it. I began visualize some particle behind life whose motion is producing the spiral wave around which the system is growing. This particle 9
  10. 10. probably is working as a drill displacing matter and force to the opposite. It was a stupid thinking in this way - but my search to know the truth of nature slowly began to uphold the vision. This thus became the starting point for the System Design , Unification Theory and Biophysical Reality. A flurry of applied possibilities which centered around handling the whole system at the seed level and various other levels to increase productivity and resistance to the pest etc came up, but I had to over look them in order to seek the fundamentals. The human mind in me saw many possibilities to exploit the above observation 1] As a model to study the mechanical force at work in biological system. 2] As a model to study the effect of various chemicals on particular system, such that time taken to determine suitable medium and hormones for particular system could be drastically reduced. 3] As a model to invent new chemicals that produces auxin and cytokinin effect in plant system. 4] A model to develop stress resistant variety very quickly – The Modern built of patrician knowledge and complexity lack the simple truth on which nature and life is founded. Thus it is moving from simplicity to complexity and taking knowledge of life away from common man. The intellectuals existing in the temples of science are inherently aware of it. But they survive by creating more complexity. The world and every individual of the democratic world is giving a price for it. The dedifferentiation and differentiation of information is means by which life conquers stress and develops means. The plants are totipotent, because they have both male and female element. Their first choice is to mix the information. The male part opens first and when its pollen dissipates the female opens. But in situation where it is not possible they do mix they fertilize within to form seed to survive against time. Now in the above experiment we saw a dedifferentiation and differentiation of information in the most natural and food and hormone that the plant developed. Now we can turn this seed model to develop stress resistant plant quickly, saving, huge resources spent on complex approaches being used now in biotechnology. 10
  11. 11. 5] As model to develop quickly and safely genetically altered plants. Modern world spends billions to successfully introduce particular isolated genes into a cell in tissue culture and develop a plant with that gene. It necessitates the development of species specific standard techniques. The technique itself is beyond control because innumerable factors near and far affect it. The above seed gives us model to quickly and safely introduce genes. The theory is simple. When the system is stressed, it is already looking form solutions. When the solution is provided it quickly incorporates to survive [Way back, a small project written about it submitted to US National Science Foundation Resulted in invitation to join a US University. I could not submit my thesis it meant I should join the university as a under graduate. One experience of being exploited led me to resist the invitation. Importantly the call of the fundamentals was too strong for me to deviate into a small branch and sacrifice the freedom of search] 6] To promote the growth of embryoids, which differentiated in the tissue culture but are failing to grow in the medium? 7] To develop hybrid embryos when the seed fails to support its growth and so on The plant obtained in the above manner out side a tissue culture lab was successfully transferred to the soil. It formed the basis for obtaining a huge funding to the lab from the government and getting recognition to the Lab. After I left the lab, I saw the human greed for fame name manifesting to its highest level both cheating oneself and the whole world. I witnessed my work presented to public by a cabinet minister. The national media carried the picture of cabinet minister transferring the plant obtained in the above manner to the field, it was claimed as worlds first cloned plant of cashew. The real potential of the work remained with me for want of out lets to explore. Being preoccupied with Unification Theory I could not divert my attention to it. ] Nature provided such simple clues to complex problems. The common man and his mind become fascinated by picture of cells being manipulated in test tube plants growing test tube and so on. The funding bodies quickly fall to the potential projected in paper. But the result we get is wanting and in many cases against the intended goals. Huge funds are being lost and the common man whose money instead of benefiting is being wasted, in some case out of ignorance in most cases being consciously aware of the truth. Explore deeper truth of nature and Life at Awakening to Truth 11
  12. 12. Simple Solution to Complex Problem By John Paily Grace New Age Research 12