Search for Higg"s Boson Particle- A blunder of Modern Science


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CERN’s search for Higgs Boson Particle is a blunder. Symmetry is death. Asymmetry is a necessity for the flow. Nature is non linear. The symmetry we see in nature is illusionary. It is simply a passing state in the movement of time. The world is inching towards the BIG COLLAPSE under the heat we are releasing into the environment. It is time to awaken and bring paradigm shift in thinking

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Search for Higg"s Boson Particle- A blunder of Modern Science

  1. 1. Search for Higgs Boson Particle – Blunder of CERN and Modern Science CERN research Programme for “Higgs Boson particle” and answers for question like origin of mass, dark matter, unification of force is underway with huge public fund. The energy used to split the particle is three and half times higher than previous experiment. It involves billions of public money. The next experiment would raise the energy further at further wasting of public fund. The intellectual of temples of science are surviving, with such fancy experiments, when the earth and human survival is being endangered by global warming and climate change and leading to BIG COLLAPSE With out knowing the truth of nature and is functioning, temples of science are polluting human mind leading them to become slave to material force. Consequently it has led us to alarming increase in heat of earth. In the ignorance of truth of nature it’s functioning the activity of humans is interfering into the design and working of nature to maintain its balance. The nature we must note is designed to functions to maintain certain balance of energy to matter. This basic reality is expressed in 12 hour day and night cycle of energy, 12 month climatic cycle, 12 year cycles and so on. Our activity has distrusted this cycle and hence we are experiencing huge climatic aberrations. If you take Einstein’s GTR it tells that as the end of time approaches the space or environment shears down under increasing energy. If you stand back and observe every ecological system are experiencing the shearing force of Collapse it. The second consequence of GTR is that Mater looses energy and tends to collapse to a point. Just think and try to relate it to the series of huge earth quakes that has occurred since 2000. The earth crust is winding. What it means we are slowly tending to a period where the stress breaks open the belly of earth to create a huge volcanic eruptions. Science and history of earth shows that volcanic dust is the means by which earth cools. There is necessity a necessity to review the very foundation of science, before we speaks just huge projects. Common sense tells us that Symmetry is death. Asymmetry is the foundation of nature. With out asymmetry flow cannot occur. Quantum flow is the foundation of nature and its dance and it manifest into motion. The simplest way to imagine quantum dance and the coexistence of symmetry and asymmetry is to imagine number eight with the arms existing in 4:3 ratio. A quantum flow occurs from the dominant to the recessive. Half way through the flow there is an external symmetry. The system wishes to exist in this state. But by the law of energy transfer it leads to quantum collapse and the ratio reverses to 3:4 and a new journey begins in reverse direction. The process of quantum collapse occurs in four steps and complete cycle takes 8 steps. For more details read site “Awakening to Truth” Now we can answer the fundamental question that CERN is enquiring
  2. 2. 1] What is the Origin of Mass? – Answer is simple. The origin of mass is non- equilibrium design. The smallest particle to the whole nature has this design. 2] What is the origin of Dark Matter – Dark matter coexists with white matter in an inseparable way. They exist as day and night, as inertial and gravitational mass, as kinetic and potential energy. When the ratio of their coexistence reaches a critical limit in favor of one of them the system begins to collapse and go into new order. We in the ignorance of truth have up set the day and night or time/energy cycle of nature and are heading towards a GREAT COLLPSE. [ BIG COLLAPSE ] 3] The question of unification of force – Nature works on two opposing force gravity and anti-gravity. It works on two opposite systems life and mater. Matter and Gravity tends to collapse to a center in time. Life works against it, to sustain the universe. The only exception is ADULT Human being who has become slave to material force and eats the forbidden fruits. By ignorance modern man has aligned with material force and is breaking the design of earth, upsetting the day and night cycles, climatic cycles, leading himself to self destruction and to the BIG COLLAPSE The only hope for humanity exist to awakening to Truth of Nature